Saddar, Rawalpindi

Saddar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, is the main commercial hub of Rawalpindi Cantonment.[1][2][3][4][5] It is located between the Mall road and the main Railway lines[6] connecting Rawalpindi with down-country. It has some major business and commercial centres, main branches of major Pakistani banks and residential areas of British colonial era. Saddar is a home to dense residential and commercial buildings. Shops as well as shopping malls offer a diverse range of locally manufactures products and imported items. Chota Bazaar is a famous shopping area of northern part of Saddar.

Commercial hub of Rawalpindi
Country Pakistan
ProvincePunjab (Pakistan)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)


It has a population of around 200,000 which includes a majority of Punjabis/Pothoharis and a minority of Urdu speaking Mohajirs, Kashmiris and Pathans.

Major roadsEdit

Mall Road
The Mall Road
Haider Road

It is the first parallel road to the Mall Road and is well known for banks, photocopier shops and handicrafts’ outlets. Its old name is Lawrence Road and connects Murree Road with Mahfooz Road which leads to the city Railway station. This road is the main passage of all the city transports which travel to all parts of the city as well as Islamabad.

Bank Road
Day time view of Bank Road from Shahbaz Plaza

It also runs parallel to the Mall road just next to Haider Road and has been named so because the National Bank of Pakistan is situated on it. In fact, branches of almost all banks are situated on this road. Gakkhar Plaza is a prominent shopping center on this road. Various markets exist for branded garments (Bonanza, Leeds, Cambridge, Levi's, Oxford, etc.) plus boutiques and shops for ceremonial dresses. Two big markets of Mobile phones also exist on the same road.

Adamjee Road

Next to Bank Road is the Adamjee Road which road originates from the Sarwar Road at Punj Sarki (5-road) Fuel Station and crosses Kashmir Road and continues towards the Railway line towards the north. Ministry of Defence offices and Poonch House are the important landmarks on this road. After crossing Kashmir Road, you can find lots of shops of auto spare parts of almost all automobiles running in Pakistan. The oldest Chhota Bazar (Small Market) is also located on this road after the spareparts shops.

Kashmir Road

This road originates from the Mall Road and hits Murree Road at Mareer Chowk. It is famous for branded garments shops, market for automobile spare parts, meat and poultry market and a tailor shops for ladies clothes. Its previous name was Dalhousie Road. General Post Office of Pakistan Post is an important landmark on Kashmir road. The biggest mosque of Rawalpindi, Jamia Islamia (Gousia mosque) is also situated on this road.

Canning Road

This road connects Adamjee Road to the Mall Road. You can find shops of carpets and handmade products on this road.

Harding Road

This road connects Bank Road to the Mall Road and leads to the Cantonment Hospital just behind the Gakhar Plaza.

Police Station Road

Cantt Police Station is situated on this road just behind the Cantonment hospital.

Mahfooz Road

This road connects Mall Road to the railway station. A big public school is also situated on this road.

Schools colleges and UniversityEdit

  • Fatima Jinnah Women University The Mall Road
  • Govt. Denny's High School (since 1871)
  • F G College for Women (old C. B. College)
  • F G Girls High School
  • F G Public Secondary School (old Cantt Public High School)
  • Saint John's High School
  • F G Boyes Scc School Adam Jee Road Rawalpindi
  • F G Sir Syed School for Boys Sir Syed Road
  • Pakistan Advanced College of Excellence[7]
  • F G Boys High School, Daryabad, RAwalpindi
  • F G Sir Syed School for Girls Sir Syed Road
  • F G Sir Syed College The Mall Road

Hospitals and clinicsEdit

  • Cantonment General Hospital
  • Health ways
  • Dr. Shah Medical Dental Health care center


  • Ghousia Mosques, part of Varan Tours office/Old GTS, on Adam ji Road

jamia masid


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