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Sangram Shah was a king of the Garha Kingdom of Gondwana, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Sangram Shah, who belongs to the Rajgond Dynasty in central India. He was the 48th ruler of the Gond Dynasty, and during his reign he had conquered 52 forts called 'Garh's to strengthen and spread the Gond Empire. The Chouragarh Fort in Narsinghpur was built in his honour for conquering 52 forts. His eldest son, Dalpat Shah, married Rani Durgawati.

Sangram Shah
King of the Garha Kingdom
Reign1482 –
PredecessorArjun Singh
SuccessorDalpat shah

He was a brave and mighty king. He was never defeated in his whole life. His initial name was Aman das and after conquering 52 garhs, he later renamed himself. Sangram Shah was best known as a patron of arts and literature and he had great knowledge of Sanskrit. "Rasratnamala" was written by him.


{{unsourced section} Among the followers of Sangram Shah, Dalpat shah ruled peacefully. After his death Rani Durgavati took the reign, a proof of courage and bravery and ruled for period of 16 years (1548–1564). Baz bahadur, ruler of Malwa wanted to capture grah, but was defeated by Rani several times. Soon, when Adam khan defeated bahadur, Malwa came under Mughal empire. Thus boundaries of both the region were touching. Thus, Akbar with an ambition to capture Grah attacked Rani's province with Asaf Khan as governing leader, but was defeated in first attempt. As a result, Rani Durgavati's Diwan Adhar Simha Kayasth went to delhi, but any negotiations were declined by Akbar as Rani didn't wanted to surrender and accept his dominon. In the Battle of Narrai 1564, Asaf khan along with Rewa's King Ramcharandra's army attacked Rani. On 24 June, 1564 the Queen died while fighting bravely, giving tough fight to Asaf Khan the Sepoy Salar of King Akbar. In the Narsinghpur district at the fort of Chauragarh, Asif Khan trapped prince Veer Narayan and killed him through his cunning tactics. Thus, Garh Katanga came under control of the Mughals in the year 1564. After death of Veer Narayan, Dalpat Shah's brother Chandra Shah, was established as the new King. Gonds Mughals and after then the area was under control of various officers and administrative and hereditary chiefs during the Maratha’s rule. So, the boundaries of area continued to change according to the powers and influence of their people. Chawarpatha, Barha, Saikheda, Gadarwara, Shahpur, Singhpur,Shrinagar, and Tendukheda were the provinces.