Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Saint Charbel in Buenos Aires

Maronite Catholic Eparchy of San Charbel in Buenos Aires[2] (Spanish: Eparquía de San Charbel en Buenos Aires; Latin: Eparchia Sancti Sarbelii Bonaërensis Maronitarum) is an eparchy (Eastern Catholic diocese) in the Maronite Catholic Church sui iuris (Antiochian Rite) covering Argentina (South America).

Eparchy of San Charbel in Buenos Aires (Maronite)

Eparchia Sancti Sarbelii Bonaërensis Maronitarum

Eparquía de San Charbel en Buenos Aires
Ecclesiastical provinceBuenos Aires
MetropolitanBuenos Aires
- Catholics
(as of 2010)
Sui iuris churchMaronite Church
RiteWest Syro-Antiochene Rite
Established5 October 1990 (29 years ago)
CathedralSaint Maron in Buenos Aires
Patron saintSt Charbel Makhluf
Current leadership
PatriarchBechara Boutros al-Rahi
EparchHabib Chamieh
Metropolitan ArchbishopMario Aurelio Poli
Bishops emeritusCharbel Georges Merhi
Website of the Eparchy

It has a cathedral episcopal see, the Catedral San Marón, located in the national capital Buenos Aires. In 2010 there were 750,000 members.[3] It is governed by Habib Chamieh, Mariamite Maronite Order.


From July 5, 1901 began to come to Argentina the first Lebanese Maronite missionaries who founded the first mission in the Lebanese diaspora in South America.

The Eparchy of San Charbel was established by Pope John Paul II on 5 October 1990, on territory previously without proper ordinary of the particular church. It is named after its patron saint, Charbel Makhluf.

Territory and statisticsEdit

The jurisdiction of the eparchy extends to all Maronite Catholic faithful living in Argentina. Its eparchial seat is the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, where is located the Saint Maron Cathedral.[4]

It is not exempt, nor a hierarchical part of the Maronite patriarchal ecclesiastical structure, but a suffragan see in the Ecclesiastical province of the Roman Rite Metropolitan Archdiocese of Buenos Aires in Argentina, like its Ukrainian Catholic counterpart, the Eparchy Santa María del Patrocinio en Buenos Aires.

The Christians of this diocese are mostly emigrants and are originally from Lebanon. Their naming is originated from Saint Maron the founder of the Maronite Church. The Eparchy of Saint Charbel of Buenos Aires counted some 750,000[5] Lebanese Maronite Catholics of prevalent Arab Christian origin in 2010 and there were four parishes.

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Eparchs of San Charbel of Buenos Aires

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