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SSG Landers (KoreanSSG 랜더스) is a South Korean professional baseball team. The team was originally established as the SK Wyverns but was renamed as the SSG Landers in 2021 after Shinsegae acquired the team from SK Group. They are a member of the KBO League. Based in Incheon, they play their home games at Incheon SSG Landers Field.

SSG Landers
SSG 랜더스
SSG Landers.png SSG Landers insignia.png
Team logo Cap insignia
LeagueKBO League
LocationIncheon, South Korea
BallparkIncheon SSG Landers Field (2002–present)
Year founded2000; 21 years ago (2000)
League championships2007, 2008, 2010
Korean Series championships2007, 2008, 2010, 2018
Former name(s)
  • SK Wyverns (2000–2020)
ColorsCharismatic Red, White, Yellow
Retired numbers26
ManagerKim Won-hyong
Munhak Baseball Stadium, home field of the SSG Landers


2000: Formation (SK Wyverns)Edit

In the 2000 season, the Ssangbangwool Raiders, a team that had represented the Jeollabuk-do region since 1990, was dissolved because of the bankruptcy of the Ssangbangwool Group, the team's owner. The franchise was subsumed by the KBO, which then awarded a new franchise to the SK conglomerate. The new franchise was named the SK Wyverns. So the Raiders and the Wyverns have no historical links, although the new team consisted mostly of former Raiders players.

The Hyundai Unicorns moved out of Incheon to go to Seoul but failed because of the resistance of the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins; the Unicorns then moved to Suwon, with the SK Wyverns filling the void left in Incheon.


The Wyverns' first Korean Series appearance came in 2003, where, somewhat ironically, they were defeated by the Hyundai Unicorns in seven games.


In 2007, SK defeated the Doosan Bears in six games to win the 2007 Korean Series – the first time the franchise had won the Korean Series – after finishing the season in first place. They became the first team in Korean Series history to win after losing the first two games. Designated Hitter Kim Jae-hyun was the series MVP.

SK went on to compete in the Konami Cup, a short competition between the champions of the Korean Baseball League, the Japanese Baseball League, the Taiwanese Baseball League, and the China All-Stars. On November 8, 2007, SK Wyverns defeated the Chunichi Dragons (6–3), giving Chunichi their first-ever loss in Konami Cup history. On November 9, 2007, SK soundly defeated the China All-Stars (13–0), causing the game to be called in the seventh inning due to the mercy rule. On November 10, 2007, the Wyverns repeated their performance, defeating the Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions of Taiwan (13–1) in 7 innings. The final game, on November 11, 2007, was a rematch of the first game, between the Chunichi Dragons and the SK Wyverns. In an extremely close game, Chunichi won the game, 6–5.


SK went 83–43–0 in 2008, with a winning percentage of .659, the highest in KBO League history.[1] The team went to the Korean Series again, once again facing their main rivals, the Doosan Bears. In a repeat of 2007, SK defeated Doosan to win their second Korean Series championship. Choi Jeong was named the 2008 Korean Series MVP.

SK once again went on to compete in the Konami Cup. On November 13, 2008, SK Wyverns defeated the Seibu Lions (4–3), marking the second straight year in which the Korean champions handed the Japanese champions a loss in this competition. On November 14, 2008, they once again defeated the Chinese representatives, the Tianjin Lions, in a mercy-rule shortened game. On November 15, 2008, however, they were soundly defeated in a rematch with Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions of Taiwan (10–4) and failed to qualify for the championship game for a second straight year.


In 2009, however, SK were runners-up in the 2009 KBO season and 2009 Korean Series, where they were defeated by the KIA Tigers in seven games.

SK rebounded to form in 2010, dominating the regular season and winning the Korean Series in a 4–0 sweep against the Samsung Lions. It was SK's fourth straight Korean Series appearance and their third title in four years. The Wyverns also had a 22-game winning streak that ended in April 2010, the longest winning streak in Korean Baseball.[2]

In 2011, manager Kim Sung-keun was ousted mid-season after a long-standing disagreement between him and the SK front office.[3] This led to then-head coach Lee Man-soo taking over the reins – a move that brought a lot of protests from the SK Wyverns fans, as Kim had led SK to the Korean Series in every year that he had been at the helm.

In both 2011 and 2012, SK reached the Korean Series, where they were both times defeated by the Samsung Lions. SK reached the Korean Series every season from 2007 to 2012 (six straight seasons).

In 2018, SK faced the Doosan Bears again in the Korean Series and won another championship. This was their fourth win, and three of four wins against Doosan.

2021–present (SSG Landers)Edit

In January 2021, Shinsegae said it would acquire a professional baseball club owned by SK Group as it sought to boost marketing with the sports team.[4] Shinsegae announced that it would buy the SK Wyverns baseball club from SK Telecom for 135.2 billion won ($122 million), with Shinsegae's e-mart taking over the team's management. The group would pay 100 billion won for a 100-percent stake in the club and 35.2 billion won for facilities and properties. The e-mart-run baseball club was launched in March with a new name, emblem and character.[5] The deal was finalized on February 23, 2021.[6]


KBO has its own distinctive culture, for this reason, teams have applied different branding and marketing strategies that are uniquely oriented to attract the attention of KBO fans.[7] Teams are adding new entertainment factors such as cheerleading, music, and scouting new mascots. Also, teams try to apply marketing techniques that attract local fans and communities. As the newest team in the league SSG Landers have been actively communicating with fans to earn the support of the original SK Wyverns fans and locals in Incheon.

Green MarketingEdit

SSG Landers has benefited economically and gained positive public opinions from the fans and society through successful green campaigns.[8] SSG Landers developed a uniform from recycled polyester. Instead of their team logo on the front, they have dedicated the center spot of the uniform to the slogan “Let’s go green”. Even though the team’s traditional colors were red, yellow, and orange they used green for the special uniform.

Also, they changed their home stadium, Incheon SK Happy Dream Park Munhak Baseball Stadium (currently known as Incheon SSG Landers Field) into a green theme park. They added green seats in the outfield seat sections. They also installed solar panels and switched to eco-friendly machines. For example, they changed their original bullpen cart to an electric cart.[9]

The green theme extends to fan events. Fans that used bikes to get to the stadium received discounted tickets. By contributing to the social good and taking social responsibility for the environment, SK Wyverns has received more attention and recognition from the public.[10]

Season-by-season recordsEdit

Year Stadium Rank Regular Season Postseason Awards
Standings Games Wins Losses Draws Win% BA HR ERA
2000 Sungui
Baseball Stadium
8/8 4/4 133 44 86 3 .338 .260 105 5.99 Did not qualify Lee Seung-ho (ROTY)
2001 7/8 7/8 133 60 71 2 .458 .260 113 4.41 Did not qualify
2002 Munhak
Baseball Stadium
6/8 6/8 133 61 69 3 .469 .270 158 4.47 Did not qualify
2003 2/8 4/8 133 66 64 3 .508 .272 156 4.44 Won Semi-playoff vs. Samsung Lions (2–0)
Won Playoff vs. KIA Tigers (3–0)
Lost Korean Series vs. Hyundai Unicorns (3–4)
2004 5/8 5/8 133 61 64 8 .488 .272 138 4.40 Did not qualify
2005 3/8 3/8 126 70 50 6 .583 .269 122 3.41 Lost Semi-playoff vs. Hanwha Eagles (2–3)
2006 6/8 6/8 126 60 65 1 .480 .254 99 3.80 Did not qualify
2007 1/8 1/8 126 73 48 5 .603 .264 112 3.24 Won Korean Series vs. Doosan Bears (4–2)
2008 1/8 1/8 126 83 43 0 .659 .282 89 3.22 Won Korean Series vs. Doosan Bears (4–1) Kim Kwang-hyun (MVP)
2009 2/8 2/8 133 80 47 6 .602 .285 166 3.67 Won Playoff vs. Doosan Bears (3–2)
Lost Korean Series vs. KIA Tigers (3–2)
2010 1/8 1/8 133 84 47 2 .641 .274 120 3.71 Won Korean Series vs. Samsung Lions (4–0)
2011 2/8 3/8 133 71 59 3 .546 .263 100 3.35 Won Semi-playoff vs. KIA Tigers (3–1)
Won Playoff vs. Lotte Giants (3–2)
Lost Korean Series vs. Samsung Lions (1–4)
2012 2/8 2/8 133 71 59 3 .546 .258 108 3.82 Won Playoff vs. Lotte Giants (3–2)
Lost Korean Series vs. Samsung Lions (2–4)
2013 6/9 6/9 128 62 63 3 .496 .265 124 4.16 Did not qualify
2014 5/9 5/9 128 61 65 2 .484 .291 115 5.51 Did not qualify
2015 5/10 5/10 144 69 73 2 .486 .272 145 4.71 Lost Wild Card vs. Nexen Heroes (0–1)
2016 6/10 6/10 144 69 75 0 .479 .291 182 4.87 Did not qualify
2017 5/10 5/10 144 75 68 1 .524 .271 234 5.02 Lost Wild Card vs. NC Dinos (0–1)
2018 1/10 2/10 144 78 65 1 .545 .281 233 4.67 Won Playoff vs. Nexen Heroes (3–2)
Won Korean Series vs. Doosan Bears (4–2)
2019 3/10 2/10 144 88 55 1 .615 .262 117 3.50 Lost Playoff vs. Kiwoom Heroes (0–3)
2020 9/10 9/10 144 51 92 1 .357 Did not qualify
Overall record Games Wins Losses Draws Win%
Regular Season 2821 1437 1328 56 .519
Postseason 83 47 36 0 .566
Total 2904




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