The Sanjak of Drama (Ottoman Turkish: Sancak-i/Liva-i Drama; Greek: λιβάς/σαντζάκι Δράμας) was a second-level Ottoman province (sanjak or liva) encompassing the region around the town of Drama (now in Greece) in eastern Macedonia.

Sanjak of Drama
Ottoman Turkish: Liva-i Drama
Sanjak of the Ottoman Empire
ca. 1846–1867
Salonica Vilayet — Memalik-i Mahruse-i Shahane-ye Mahsus Mukemmel ve Mufassal Atlas (1907).jpg
1907 Ottoman map of the Salonica Vilayet, with the sanjaks of Salonica, Siroz and Drama
• Established
ca. 1846
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Bulgaria
Today part of Greece

The sanjak was formed as part of the Tanzimat reforms ca. 1846, from territory taken from various provinces; Drama itself belonged to the Sanjak of Siroz. The sanjak belonged to the Salonica Eyalet, after 1867 the Salonica Vilayet. In 1867–69, the Sanjak of Drama was merged back into the Sanjak of Siroz, was re-established and then temporarily abolished in 1872–73. In 1891, its territories east of the Nestos river became part of the Sanjak of Adrianople.

In 1912, the sanjak comprised six sub-provinces (kazas): Drama, Kavala, Sarışaban (Chrysoupoli), the island of Taşuz (Thasos) and Pravişte (Eleftheroupolis). The province was dissolved when occupied by Bulgarian troops in the First Balkan War, and in 1913, after the Second Balkan War, it became part of Greece


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