Sällskapet till belöning för trotjänare

Sällskapet till belöning av trotjänare is a nonprofit organization[1] in Sweden, established in 1828,[2] giving prizes and awards to domestic worker girls and women who have worked for at least 15 years for the same family in Stockholm County. The activities of the organization was brought to public attention on 4 March 1987 at SR P1.[3]

Sällskapet till belöning av trotjänare
Formation1828 (1828)
Typenonprofit organization
HeadquartersGrillby, Sweden
Official language

The headquarters were in Saltsjö-Duvnäs before being relocated to Grillby.[4]

In 1988, a newspaper announce about the organization holding annual meeting led to the making of the programme Frida, en trotjänarinna.[5] The initiative to the establishment was taken by Carl Löwenhielm.[6]


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