Saba-248 (helicopter)

Saba-248 (Persian: صبا-۲۴۸) is an Iranian medium-lift helicopter, which was unveiled on March 7, 2017. It was entirely designed/manufactured by Iranian Defense Ministry. Saba-248 is multi-functional with 2 engines and possesses 8 seats.[1][2] This skid-equipped twin-engine, four-bladed utility helicopter is able to be deployed to a wide variety of missions, consisting of freight and passenger transport missions, aerial photography, rescue operations and reconnaissance missions.[3][4][5]

Saba 248 helicopter
Saba 248 helicopter (12).jpg
Role Utility helicopter
National origin Iran
Manufacturer PANHA
Designer PANHA
Introduction 7 March 2017
Status In service
Primary user  Iran
Number built Mass production


This Iranian-made helicopter is capable to be applied[6][7][8][9] as air ambulance/taxi. According to Hossein Dehqan, the Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General, it has the utilization of modern-technologies in the field of navigation/conduct/mechanical systems, high-speed, remarkable-reliability, acceptable function with sole engine, low-sound and vibration, operating temperature range of -25 °C to 55 °C and also an aerodynamic body.[10][11][12]


This Iranian medium-lift helicopter was unveiled on March 7, 2017[13] during a ceremony in Tehran, Iran; attended by Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan and Sorena Sattari Vice-president for Science and Technology Affairs.[14]


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