Sati Sadhani

Sati Sadhani was a legendary queen of the Chutia dynasty.

Sati Sadhani
Portrait of Queen Sadhani.jpg
Modern depiction of queen Sadhani
BornSadiya, Assam
Died21 April,1524
Chandangiri Hill, Sadiya, Assam
HouseChutia Dynasty
FatherDharmadhwajpal (Dhirnarayan)

She was the daughter of King Dharmadhwajpal, also known as Dhirnarayan. Born in Sadiya, she married Nityapal, alias Nitai. In 1524, the Ahoms took advantage of Nityapal's weak leadership and attacked the kingdom, conquering Sadiya and killing Nityapal. When Sadhani, who played a prominent role in the fight against the Ahoms, was asked to marry Sadiyakhowa Gohain, the Ahom governor of Sadiya, she preferred death to dishonour and sacrificed her life by jumping from the top of Chandragiri hills near Sadiya in 1524.


Every year in Assam, 21 April is celebrated as Sati Sadhani divas to honor the sacrifices made by the Sutiya Queen. The Government of Assam marked this day a state holiday.[1][2]


The Sati Sadhani award was established by the Sutiya Jati Unnayan Parishad. The award is given to someone with outstanding contributions to the field of art, culture and literature. The honoree is selected by a committee formed by the Parishad.[3]

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