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Pedigree of King Dost Mohammad Khan, Emir of Afghanistan. Figure shows the branching of the Abdal dynasty into the Popal (founder of the Popalzai; spelled 'Fofal' in figure), Barak (founder of the Barakzai), and Alako (founder of the Alakozai) line. (The fourth branch, Achakzai, is missing.)[citation needed]

Popalzai or Popalzay (Pashto: پوپلزی‎), also known as Popal, are Durrani (formerly called Abdali or Bor Tareen) Pashtuns of Afghanistan.The origin of the Abdali forefathers of Sadozai tribe is probably the Hephthalites.[1][2] .The forefathers of Ahmad Shāh Durrānī the founder of the Durrani Empire were from Sadozai tribe. and as per Mohan Lal, The Zirak line begins with Sulaiman Zirak Khan. Zirak was father of Popalzai, Barakzai, and Alakozai.[3] Small number of Popalzais and Sadozais are also live in Pakistan, particularly in the city of Quetta.

Some members of the Popalzai tribe have immigrated with their families to the European Union, North America, and Oceania. Notable members of the Popalzai tribe include Hamid Karzai and his extended family, Naim Popal, and Khalida Popal.[4][5]

The Popalzai form a part of the Zirak confederation of Pashtun tribes.[6]

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