Norwegian County Road 820

County Road 820 (Norwegian: Fylkesvei 820) is a 73.1-kilometer (45.4 mi) road in the municipalities of , Øksnes, and Sortland in Nordland County, Norway. It starts in the village of Straumsnes in the municipality of Bø, where it continues south from County Road 901, circles around the west end of the island of Langøya through the Straume Nature Reserve to the village of Straume, and continues east to the Ryggedal Tunnel. It then passes through the municipality of Øksnes along the west shore of Ånnfjord and south shore of Skjellfjord before entering the municipality of Sortland. There it passes along the inner shore of Eidsfjord through Frøskeland, crosses Vikeid (the Vik Isthmus), where County Road 956 branches off to Vik, and then runs past the southwest shore of the Vikosen Nature Reserve and along the west side of Sortlandssundet strait, where it terminates at the town of Sortland.[1]

County Road 820 shield
County Road 820
IMG 1124a - Ryggedalstunnelens veståpning.jpg
County Road 820 exiting the Ryggedal Tunnel
Route information
Length73.1 km (45.4 mi)
Major junctions
South end Fv901 at Straumsnes,
Major intersections Fv901 at Straume
Fv903 at Straume
Fv911 at Skålbrekka
Fv915 at Rise
Fv913 at Rottåsen
Fv918 at Ramnåsen
Fv919 at Strømneset
Fv950 at Skjelsfjord
Fv955 at Selnesvann
Fv821 at Frøskeland
Fv885 at Frøskeland
Fv956 at Vik
North endSortland Bridge, Sortland
Highway system
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Prior to January 1, 2010, the route was a national road. After the national road network regional reform came into force, the route was reassigned the status of a county road.[2]


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