ScholarlyEditions Logo.png
Parent company ScholarlyMedia, LLC
Founded 2011
Founder CW Henderson
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Atlanta, Georgia
Distribution Global
Imprints ScholarlyEditions, ScholarlyBriefs, ScholarlyPapers
Official website

ScholarlyEditions is a publishing imprint of ScholarlyMedia, LLC. The imprint publishes full-length eBooks in ePUB and PDF formats containing material from the over four million article summaries in the ScholarlyNews database of its partner, NewsRx, LLC.[1][2][3][4][5]

Chapters in ScholarlyEditions eBooks contain full source contact information, full journal citations, keywords, MeSH codes, and quotations from the authors of the original peer-reviewed research.[6]

ScholarlyEditions also produces ScholarlyBriefs and ScholarlyPapers, shorter research publications. Each publication is updated annually.[7]

ScholarlyEditions eBooksEdit

In 2011, ScholarlyEditions published 3,429 eBooks.[7] The eBook content consists of summaries of science research articles.[6] ScholarlyEditions eBooks are available digitally through eBook aggregators and content providers such as Gale and ProQuest's ebrary.[7]

The eBooks cover three primary topic groups: Healthcare, Advances, and Issues. [1] The Healthcare category of eBooks included 1,029 eBooks in 2011.[1] The 2,135 Advances titles published in 2011 cover emerging technologies and studies in all fields.[1] The 265 Issues titles report on a variety of controversial concerns.[5]


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