Ryggedal Tunnel

The Ryggedal Tunnel (Norwegian: Ryggedalstunnelen, also known as the Bø Tunnel, Norwegian: Bøtunnelen) is a road tunnel that is part of Norwegian County Road 820 in the municipalities of and Øksnes in Nordland county, Norway. The tunnel is 1,612 meters (5,289 ft) long.

Ryggedal Tunnel
Ryggedalstunnelen - North west entrance P3.jpg
Northwest entrance of the Ryggedal Tunnel
LocationNordland, Norway
Coordinates68°44′40.2″N 14°50′57.2″E / 68.744500°N 14.849222°E / 68.744500; 14.849222Coordinates: 68°44′40.2″N 14°50′57.2″E / 68.744500°N 14.849222°E / 68.744500; 14.849222
Route Fv820
OperatorStatens vegvesen
Length1,612 meters (5,289 ft)
No. of lanes2
Tunnel clearance4.1 meters (13 ft)
Inside the tunnel, looking northwest
Southeast entrance to the tunnel
Ryggedal Tunnel

Work on the tunnel was begun in 1977 under the leadership of the engineer Edward Pegg, and the tunnel was opened on October 17, 1980. Built at a cost of 35.5 million kr, this was the most expensive tunnel project in Norway until that time and also the most difficult. One-sixth of the tunnel has molded concrete vaulting.[1]

The tunnel and its road gave the municipality of Bø a ferry-free road connection with the outside world, and it replaced the ferry crossings between Kråkberget in the municipality of Bø and Sandset in the municipality of Øksnes.

Like many other tunnels in Norway, the Ryggedal Tunnel has condensation problems. Condensation can lead to dangerous situations because the pavement suddenly becomes damp when entering the tunnel.[2][3] The tunnel's infrastructure was upgraded in 2015.[4]


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