Sükhbaatar's Mausoleum

Sükhbaatar's Mausoleum was a mausoleum for Damdin Sükhbaatar, leader of Mongolia's 1921 revolution, and Khorloogiin Choibalsan, head of Mongolia's government from the late 1930s to his death in 1952, in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar, on the northern side of Sükhbaatar Square in front of the Saaral Ordon. The building was erected after Choibalsan's death, and removed in 2005 to make place for a hall dedicated to Genghis Khan. The mausoleum resembled the shape of Lenin's Mausoleum but differed in color.

Sükhbaatar's Mausoleum in front of the Government Palace

Sükhbaatar had been buried at the Altan-Ölgii National Cemetery in 1923, but was exhumed and reinterred into the mausoleum.[1] The corpses of both rulers were again exhumed, ritually burned, and the ashes entombed at Altan Ölgii cemetery in 2005, under supervision of the Buddhist clergy.

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