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Sanjak of Segedin

Sanjak of Segedin or Sanjak of Szeged (Turkish: Segedin Sancağı, Hungarian: Szegedi szandzsák, Serbian: Сегедински санџак) was an administrative territorial entity of the Ottoman Empire formed in the 16th century. It was located in the Bačka (Bácska) region. Initially, it was part of the Budin Province, but in the 17th century it was included into Eğri Province. Administrative center of the Sanjak of Segedin was Segedin. It was captured by Austria between 1686-1688 and was left to Austria according to Treaty of Carlowitz in 1699.

Sanjak of Segedin
Segedin Sancağı
Szegedi szandzsák
Сегедински санџак
sanjak of the Ottoman Empire
16th century–1699
Ottoman vojvodina01.png
Sanjak of Segedin as part of the Eyalet of Budin in 1568
CapitalSegedin (Hungarian: Szeged)
• Established
16th century
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Bacsensis County
Bodrogiensis County
Csongradiensis County
Batsch County
Bodrog County
Military Frontier
Today part ofSerbia, Hungary
Sanjak of Segedin as part of the Eyalet of Eğri in the middle of the 17th century

Administrative divisionsEdit

Sanjak of Segedin was divided into several kazas:

Ottoman Sonbor (Sombor) - image from 1698

Beys (governors) of the sanjakEdit

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