Säkylä is a municipality of Finland.

Säkylän kunta
Säkylä kommun
Säkylä centre
Säkylä centre
Coat of arms of Säkylä
Location of Säkylä in Finland
Location of Säkylä in Finland
Coordinates: 61°03′N 022°21′E / 61.050°N 22.350°E / 61.050; 22.350Coordinates: 61°03′N 022°21′E / 61.050°N 22.350°E / 61.050; 22.350
Country Finland
Sub-regionRauma sub-region
 • Municipality managerTeijo Mäenpää
 • Total527.71 km2 (203.75 sq mi)
 • Land160.55 km2 (61.99 sq mi)
 • Water107.89 km2 (41.66 sq mi)
Area rank202nd largest in Finland
 • Total6,637
 • Rank140th largest in Finland
 • Density41.34/km2 (107.1/sq mi)
Population by native language
 • Finnish98.9% (official)
 • Swedish0.2%
 • Others0.9%
Population by age
 • 0 to 1412.9%
 • 15 to 6455.3%
 • 65 or older31.8%
Time zoneUTC+02:00 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+03:00 (EEST)
Municipal tax rate[5]21.5%

Säkylä is located in the Satakunta region. The municipality has a population of 6,637 (31 March 2021)[2] and the municipality covers an area of 527.71 square kilometres (203.75 sq mi) of which 107.89 square kilometres (41.66 sq mi) is inland water (2018-01-01).[1] The population density is 41 inhabitants per square kilometre (110/sq mi) (31 March 2021). Municipality of Köyliö was merged to Säkylä on 1 January 2016.[6]

The municipality is unilingually Finnish.

Säkylä is best known as the home of the Finnish Defence Forces' Porin Prikaati (Pori Brigade) and for the large and successful food industry. The biggest employers are the Säkylä garrison (Pori Brigade), Lännen Tehtaat Plc, Broilertalo Oy, the Municipality of Säkylä, the Intermunicipal Federation of Public Health, and Sucros Säkylä.

For its diversity of nature, Säkylä has a special position among Finnish municipalities. Säkylä's Lake Pyhäjärvi (Säkylän Pyhäjärvi), situated mainly in the area of Säkylä, is the biggest lake in southwestern Finland. It is renowned for its clean and clear water and big yields of fish, and the maintenance of its natural state is secured by the common efforts of the inhabitants, the municipality, and local industry. Insects found nowhere else in Finland live on the Säkylänharju Ridge. The fauna and flora of the ridge include several other rare and threatened species.

Lake Pyhäjärvi is a versatile bird lake. During the year, practically all of the water and shore birds of the Finnish inland waters are found there. The nesting species include lake birds drawn to the barren shores and clear waters, as well as some demanding specialities of the best eutrophic bird bays.

Säkylä is the original home of the Antti farmstead, nowadays a museum object in the Seurasaari Open Air Museum in Helsinki. According to Traficom, Säkylä is the second most motorized municipality in Finland with 651 cars per thousand inhabitants.[7]



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