Sámi Grand Prix

The Sámi Grand Prix, often abbreviated as SGP, is a Sámi yoik and song competition organized annually by the Sámi Music Festival organization (Northern Sami: Sámi musihkkafestivála, Norwegian: Samisk Musikkfestival), featuring participants from all corners of Sápmi. While the majority of its participants have been from the Norwegian side of Sápmi, Sámi from the Swedish, Finnish, and Russian sides have been increasingly participating in recent years too.[1][2]

Nils Henrik Buljo, the winner of the song part of the Sámi Grand Prix in 2015, is fifth from the left.
A performance at the 2010 Sámi Grand Prix
Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen in 2018. She won the song category in the Sámi Grand Prix in 2016 and Liet International in 2017.
Niko Valkeapää in 2008. In 1994, he won the song category of the Sámi Grand Prix together with Inger Marie Gaino Nilut. The following year he won it again, this time as a solo act.
Hans Ole Eira in 2017. He won the yoik category the following year.
Sofia Jannok in 2010. In 2001, she won the song category of the Sámi Grand Prix together with Anna Kärrstedt. Two years later she won again, this time as a solo act.

Each participant submits an original piece to be performed live in an auditorium in Kautokeino during the Sámi Easter Festival. Originally broadcast on the radio in a limited area, they have started to be shown on TV and livestreamed as well and can be watched from anywhere in the world.[3] Listeners and viewers can cast their vote for their favorites in two categories. A combined televoting and jury result is calculated for each participant. The televotes and the jury votes each currently count for 50% of the participant's scores. The participants who receive the most votes in the song category and in the yoik category are declared the winners of these respective categories.


The first Sámi Grand Prix was held in 1990[1][4] with four participants in the yoik category and eight in the song category. All but one of the contestants was from the Norwegian side of Sápmi and most of these were from the municipality of Kautokeino. Each contestant performed a single yoik or song. The winning yoik was Báktevári searat, performed by Johan Anders Eira. The winning song was Muital midjiide, performed by Ellen and Magnus Vuolab of the band Sáve.[5]

In 1993, the Áillohaš Music Award was created. It has been awarded every year since then, including 2020, to a Sámi musician to honor their contributions to the diverse world of Sámi music. The first recipient of this award was Mari Boine.[6][1]

Since 2001, a CD album has been made of the competitors' performances each year, except for in 2014. That year's album was not released until the following year, when it was published in conjunction with the 2015 competition as a double CD.

Sámi Grand Prix had been held every year until 2020, when the entire Sámi Easter Festival was cancelled due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the various restrictions imposed by the governments of the countries the participants live in.[7] Even though the festival was cancelled, the 2020 Áillohaš Music Award was still awarded to an accomplished Sámi musician, this time to SlinCraze, a Sámi rapper who has spent more than 15 years so far pioneering new ways to use Northern Sámi in music.[8][9]

The following year, the contestants from the cancelled contest were automatically entered into the 2021 edition of the Sámi Grand Prix. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the contest was held without a live show and the contestants' prerecorded performances were instead broadcast online.[10]


The Sámi Grand Prix has two separate categories for competitors: a yoik category and a song category.[1] Every year, participants compete in these two categories with unpublished, original pieces.[1][11][12] At first, the number of yoikers and singers varied, but nowadays the contest is open to 10 individual yoikers and 6 singers or bands. The winner of each category receives a monetary prize of 20,000 Norwegian crowns, a diploma, and a stipend to be used for organizing and performing a concert on the main stage during the following year's Sámi Easter Festival.[12]

In spite of its name, the yoik category is not limited to yoiks. Competitors in this category can also participate with other traditional vocal melodies such as the Inari Saami livđe, the Skolt Saami leuʹdd, and Southern Saami vuelie. As is traditional, these are unaccompanied by instrumental music.[12] If the competitor wishes to use instrumental music, they must compete in the song category.[12]

The song category is not restricted to a certain genre, but any lyrics in the songs must be in one of the Saami languages.[11][12] Since 2006, the winner of this category has goes on to compete in what was then called Liet-Lávlut, a music competition for minority languages in Europe.[13] Since the European competition has not been held every year, not every winner of the song category has been able to represent Sápmi in the competition.

Sámi Grand Prix winnersEdit

Winners of the yoik categoryEdit

Year Country Artist(s) Yoik
1990   Norway Johan Anders Eira Báktevári searat
1991   Norway Anders Nils J. Eira Anders Nils Eira
1992   Norway Anders Nils J. Eira Johan M. Kemi
1993   Norway Marit Gaup Eira Mihkkal Juhán
1994   Norway Anders Aslak N. Eira Mathis Rasmus
1995   Norway Anders Aslak N. Eira Nils Lars
1996   Norway Anders P. Bongo Mikkel Ánná
1997   Norway Marit Gaup Eira Hilbon Májjáš
1998   Norway Nils Jørgen Utsi John Máhtte
1999   Norway Berit Anne Oskal Kemi Dovnnas luohtái
2000   Sweden Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen Gabna duottar
2001   Russia Anfissa Agueva Meleš
2002   Norway Ellen Oskal Ellen Sara Oskal Gaup
2003   Norway Marit Gaup Eira John Martin
2004   Norway John Mathis Utsi Issát Ánte
2005   Norway Anne Berit Peltoperä and Solveig Skum Solbakken Áinnut
2006   Finland Anna-Reetta Niemelä Golleeatnama mánná
2007   Norway Anne Berit Peltoperä Helene
2008   Norway Ánte Niillas N. Bongo Sara Inga
2009   Norway Inga Biret Márjá Triumf and Ann Caroline Eira Johan Martin Eira
2010   Norway John Mathis A. Utsi Rásttoš Jovnna
2011   Norway Jan Ole Hermansen Inga Karita
2012   Norway Marit Kristine H Sara Máhtte Ánte
2013   Norway Per Bueng Kate Heidi
2014   Sweden Jörgen Stenberg[14] Nejla
2015   Norway Johan Anders Bær Skomáhkár Ánde
2016   Norway Johan Ivvár Gaup[15] Mikkel Andreas
2017   Norway John-André Eira[16] Svein Egil Hætta
2018   Norway Hans Ole Eira[1][17] Mina Helene
2019   Norway Kim Hallgeir Berg John Heandarat
2020 No winners. Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic[18]
2021   Norway Máhtte Ánte J. Sara[19] Karen Marianne
2022   Sweden Jörgen Stenberg[20] Skilgget

Winners of the song contestEdit

Year Country Artist(s) Song
1990   Norway Sáve "Muital midjiide"
1991   Norway Marit Elisabeth Hætta Øverli "Jáddá go beaivi?"
1992   Norway Audhild Valkeinen "Máná eallinmokta"
1993   Norway Ann-Mari Andersen "Ráhkisvuohta seamma lea"
1994   Norway/   Finland Inger Marie Gaino Nilut and Niko Valkeapää[4] "Duinna gávnnadit"
1995   Finland Niko Valkeapää[4] "Vádjolus"
1996   Norway Nils Henrik Buljo "Go beaivváš badjána"
1997   Norway Anne Inger and Marit Elisabeth Eira "Don"
1997   Norway Berit Sara "Min duoddarat"
1998   Norway Anja Vesterheim "Guorus váibmu"
1999   Norway Anja Vesterheim "Boares muitu"
2000   Norway Marit Susanne Utsi "Duinna"
2001   Sweden Sofia och Anna "Meahci mánná"
2002   Russia Elvira Galkina "Immel agk"
2003   Sweden Sofia Jannok "Liekkas"
2004   Sweden Johan Kitti "Eŋgelat lávllodit"
2005   Finland Poppoo[4] "Giella ii leat jáddan"
2006   Norway/   Sweden Johan Kitti and Ellen Sara Bæhr "Luđiin muitalan"
2007   Sweden Ola Stinnerbom[21] "Snowflow"
2008   Norway Elin Kåven[1] "Áibbas jaska"
2009   Finland SomBy[1][4] "Ii iđida"
2010   Sweden Pia-Maria Holmgren[1] "Geaidnu"
2011   Norway Rolffa[1] "Gulat go?"
2012   Norway Inger Karoline Gaup[1] "Oainnát go?"
2013   Sweden Melina Kuhmunen[22] "Árran"
2014   Finland Aila-duo[4][23][14] "Naharij kandâ"
2015   Norway Nils Henrik Buljo[1] "1+1"
2016   Norway Ella Marie H. Isaksen[1] "Luoddaearru"
2017   Norway Inger Marie Gaino Nilut[16][1] "Min duovdagat"
2018   Norway Inger Karoline Gaup[1] "Oahppan lean"
2019   Sweden Saara Hermansson[1][24][25] "Mov laavlome"
2020 No winners. Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic[18]
2021   Norway/   Finland Lávre & Hilda[19][18] "Jođi"
2022   Finland Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso[26] "Dovdameahttumii"

The Áillohaš Music AwardEdit

The Áillohaš Music Award is an annual Sámi music award created to commerorate Nils-Aslak Áillohaš Valkeapää's 50th birthday in 1993.[27] The winner of the award is announced on Holy Saturday during the Sámi Easter Festival. It is conferred by the municipality of Kautokeino, and the Kautokeino Sámi Association.[27] The winner receives a monetary prize of 20,000 Norwegian crowns, a diploma, a piece of art, and a two-week stay at Lásságámmi.[27][28][25]


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