Satiricosissimo is a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Mariano Laurenti. It is a parody of the 1969 Federico Fellini film Fellini Satyricon.[1][2][3]

Directed byMariano Laurenti
Written byRoberto Gianviti
Dino Verde
Produced byVittorio Martino
Leo Cevenini
StarringFranco Franchi
Ciccio Ingrassia
Edwige Fenech
CinematographyTino Santoni
Edited byGiuliana Attenni
Music byCarlo Rustichelli
Distributed byVariety Distribution
Release date
  • 1970 (1970)
Running time
89 minutes

Plot summaryEdit

Ciccio loves very much the novel Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter, although his friend Franco does not understand him. Ciccio also saw the famous Federico Fellini's film about the novel, and he goes with Franco in a country inn, near Rome. The director, seeing the success of the film by Fellini, does furnish the inn in the fashion of ancient Rome. Even the guests and the waiters are dressed to the ancient, and so do Franco and Ciccio, but they break a jar of wine and are hunted. The two fall asleep in a clearing, and wake up in the Rome of the Emperor Nero.

Franco and Ciccio risk being killed, and so they're saved just by writer Petronius who hire them as servants. Petronius is the best adviser to Nero, who is scared because he believes that his mother Agrippina wants to kill him. Franco and Ciccio therefore must watch over the life of the emperor, but they soon discover that the killer who wants to murder Nero is not the mother.



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