Sanda Station (三田駅, Sanda-eki) is a junction passenger railway station located in the city of Sanda, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. It is jointly operated by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and the private transportation company, Kobe Electric Railway (Shintetsu).[1]

 JR-G61  KB29
Sanda Station

Station building in 2020
General information
Location1-32 Ekimaechō, Sanda-shi, Hyōgo-ken
Coordinates34°53′20.27″N 135°13′47.24″E / 34.8889639°N 135.2297889°E / 34.8889639; 135.2297889
Operated by West Japan Railway Company
Kobe Electric Railway
Line(s) Fukuchiyama Line (JR Takarazuka Line)
Shintetsu Sanda Line
Platforms2 side platforms (JR West)
2 bay platforms (Shintetsu)
Tracks2 (JR West)
2 (Shintetsu)
Other information
Station code
  •  JR-G61  (Fukuchiyama Line)
  • KB-29 (Kobe Electric Railway)
OpenedJanuary 25, 1899 (1899-01-25) (JR)
December 18, 1928 (1928-12-18) (Shintetsu)
201618,434 (JR)
8,386 (Shintetsu)
Preceding station Logo of the West Railway Company (JR West) JR West Following station
JR Takarazuka Line
  Tambaji Rapid
  Regional Rapid
towards Ōsaka
Preceding station Kobe Electric Railway Following station
Sanda Honmachi
towards Arimaguchi
Sanda Line
Special Rapid Express
Semi Express

Lines edit

Sanda Station is served by the Fukuchiyama Line (JR Takarazuka Line), and is located 34.7 kilometers from the terminus of the line at Amagasaki and 41.4 kilometers from Osaka. It is also the terminus of the Shintetsu Sanda Line and is 12.0 kilometers from the opposing terminus of that line at Arimaguchi and 32.0 kilometers from Minatogawa.

Station layout edit

JR West edit

  • There are 2 side platforms with a track each on the ground. Ticket machines and ticket gates are in the building over the platforms and tracks.The station has a Midori no Madoguchi staffed ticket office.
1  JR Takarazuka Line for Sasayamaguchi and Fukuchiyama
3  JR Takarazuka Line for Takarazuka, Osaka and Kitashinchi

Shintetsu edit

  • There are two bay platforms platforms with two tracks on the ground.
1, 2  Sanda Line for Shinkaichi and Arima Onsen
Change trains at Tanigami for Shin-Kobe, and at Suzurandai for Ao
 Koen-Toshi Line for Woody Town Chuo

History edit

Sanda Station opened on 25 January 1899, as a station of Hankaku Railway, which was nationalized in 1907. With the privatization of the Japan National Railways (JNR) on 1 April 1987, the station came under the aegis of the West Japan Railway Company.

Station numbering was introduced to the JR West facilities in March 2018 with the platforms being assigned station number JR-G61. [2][3]

Passenger statistics edit

In fiscal 2016, the JR portion of the station was used by an average of 18,434 passengers daily and Shintetsu portion of the station was used by 8,386 passengers daily in the same period.[4]

Surrounding area edit

  • Sanda City Hall
  • Hyogo Prefectural Arima High School

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References edit

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