SQL window function

In the SQL database query language, window functions allow access to data in the records right before and after the current record.[1][2][3][4] A window function defines a frame or window of rows with a given length around the current row, and performs a calculation across the set of data in the window.[5][6]

      NAME |
      Aaron| <-- Preceding (unbounded)
     Johnny| <-- 1st preceding row
    Michael| <-- Current row
       Nick| <-- 1st following row
       Zach| <-- Following (unbounded)

In the above table, the next query extracts for each row the values of a window with one preceding and one following row:

  LAG(name, 1) 
    OVER(ORDER BY name) "prev",
  LEAD(name, 1) 
    OVER(ORDER BY name) "next"
 FROM people
 ORDER BY name

The result query contains the following values:

|     PREV |     NAME |     NEXT |
|    (null)|     Aaron|    Andrew|
|     Aaron|    Andrew|    Amelia|
|    Andrew|    Amelia|     James|
|    Amelia|     James|      Jill|
|     James|      Jill|    Johnny|
|      Jill|    Johnny|   Michael|
|    Johnny|   Michael|      Nick|
|   Michael|      Nick|   Ophelia|
|      Nick|   Ophelia|      Zach|
|   Ophelia|      Zach|    (null)|


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