São Lourenço, Macau

São Lourenço is a civil parish (Portuguese: freguesia) of Macau. It is located in the southwestern of Macau Peninsula and named after Lawrence of Rome.

São Lourenço


Saint Lawrence
A-Ma Temple
A-Ma Temple
Freguesia de São Lourenço in Macau
Freguesia de São Lourenço in Macau
 • Total1.0 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
 • Total51,700
 • Density52,000/km2 (130,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Macau Standard)
São Lourenço, Macau
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese風順堂區
Simplified Chinese风顺堂区
JyutpingFung1 Seon6 Tong4 Koe1
Hanyu PinyinFēngshùn Tángqū
Literal meaningSmooth Wind Church Area
Alternative name
Traditional Chinese聖老愣佐堂區
Simplified Chinese圣老愣佐堂区
JyutpingSing3 Lou5 Ling6 Zo3 Tong4 Koe1
Hanyu PinyinShènglǎoléngzuǒ Tángqū
Portuguese name
PortugueseFreguesia de São Lourenço

This parish was one of five in the former Municipality of Macau, one of Macau's two municipalities that were abolished on 31 December 2001 by Law No. 17/2001, following the 1999 transfer of sovereignty over Macau from Portugal to China. While their administrative functions have since been removed, these parishes are still retained nominally.

It is surrounded by water and oils on all sides except north, where it neighbours Freguesia da Sé. Penha Hill (西望洋山) and Barra Hill [zh] (媽閣山) are to the south. The Portuguese governor building and current administrative buildings are located here. The hillsides contain a residential area of luxurious villas.

  • Area: 0.9 km² (13.4% of the peninsula)
  • Population: 45,600
  • Population density: 50,904 persons per km²


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The Macau government operates the Centro de Saúde de S. Lourenço (風順堂衛生中心) in Fong Son Tong.[2]


All schools in this parish are private and subsidized by the Macau government.

Saint Joseph Seminary of the University of Saint Joseph is in São Lourenço.[7]

Macao Public Library operates two branches in the parish: the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library and the S. Lourenço Library (Biblioteca de S. Lourenço; 下環圖書館). The latter occupies 1,245 square metres (13,400 sq ft) of space on the third floor of the Municipal Market Complex of St. Lourenço (下環街市). The S. Lourenço branch opened in December 2009 and was a part of the renovation of the market.[8]

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