Sailor's hitch

The sailor's hitch is a type of knot, which is a secure, jam-proof hitch.[1] It is a type of knot that is defined as a type of hitch knot. A hitch is a type of knot that has the ability to fit to the size and shape of an object that it is being tied to.[2]

Sailor's hitch

The sailor's hitch is also known as swing hitch.

The sailor's hitch can be used in such a way that allows a smaller rope to be attached to a large rope. The smaller rope should be pulled to the left while the bight should go through the final tuck to form the final product of a sailor's hitch.

This knot can also serve the purpose of a cleat hitch.

There is another variation of the knot with several more turns that is called the gripping sailor's hitch.[3] The gripping sailor's hitch is commonly confused with the icicle hitch, but it has distinctions with the last tuck of the knot that allows them to be different.[4]

The sailor's knot is used in the following circumstances:

  • search and rescue
  • mountaineering
  • climbing
  • boating
  • horse and livestock
  • camping
  • scouting[1]

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