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Saad Akbar Babrak

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Said Akbar Khan Babrakzai (died 16 October 1951) was possibly an Afghan Pashtun, according to the government sources, and an ultra-Pashtun[1] nationalist,[1] an assassin who assassinated the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaqat Ali Khan,[1] in Rawalpindi Punjab Province, on October 16, 1951.[1]

On October 16, 1951, during a public meeting, Sayed Akbar Khan shot Liaqat twice in a park in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The assassin was fatally shot by police officers seconds later. Liaqat was rushed to a hospital where he died. Biographical details of Sayed Akbar and the reasons why he killed Liaquat Ali Khan are not widely known.[2][3] It is stated in the official file on Liaquat Ali Khan that Akbar was an "Afghan national and a professional assassin."[4]