Saba Hasan is an Indian contemporary artist who is based in Goa and New Delhi.

Saba Hasan
New Delhi, India
Years activeSince 1996

She has a BA (Honours) in Economics from Delhi University, New Delhi and a Masters in Cultural Anthropology from Syracuse University New York. She has also trained in art at the Ceruleum - Ecole d’arts Visuels, Lausanne[1][failed verification] and art history at the University of Cambridge, UK.[2][citation needed]

Her work includes painting, photography, book installations, voice works and film.[3] Her art evokes the forces of time, nature and personal histories in a potent, nuanced voice.[4] Her works are with collectors in India, UK, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Japan, Holland, USA, Spain and France.[5]

Shows and exhibitionsEdit

An active artist since 1996, Hasan has participated in several art shows, exhibitions, biennale's, photo exhibitions and film festivals. Some of these include:

Year Event Venue
2019 Short film The Saba Bandagi Shah Project Official selection at the 12the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, India [6]
2019 Short film Burnt Books 6 Part of Cinema of Resistance collective at the 12the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, India [7]
2018 Short film Twilight On The Lake Official selection at the Chelsea Film Festival, New York, USA [3]

Official selection at Balinale, the Bali International Film Festival, Indonesia [8]

2017 The Universe of Interconnected Experiences Alliance Française, New Delhi, India [9]
2016 Video and Photography Show Tenshin Okakura Gallery, Japan Foundation, New Delhi, India [4]
2015 Video project Saba Hasan Reads Her Poems Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi, India [10]
2014 Video project Haqeeqat/The Truth/La Verite Exhibition of Celeste Art Prize Finalists at Assab One, Milan, Italy [3]
2013 Song of a Departing Day La Biennale di Venezia, 55th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy [11][12]
2013 The Sketchbook Project Brooklyn Art Library, New York, USA [13]
2013 Sound program Audio Portraits in Space Osso Radio Sound Festival, Lisbon, Portugal [14]
2011 Visual Ventures Emami Chisel Art, Calcutta, India [5]
2010 Contemporary Drawings Emami Chisel Art, Calcutta, India [5]
2010 Sound Installation Oscar Kokoschka Akademie, Salzburg, Austria [10]
2008 Ten Creative Forces Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai, India

Navya Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
Time and Space Gallery, Bangalore, India [5]

2007 Art for Freedom Bonhams Asia House Auction, London, UK [5]
2007 Indifferent History Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India [5]
2006 Letters from Baton Rouge Paris, France [5]
2005 Florence Biennale Florence, Italy [5]
2004 The Written Word Apparao Galleries, Chennai, India [5]
1996 Debut Solo Show India International Centre, New Delhi, India [5]

Awards and recognitionEdit

Some of Hasan's awards and accolades include:[13]

  • 2014: MIFA: Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow, Russia [15]
  • 2014: Celeste Contemporary Art Prize Nomination, Milan, Italy [3]
  • 2008: RPG Art Residency, Madh Island, India
  • 2007: Award for Painting, Raza Foundation, India
  • 2006: Residency in Paris, Government of France
  • 2002: Residency, George Keyt Foundation, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • 1998: Ceruleum : Ecole D’Arts Visuels - Academie, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 1986: Fellowship in Culture Studies, Syracuse University, New York


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