Scandal at the Fledermaus

Scandal at the Fledermaus (German: Skandal um die Fledermaus) is a 1936 German comedy film directed by Herbert Selpin and starring Viktor de Kowa, Maria Andergast and Adele Sandrock.[1] It is also known by the alternative title Scandal Over Mary.

Scandal at the Fledermaus
Scandal at the Fledermaus.jpg
Directed byHerbert Selpin
Written byHerbert Selpin
Walter Zerlett-Olfenius
Produced byGuido Bagier
Martin Pichert
StarringViktor de Kowa
Maria Andergast
Adele Sandrock
CinematographyEmil Schünemann
Edited byLena Neumann
Music byErnst Leenen
Tofa Tonfilm-Fabrikations
Distributed byTerra Film
Release date
4 June 1936
Running time
82 minutes

The film's sets were designed by the art director Erich Czerwonski. It was partly shot on location in London.


In England a bat flies into a young lady's bedroom, leading to string of misunderstandings.



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