Salt 'n' Shake

Salt 'n' Shake is one of the United Kingdom's oldest brands of potato crisp, originally manufactured by The Smith's Snackfood Company. They are most notable for containing a blue sachet containing 0.6g (10 grains) of salt, allowing the purchaser to salt the crisps to their own taste.

According to the packet, Salt 'n' Shake was created by Frank Smith and was first sold in pubs in Cricklewood, London in the 1920s. Because the salt cellars he provided were being stolen by pub visitors, Smith began to sell the packets with a small blue sachet of salt, the tradition of which continues to this day. The brand is at present owned by Walkers.

The crisps were originally called Salt 'n' Shake, but were renamed Salt & Shake during the January 2003 relaunch by Walkers. The relaunch, accompanied by an advert starring Gary Lineker, introduced the crisps' latest packaging.

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