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ebrary (the "e" is lower case) is an online digital library of full texts of over 100,000 scholarly e-books.[1] It is available at many academic libraries and provides a set of online database collections that combine scholarly books from over 435 academic, trade, and professional publishers. It also includes sheet music (9,000 titles) and government documents. Additionally, ebrary offers a service called "DASH!" for customers to distribute their own PDF content online.

Producer ProQuest (United States)
History 1999 - present
Cost Subscription

ebrary had 2,700 subscribers (mostly libraries) at the end of 2009. Users gain access through a subscribing library and can view, search, copy, and print documents from their computers.

ebrary was founded in 1999, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and was acquired by ProQuest in 2011.



Staffordshire University in England has supplied some texts for ebrary and encourages use by students and faculty. The University has been pleased with its effectiveness. A study of usage there reports, "The ability for students and researchers to search across the full content of 30,000 e‐books in one 'go' and then capture that information quickly and easily is also very valuable."[2] At Hacettepe University, a large school in Turkey, usage has proven valuable because of the limited library collection.[3]

More generally Anne Morris and Panos Balatsoukas report that other universities also have studied usage and consider ebrary a valuable resource.[4]


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