SVB Derde Divisie

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The SVB Derde Divisie (English: Member Associations Tournament) is an annual football tournament organized by the Surinamese Football Association (SVB) since 2006. It is also known as the SURIBET Lidbondentoernooi due to sponsorship.[1] The tournament is contested by the winners and runners-up of the districts leagues from the 20 regional member associations of the SVB. The winner and runner-up of the tournament can then qualify for the SVB Eerste Klasse, the 2nd tier of football in Suriname.[2] In 2017, the competition was rebranded as the SVB Derde Divisie.

SVB Derde Divisie
Flag of Suriname.svg
Number of teams40 (8 Groups of 5)
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toEerste Divisie
Domestic cup(s)Surinamese Cup
Current: 2020–21 SVB Derde Divisie


Until 2006 there were two tournaments, the "Randdistrictentoernooi" (1973-2005) for the ten member associations in and around the capital city Paramaribo, where the champion and runner-up each member association participated, and the "Inter-districtentoernooi" (1979-2005) which served as the inter district tournament for the other member associations of the SVB.[3] In 2006 the two tournaments were fused together to create a more equal playing field. The winners and runners-up of the new tournament are then considered for promotion to the Eerste Klasse and on a few occasions have even been promoted directly to the Hoofdklasse, the top flight of football in Suriname.[4]


Year Winner Association Runners-up Association
2006 PSV Nickerie Tammenga Kwatta
2007 Eendracht Livorno Fortuna 1975 Lelydorp
2008 De Ster Lelydorp The Brothers Coronie
2009 Inter Rica Moengo Tammenga Kwatta
2010 Bomastar Lelydorp Fortuna 1975 Lelydorp
2011 ACoconut Brokopondo Santos Nickerie
2012 Caravan Livorno Papatam Albina
2013 West United Coronie Deva Boys Meerzorg
2014 Jong Rambaan Lelydorp TOK Moengo
2015 Santos Nickerie Amar Deep SOLO
2016 Flora Nieuwe Generatie Slee Juniors Nieuwe Generatie
2017 Happy Boys Meerzorg Jong Aurora Nieuwe Generatie
2018 Bintang Lahir Meerzorg Flamingo Lelydorp
2019 Groningen Saramacca Sophia Kwatta


Year Winner Association Runners-up Association
1973 Fortuna Lelydorp Santos Paramaribo Centraal
1974 Sea Boys Lelydorp
1975 Boxel Domburg Flamingo Lelydorp
1976 not contested
1977 Boxel Domburg Soleram Paramaribo Centraal
1978 S.C.A. Lelydorp Baru Padang Kwatta
1979 Amarjoti Kwatta Mipro Kwatta
1980 Real Java Lelydorp Kamal Dewaker Livorno
1981 Ten CC Domburg Jai-Hind Kwatta
1982 The Producers Pontbuiten Bonanza Kwatta
1983 Marai Nieuwe Generatie Tornado Lelydorp
1984 Grantjie Boys Nieuwe Generatie Inter Maretraite Nieuwe Generatie
1985 Road Nieuwe Generatie PVV Paramaribo Centraal
1986 De Rest Blauwgrond Vasas Blauwgrond
1987 Lions '71 Nieuwe Generatie Boxel '71 Domburg
1988 Edo Kwatta Minerva Livorno
1989 Coronie Boys Paramaribo Centraal Sea Boys Lelydorp
1990 Prakash Leidingen Palmeiras Blauwgrond
1991 Big Fellow Pontbuiten Inter Benie Kwatta
1992 Zwaluw Blauwgrond Tornado Lelydorp
1993 not contested
1994 Dego Kwatta Jai Hind Meerzorg
1995 Juniors '88 Nieuwe Generatie Surland Leidingen
1996 H.O.B. Kwatta Excelsior Meerzorg
1997 Young Rhythm Pontbuiten Walking Boyz Company Nieuwe Generatie
1998 Royal '95 Kwatta Fortuna 1975 Lelydorp
1999 not contested
2000 Randjiet Boys Leidingen Super Red Eagles Nieuwe Generatie
2001 not contested
2002 Inter Kaya Paramaribo Centraal Cruzeiro Livorno
2003 Ferano Nieuwe Generatie Amar Deep Leidingen
2004 Pechan Leidingen S.I.O.S. Blauwgrond
2005 Jai-Hanuman Livorno Excelsior Meerzorg


Year Winnerr Association Runners-up Association
1979 Santos Nickerie
1980 Arsenal Wageningen
1981 Real Moengo Tapoe Moengo
1982 Red Circle Brokopondo
1983 Osos Coronie
1984 Excelsior Moengo
1985 Arsenal Coronie
1986 Bill Stars Para
1987 Remo Nickerie
1988 not contested
1989 Voorburg Commewijne
1990 Corona Boys Coronie
1991 Santos Nickerie
1992 Osos Coronie
1993 Inter Moengotapoe Moengo
1994 Peto Moengo
1995 Klaas Tiger Brokopondo
1996 SVV Coronie
1997 Papatam Albina
1998 Ricanau Mofo Moengo Jai Hind Nickerie
1999 not contested
2000 Lavoco Coronie FC Corona Coronie
2001 not contested
2002 Boskamp Saramacca Adjoema Moengo
2003 Peto Moengo Arsenal Coronie
2004 Freyburg Saramacca Papatam Albina
2005 2000 Moengo Notch Moengo


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