Sancheong–Hamyang massacre

The Sancheong and Hamyang massacre (Korean: 산청・함양 양민학살 사건,[1][2] Hanja: 山清・咸陽良民虐殺事件) was a massacre conducted by a unit of the South Korean Army 11th Division during the Korean War. On 7 February 1951, 705 unarmed citizens in Sancheong and Hamyang, South Gyeongsang district of South Korea were killed. The victims were civilians and 85% of them were women, children and elderly people.[1][3][4] The 11th Division also conducted the Geochang massacre two days later. The division's commanding general was Choe Deok-sin.[5]

Sancheong and Hamyang massacre
South Gyeongsang, South Korea.
LocationSouth Korea
DateFebruary 7, 1951; 73 years ago (1951-02-07)
TargetCommunist sympathizer civilians
Attack type
PerpetratorsSouth-Korean forces

On 20 February 2006, the National Archives of Korea reported that files concerning the massacre had been found.[4]

On 7 November 2008, a memorial park for the victims was established in Sancheong.[3]

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