Sacred Heart Cathedral, Maliana

The Sacred Heart Cathedral[1] (Portuguese: Catedral do Sagrado Coração de Maliana) or simply Cathedral of Maliana and more formally Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,[2] is a religious building affiliated with the Catholic Church which is located in the town of Maliana[3] in Bobonaro district, near the border with Indonesia.

Sacred Heart Cathedral
Catedral do Sagrado Coração de Maliana
Country East Timor
DenominationRoman Catholic Church
DioceseRoman Catholic Diocese of Maliana
Bishop(s)Norberto Do Amaral

The Cathedral follows the Roman or Latin rite and serves as the seat of the diocese of Maliana (Dioecesis Malianensis or Diocese de Maliana) which was created in 2010 by bull "Missionalem Ecclesiae" of the Pope Benedict XVI.[4]

It is under the pastoral responsibility of the Bishop Norberto Do Amaral.

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