Map of Japan with the Sasebo Line highlighted in red

The Sasebo Line (佐世保線, Sasebo-sen) is a railway line in Kyushu, Japan, operated by the Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu). It connects Hizen-Yamaguchi Station in Kōhoku, Saga Prefecture to Sasebo Station in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture. It is part of the route connecting Sasebo with Saga and Fukuoka. Most of the line runs parallel to National Routes 35 and 34. From 1898 to 1934 the Hizen-Yamaguchi - Haiki section was part of the original Nagasaki Main Line.


The Kyushu Railway Co. opened the Hizen-Yamaguchi - Takeo Onsen section in 1895 as part of the original Nagasaki Main Line. It was extended to Haiki in 1897, and to Sasebo the following year. The company was nationalised in 1907.

In 1934 the Hizen-Yamaguchi - Isahaya line opened as the new Nagasaki Main line, with the line being renamed the Sasebo Line. The history of the line beyond Sasebo is covered under the Matsuura Line.

The entire line was electrified in 1976, and freight service ceased between Haiki - Sasebo in 1985, Arita - Haiki in 1987 and on the balance of the line in 1996.

Former connecting linesEdit

  • Takahashi station - The Yutokuma Railway Co. opened a 23 km 915mm (3') gauge line to Yu Isao Inari shrine between 1904 and 1907, and a 2 km branch line in 1909. Both lines closed in 1931. The 10 km 1067mm gauge Hizen Electric Railway Co. line to Ureshino, electrified at 600 VDC, connected to this line and operated between 1915 and 1931.
  • Sasebo station - A 5 km line to a US Forces Japan oil storage facility operated between 1950 and 1978.

Route dataEdit

  • Operators and distances
    • JR Kyushu
      • From Hizen-Yamaguchi to Sasebo: 48.8 km (30.3 mi)
    • JR Freight
      • From Hizen-Yamaguchi to Arita: 28.2 km (17.5 mi)
  • Track gauge: 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
  • Stations: 14
  • Double-track: None (entire line is single-track)
  • Electrified track: Whole line
  • Maximum speed: 120 km/h (75 mph)

Rolling stockEdit


●: Station stop
Station Japanese Distance from Hizen-Yamaguchi Rapid
Seaside Liner
Transfers Location
Hizen-Yamaguchi 肥前山口 0.0   Nagasaki Main Line Saga Prefecture Kōhoku
Ōmachi 大町 5.1     Ōmachi
Kitagata 北方 7.4     Takeo
Takahashi 高橋 11.4    
Takeo Onsen 武雄温泉 13.7    
Nagao 永尾 18.3    
Mimasaka 三間坂 21.5    
Kami-Arita 上有田 25.7     Arita
Arita 有田 28.2   Nishi-Kyūshū Line
Mikawachi 三河内 35.7 Continuing to/from the Ōmura Line   Nagasaki Prefecture Sasebo
Haiki 早岐 39.9 Ōmura Line
Daitō 大塔 42.6  
Hiu 日宇 45.5  
Sasebo 佐世保 48.8 Nishi-Kyūshū Line


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