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Sagdidae is a family of air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks with highest diversity in the Greater Antilles. It has been classified in its own superfamily Sagdoidea [2] and as a member of the superfamily Helicoidea.[3] Some species of Sagdidae are ovoviviparous.[4]

Sagda alligans shell.jpg
Two adult shells and one juvenile shell of Sagda alligans
Scientific classification

Type genus


Vestigial love darts exist in some species within this family.

Subfamilies and generaEdit

The family Sagdidae consists of four subfamilies:[2]

  • Sagdinae Pilsbry, 1895
  • Aquebaninae H. B. Baker, 1940
  • Platysuccineinae H. B. Baker, 1940
  • Yunqueinae Schileyko, 1998

Genera in the family Sagdidae include:[5]

The type genus is Sagda Beck, 1837.


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