List of All My Children characters

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This is a list of characters appearing (or who have appeared) on the ABC Daytime and TOLN soap opera All My Children.


Carter AndersEdit

  • Jason Pendergraft (2013)

Pine Valley Hospital doctor with an unknown past.

Bill AndersonEdit

Dr. Russ AndersonEdit

Gillian Andrassy (deceased)Edit

Hungarian princess, married to Jake Martin and Ryan Lavery. Initially, a spoiled and arrogant young lady who clashed with both Kelsey Martin and Hayley Vaughn-Santos, Gillian eventually matured into a much kinder and compassionate woman, due to her marriage to Jake Martin. She was murdered in a botched attempt on the life of Anna Devane in 2001 (resulting in the donation of her heart to Laura Kirk-English). Appeared as a ghost to Ryan in 2011 to assure him that she was not David's last Project Orpheus patient.

Maida AndrewsEdit

Steve AndrewsEdit

Travis Montgomery's kidnapper.

Chase ArchibaldEdit


Laurel Banning (deceased)Edit

Reformed con artist who was married to Denny Benton, Jackson Montgomery and Trevor Dillon. Mother of Lily, who was adopted by Jackson. Had a gay brother, Michael Delaney. Died after she was shot on the set of a talk show.

Tony BarclayEdit

Model who worked in NY for Olga Swenson. Engaged to Jenny Gardner before her reconciliation and marriage to Greg. Accidentally killed Jenny with a bomb intended for Greg.

Lucas BarnesEdit

Dr. Angie BaxterEdit

  • Debbi Morgan (1982–1990, 2008–2011, 2013)
  • Saundra Quarterman (1990–1991)

Daughter of Pat and Les Baxter. Married to Jesse Hubbard. Doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. Mother of Frankie Hubbard.

Les Baxter (deceased)Edit

Lawyer and crime lord known as "Mr. Big" and father of Angie Hubbard. Openly hostile to Angie's relationship with Jesse Hubbard, since he thought Jesse was not good enough for his daughter. Formerly married to Pat Baxter, he died after being shot by Jesse.

Pat BaxterEdit

Social worker, mother of Angie Hubbard and formerly married to Les Baxter. Left Pine Valley shortly after Angie and Frankie left for California.

Donna Beck TylerEdit

Former prostitute and adoptive mother of Emily Ann Sago Martin. Her relationship with Chuck Tyler antagonizes Chuck's grandmother, Phoebe Tyler. Married to Chuck Tyler, Palmer Cortlandt, Benny Sago and Chuck Tyler (again). Sister of Mitch Beck. She was romantically involved with Tom Cudahy and Ross Chandler.


  • Emerson Brooks (2011)

Erica Kane's kidnapper who worked with Jane, a woman determined to take over Erica's life. Susan Lucci played Jane and Erica.

Vanessa Bennett (deceased)Edit

Mother of David Hayward, Trey Kenyon, and Leo du Pres, she comes to town to reconcile with her estranged son David and interfere in his romance with Erica Kane (whom she hates for being raped and impregnated by her former lover, Richard Fields). Marrying Palmer Cortlandt after a brief courtship, but her infidelity impacts the marriage. Revealed as the drug lord Proteus, she seems to have multiple personalities. Dies after a struggle with Leo, falling to her death at Millers Falls when she holds Greenlee Smythe hostage.

Ava BentonEdit

Paternal half-sister of Lily Montgomery, she was engaged to Jonathan Lavery and leaves Pine Valley to move to California in pursuit of her dream of acting and modeling.

Denny Benton (deceased)Edit

Formerly married to Laurel Banning and father of Lily (who was adopted by Jackson) and Ava Benton. Killed in self-defense by his ex-wife Laurel with a decanter.

Madison BeardsleyEdit

Widow (and murderer) of Henry North, she allowed Randi to think that she killed him. After she conceived a child in a relationship with Ryan Lavery, Ryan left her for Greenlee. Madison then began a relationship with Scott Chandler after his release from prison. After a difficult pregnancy she gave birth 12 weeks early in May 2011 to Sarah Lavery, who died of pneumonia a few days later. Traumatized by the death, she has not recovered.

Carl Blair, Jr.Edit

Adopted son of Frank Grant and Nancy Grant Blair.

Carl Blair, Sr.Edit

  • Stephen Joyce (1991)

Husband of Nancy Grant Blair and adoptive father of Carl Blair, Jr.

Belle BodelleEdit

Erica Kane's rough-and-tumble prison roommate when Erica was convicted of killing Kent Bogard.

Brian BodineEdit

Former love interest of Hayley Vaughan, and adopted by Myrtle Fargate after his brother (and legal guardian) Trask Bodine left Pine Valley. Briefly married to An Li Chen and Dixie Cooney.

Trask BodineEdit

Brian Bodine's brother and legal guardian until he left Pine Valley.

Charlie BrentEdit

Philip Charles Brent Jr. (first named Charles Philip Tyler), firstborn grandson of Joe and Ruth, son of Tara and Phil and originally believed to be Chuck Tyler's son. Married to Cecily, with two children.

Phil Brent (deceased)Edit

Adopted son of Ruth and her late husband, Ted Brent. A Vietnam vet, he was Charlie's biological father. He had an affair with Tara Martin, later marrying her. Died in 1981 when his plane exploded, and was called Philip Brent, Sr. because of his son with Tara.

Grayson BrownEdit

Bo BuchananEdit

Crossover appearance from One Life to Live.

Duke BuchananEdit

Crossover appearance from One Life to Live.

Kevin BuchananEdit

Crossover appearance from One Life to Live.


Alexander Cambias, Sr.Edit

Father of Zach (born Alexander Jr.) and Michael and married to Amelia, he faked his death. After terrorizing Pine Valley as the Satin Slayer killer, he is in prison.

Amelia Cambias (Deceased)Edit

  • Claire Byrne (2007–11, in flashbacks)

Mother of Zach (born Alexander Jr.) and Michael and married to Alexander Sr., she had an affair with Raymond Jerkins and was pushed from a balcony to her death by her husband.

Ethan Cambias (Deceased)Edit

Raised by Stanley and Edith Ramsey and the biological son of Zach Slater and Hannah Nichols, he was engaged to Simone Torres. He died in the Mardi Gras Ball explosion caused by Janet Dillon.

Michael Cambias (Deceased)Edit

Killed by Bianca in self-defense, he fathered Miranda Montgomery in an act of rape and was the brother of Zach, uncle of Ethan and the son of Alexander Cambias, Sr. and Amelia.

Taylor Roxbury-CannonEdit

  • Ingrid Rogers (1992–95)
  • Kelli Taylor (1995–96)

Taylor came to Pine Valley with her step-father, Lucas Barnes (Richard Lawson). But this was unknown for a while, allowing Taylor to introduce herself to people as Ashley and coming off like a spoiled teen. She began a combative flirtation with Terrence Frye, Lucas' biological son, with Terrence being unaware of her connection to his father. Eventually, things get sorted out and Taylor and Terrence become part of the same circle of friends that included Hayley, Brian, and An Li. She and Terrence later become an official couple. After high school, Taylor became a police officer at odds with her wealthy Chicago background and debutante persona. Taylor was eventually followed to town by her mother (Vivienne Taylor Roxbury). Taylor became obsessed with Noah Keefer and framed him for the murder of Louie Greco. After her attempt to murder Julia Santos, she was arrested.

Jenny CareyEdit

  • Ashley and Thomas (2007)
  • Jacqueline and Rebecca Levine (2007–08)
  • Jessica and Rachael Slomovitz (2008–09)
  • Devon Woods (2010)
  • Darby Jo Hart (2010–11)

The daughter of Krystal Carey Chandler and Tad Martin, she was born April 11, 2007 at Chandler Mansion with the help of Krystal's step-daughter Colby Chandler. Named after Tad's late sister Jenny, she is the half-sister of Babe, Marissa, Jamie and Kathy and the goddaughter of Jamie Martin and Colby Chandler.

Paolo CaselliEdit

Cara CastilloEdit

A Doctors Without Borders physician, she came to town using the alias Carolyn Finn. Sister of Griffin Castillo, formerly married to Jake Martin and married to Tad Martin, as of September 2011 she was pregnant with David Hayward's baby. In 2013, it was revealed that she had a son named Oliver, but lied to David that she had aborted their child.

Griffin CastilloEdit

A cardiologist who came to town to expand the Miranda Center with Zach Slater, his mentor was David Hayward. He is Cara Castillo's brother.

Adam ChandlerEdit

A villainous multi-billionaire from Pigeon Hollow, he is the twin brother of Stuart Chandler and has been married 11 times; to Althea Patterson, Brooke English, Erica Kane, Liza Colby (three times) Dixie Cooney, Gloria Marsh, Natalie Marlowe (marriage invalidated) Krystal Carey, Arlene Vaughan and Annie Lavery. The father of Skye (Antoinette) Colby (with Liza) Hayley Vaughan Santos (with Arlene) Adam "J.R." Chandler, Jr. (with Dixie) and Anna Claire (with Gloria) he is engaged to Brooke English and lives at 300 River Road, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania 19101.[1]

Krystal Carey ChandlerEdit

Although her real name is Hazel, she renamed herself Krystal because she liked the character Krystle Carrington on Dynasty. She is Babe, Marissa and Jenny's mother; formerly married Adam Chandler, Tad Martin and David Hayward, she is currently single.

Adam "J.R." Chandler JrEdit

The son of Adam and Dixie, J.R. married Babe Carey three times (although one marriage was invalid). Also married to Babe's twin sister, Marissa Tasker, whom Krystal sold at birth. Father of Adam Chandler III, as of January 2011 his cancer was in remission. Murdered Marissa Tasker, he was shot by David Hayward and in a coma for five years.

Adam "AJ" Chandler IIIEdit

  • Aidan and Liam O'Donnell (2004–05)
  • Jarred Sturman and Shane Passaro (alternating) (2005–08)
  • Rory and Declan McTigue (2008–10)
  • Tate Berney (2010–11)
  • Eric Nelsen (2013)

The son of J.R. Chandler and Babe Carey, he is the nephew (and adopted son) of Marissa Tasker.

Annie ChandlerEdit

Divorced from Terry McDermott, Ryan Lavery, Adam Chandler, and Scott Chandler. She is the mother of Emma Lavery (with Ryan).

Babe Carey Chandler (Deceased)Edit

The daughter of David Hayward and Krystal Carey, she is Marissa Tasker's twin sister. Although her birth name is Arabella, she has not used it since her mother called her "Babe" because she was her little baby doll. Her marriage to Paul Cramer was annulled, and she was married several times to J.R. Chandler. The mother of Adam Chandler III, she died of injuries sustained in a tornado in October 2008 and appeared to J.R. as a ghost on Sept 21, 2011.

Charlotte "Lottie" Chandler (Deceased)Edit

The sister of Adam and Stuart Chandler and mother of Ross Chandler, soon after his birth she committed suicide with a gun.

Colby ChandlerEdit

  • Carson Weaver and Jordan Petruziello (1999)
  • Carson Grace Levine (2000)
  • Brianne and Morgan Mullen (2000)
  • Kathryn Newton (2002–05)
  • Abby Wathen (2006)
  • Ambyr Childers (2006–08)
  • Brianne Moncrief (2008–09)
  • Natalie Hall (2009–11)
  • Brooke Newton (2013)

Daughter of Adam Chandler and Liza Colby.

Julie ChandlerEdit

Biological daughter of Mark Dalton and Elizabeth Carlyle and niece of Erica Kane. Adopted by Ross and Ellen Tucker Chandler, although she was romantically involved with Charlie Brent she ended up marrying reformed mobster Nico Kelly, but the marriage didn't last and Julie left town.

Ross ChandlerEdit

Nephew of Adam and Stuart and son of Charlotte "Lottie" Chandler and Palmer Cortlandt, he was the ex-husband of Cynthia Preston and Ellen Dalton. After his release from prison for raping Natalie Hunter, he left town.

Scott ChandlerEdit

Adopted son of Stuart Chandler and biological son of Cindy Parker, he was the ex-husband of Annie Novak.

Skye ChandlerEdit

  • Antoinette Byron (1986–87)
  • Robin Christopher (1987–91, 1999–2012)
  • Carrie Genzel (1996–97)

Raised as the adopted daughter of Adam Chandler and his first wife, Althea Patterson, her adoption was discovered to be illegal. She was divorced from Tom Cudahy.

Stuart ChandlerEdit

  • David Canary (1984–2010, 2011)

Twin brother of Adam, a local artist married to Marian Colby, he was previously married to Joanna Yeager and Cindy Parker and is the adoptive father of Scott (Cindy's son). Supposedly shot to death on May 18, 2009, he was revealed to be alive on Sept 21, 2011.

An Li ChenEdit

Former wife of Brian Bodine.

Alma ChinEdit

Henry ChinEdit

Maggie's former boyfriend, whose family operated an Asian restaurant and wanted him to become a doctor. After leaving his pre-med studies, he lives in Myrtle's boarding house and begins a career as a musician. Unable to rekindle his relationship with Maggie, he joins a band. When he leaves Pine Valley to go on tour, they part amicably.

Jeff CohenEdit


Liza ColbyEdit

Daughter of Marian and Larry Colby. She was spiteful and vindictive towards Jenny Gardner and Jesse Hubbard. She had a romantic liaison with Tad Martin until he slept with her mother, and fell in love with Cliff Warner before leaving town. Returned to town a television producer, she married Adam Chandler three times, having a daughter, Colby.

Marian Colby ChandlerEdit

Liza's mother, who had an affair with Tad Martin while he was dating Liza and she was married to Larry Colby. She was released from prison for the 1985 murder of Zach Grayson in less than a year, continuing her career as a real-estate broker and helping set Tad up in business. Scheming against Liza and Adam, Marion slept with Stuart (who she thought was Adam) and fell in love with him and they married. After Stuart's murder in 2009, she had a breakdown and entered the Oak Haven mental-health facility.

Henry CollinsEdit

  • Bruce Kirkpatrick (2000)

Father of Ricky and a 15-year police officer.

Ricky CollinsEdit

  • Tim Duffe (2000)

Henry's son, a troubled teen runaway.

Matt ConnollyEdit

Briefly married to Nina Warner. Old friend of Jeremy Hunter.

Ceara Connor (Deceased)Edit

A con artist and incest victim, married to Jeremy Hunter until her death and niece of Myrtle Fargate, she died after being shot.

Andy ConwayEdit

Caleb CooneyEdit

Pete Cooney's (Palmer Cortlandt) nephew, he was attracted to Erica and helped her after her plane crashed.

Dixie Cooney MartinEdit

  • Kari Gibson (1988)
  • Cady McClain (1988–1996, 1998–2002, 2005–2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013)

Palmer's niece, married to Adam Chandler, Tad Martin, Craig Lawson and Brian Bodine, Dixie and Tad later remarried. She is the mother of J.R. (with Adam) and Kathy (with Tad). After supposedly dying on January 30, 2007 after eating tainted pancakes, she returned several times as an angel and was revealed to be alive on May 17, 2011.

Daisy CortlandtEdit

Twice divorced from Palmer and presumed dead for many years, she is the mother of Nina Cortlandt Warner and daughter of Myra Murdock Sloan. Returned to town using the alias Monique Jonvil to befriend her daughter before the truth came out.

Lanie Cortlandt RampalEdit

Born Della Cooney, her full name was Melanie Cortlandt. Sister of Dixie Cooney and the late Will Cortlandt, she is the half-sister of the late Di and Del Henry. The niece of Palmer Cortlandt, she is married to David Rampal.

Nina CortlandtEdit

  • Taylor Miller (1979–84, 1986–88, 1989, 1995, 2010)
  • Heather Stanford (1984–85)
  • Barbara Kearns (1985–86)

Palmer's daughter with Daisy, whom he had told Nina was dead. Married to Cliff Warner, she is the adoptive mother of Bobby Warner and the biological mother of Michael Warner. Formerly married to Matthew Connolly, and once in love with Benjamin Sago.

Opal CortlandtEdit

Mother of Tad Martin, Jenny Gardner, Peter Cortlandt and Adrian Sword and ex-wife of Ray Gardner, Ralph Purdy and Palmer Cortland, she was briefly involved with Langley Wallingford.

Palmer Cortlandt (Deceased)Edit

Industrialist formerly married to Daisy, Donna Beck, Cynthia Preston, Natalie Hunter, Opal Gardner and Vanessa Bennett. The father of Ross, Nina and Peter and uncle to Dixie, Lanie and Will. Frequently meddled in his families lives until his death in 2010 of a heart attack.

Pete CortlandtEdit

Born to Palmer and Opal Cortlandt on Christmas Eve 1992, Peter was a difficult youth with an unrequited love for Colby Chandler. He conspired with Palmer's long-time enemy Adam Chandler to taint perfume. Peter returned to Pine Valley for a visit with Opal; although he is reluctant to stay, he changes his mind after an encounter with Celia Fitzgerald.

In February 2013, it was announced that Peter was recast with Robert Scott Wilson as part of Prospect Park's series reboot.[4][5] Wilson debuted on April 29, 2013,[6][7][8] and his performance has been critically praised.[9] Omar White-Nobles of TVSource Magazine called Pete and Celia's relationship a series high point: "Jordan Lane Price and Rob Wilson have good, natural chemistry. I could see them turning into something big."[10]

Will Cortlandt (Deceased)Edit

Dixie's brother, married to Hayley, was murdered by Janet Green with a crowbar.

Leslie CoulsonEdit

An attorney who had affairs with David and Tad, she is in a mental institution for treatment.

Amanda CousinsEdit

Best friend of Liza Colby, and briefly the girlfriend of Greg Nelson.

Sean CudahyEdit

  • Alan Dysert (1980–81)

Conspired with Palmer to break up Cliff and Nina, and murdered Sybil Thorne.

Tom CudahyEdit

Former professional football player and brother of Sean Cudahy, he owned the Goal Post and Panache. The father of Laura Cudahy and Jamal (adopted with Livia), he was married to Erica, Brooke, Skye, Barbara and Livia.

Rae CummingsEdit

  • Linda Dano (1999–2000)

Mother of Skye Chandler Quartermaine and daughter of Myrtle Fargate.


Ellen DaltonEdit

Arriving as Ellen Shepherd with her teenage daughter Devon, she married Mark Dalton (twice) and Ross Chandler and had a romance with Paul Martin. Nick Davis hired her to work at the Chateau.

Mark DaltonEdit

Erica's half-brother, he married Ellen Shepherd twice and is the father of Julie (Rand) Chandler.

Bitsy DavidsonEdit

Friend of Phoebe Wallingford and mother of Cecily Davidson, she flirted with Sean Cudahy.

Cecily Davidson BrentEdit

Nico Kelly's ex-wife, she was married to Charlie Brent.

Nick DavisEdit

Father of Phil Brent and on-and-off lover of Erica, he was formerly married to Ann Tyler.

Alice DawsonEdit

Frank DawsonEdit

Michael DelaneyEdit

Laurel Banning Dillon's brother, a gay teacher at PVHS. Laura Kirk, Anita Santos, Scott Chandler and Bobby Warner were in his history class.

Aidan DevaneEdit

  • Aiden Turner (2002–09)
  • Tom Archdeacon (2004, temporary replacement)

Anna's nephew, who romances Kendall, Anita, Erin and Di. Formerly married to Greenlee, he is imprisoned after kidnapping Kendall and becoming a fugitive.

Alexandra DevaneEdit

Anna's twin sister, she was once married to Dimitri.

Anna DevaneEdit

Former police chief of Port Charles and Pine Valley, she is the mother of Robin Scorpio and the late Leora Hayward and the ex-wife of Robert Scorpio (twice), Duke Lavery and David Hayward.

Charlotte Devane (deceased)Edit

International crime lord and supposed mother of Alexandra Devane Marick (later proven the step-sister of Alex's real mother), she had influence from prison. However, a hit man sent to kill Anna Devane accidentally killed Gillian and Charlotte died in prison of a stroke.

Gabriel DevaneEdit

  • Eric Dearborn (2001)

Half-brother of Anna and Alex Devane, he was imprisoned in a cage by Charlotte Devane for several years and had a brief romance with Rosa Santos before leaving for Budapest to live with Alex and Dimitri.

Charlie DibbleEdit

  • Richard Robichaux (2004)

Amanda DillonEdit

  • Brett and Kevin Salvaggio (1992)
  • Julia and Leigh Pikus (1992–94)
  • Phoebe Cutter (1994–95)
  • Alexis Manta (1996–2000)
  • Chrishell Stause (2005–11)

Biological daughter of Trevor Dillon and Janet Green (later Dillon). Adopted by Natalie Dillon at birth while her mother was in prison. Married Jake Martin and mother of Trevor Martin.

Janet Marlowe Green DillonEdit

Natalie's mentally ill sister and wife of Trevor Dillon terrorizes Pine Valley as Janet Green, is the mother of Amanda Dillon and the grandmother of Trevor Martin. AKA "Janet from another planet" and Jane Cox in 1994-5. Murdered Will Cortlandt and Trevor Dillon.

Natalie Dillon (deceased)Edit

Former nurse and wife of Alex Hunter, Jeremy Hunter, Palmer Cortlandt and Adam Chandler, she was married to Trevor Dillon at her death. The mother of Tim Dillon and the adoptive mother of Amanda Dillon, she was romantically involved with Ross Chandler (who raped her) and died in an automobile accident.

Tim DillonEdit

  • Michael Shulman (1989–91)
  • Tommy J. Michaels (1990–99)
  • Dylan Fergus (2002)

Natalie's son with Alex Hunter, who was later adopted by Trevor.

Trevor Dillon (deceased)Edit

Former detective and husband of Natalie, Laurel and Janet, brother of Arlene Vaughan, uncle of Hayley Vaughan, adoptive father of Tim Dillon, father of Amanda Dillon and grandfather of Trevor Martin, he was murdered by his wife Janet with a crowbar and his body placed in a freezer in the psychotic hope of thawing him out. Amanda named her son after Trevor.

Raquel Dion SantosEdit

  • Carolyn Neff (1998–99)
  • Ara Celi (1999)

First wife of Mateo Santos, and mother of Max.

Eddie DorranceEdit

Allie DoyleEdit

Former lover of David Hayward and Jake Martin, after faking her medical credentials she left to attend medical school.

Leo du Pres (deceased)Edit

Half-brother of David Hayward, he was married to Laura and Greenlee and fell to his death with Vanessa from Miller's Falls. Although David Hayward taunted Greenlee that Leo was still alive, he only appeared to her as a vision.

Maureen DuvallEdit


Agnes EckhardtEdit

A longtime board member of Pine Valley Hospital, she persuaded Joe Martin to move from California to work at PVU. First appearing at Dr. Martin's 35th anniversary celebration, she later appeared at Phoebe Tyler Wallingford's funeral and was seen briefly at Myrtle Fargate's 2008 funeral. In 2011, she used her influence to get Cara Castillo a green card.

Corrine EdgarEdit

  • Jill Andres (1979)

Kelly's cellmate

Jane EkleyEdit

  • Virginia McKinsie (1980s)

Registered nurse.

Evan ElkhornEdit

  • Evan Ferrante (1996)

Rae EllaEdit

Corinne ElroyEdit

  • Victoria Gabrielle Platt (1996)

William EmersonEdit

Bruce EmeryEdit

Brooke EnglishEdit

  • Elissa Leeds (1976)
  • Harriet Hall (1981)
  • Julia Barr (1976–81, 1982–2006, 2010, 2011, 2013)

Phoebe's niece, who married Tom Cudahy, Adam Chandler, Tad Martin and Edmund Grey (invalid) and had romances with Benny Sago and Jim Thomasen, she was the mother of Jamie Martin and the late Laura Cudahy (killed by a drunk driver) and the adoptive mother of Laura (Kirk) English.

Edward EnglishEdit

  • James Hawthorne (1981)

Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford's older brother and Brooke English's father (who died of a heart attack), he was married to drug lord Peg "Cobra" English and had an affair with Jane Dobrin (Brooke's mother).

Peg "Cobra" English (deceased)Edit

Pine Valley's first drug lord (known as Cobra) and widow of Edward English, Peg was thought by Brooke for many years to be her mother. She died of a brain tumor in prison.


Myrtle Lum Fargate (deceased)Edit

A former carny who ran the town boutique and a boardinghouse. A mentor, friend, and shoulder to cry on for all of Pine Valley. She was the mother of Rae Cummings, grandmother of Skye Chandler, great-grandmother of Lila Rae Alcazar, surrogate mother of Kitty Shea and Kelly Cole, and the widow of Nigel Fargate. She died in her sleep of a heart attack in December 2008.

Nigel Fargate (deceased)Edit

Husband of Myrtle Lum Fargate.

Richard Fields (deceased)Edit

  • James A. Stephens (1993–94)

A movie actor who raped Erica on her 14th birthday (resulting in Kendall Hart) he was the father of Trey Kenyon (with Vanessa Hayward) and died of a heart attack in 1994.

Kit FisherEdit

  • Paige Rowland (1998–99)

Travis' and Jackson's long-lost sister, Christine Montgomery.

Celia FitzgeraldEdit

Student at Bramwell Hall who is dating Pete Cortlandt.

Maggie FlanaganEdit

Elderly friend of Marestella Latour.

Lydia FloresEdit

Cassandra FosterEdit

Adopted daughter of Angie Hubbard and Jacob Foster, adopted sister of Frankie Hubbard and stepsister of Natalia Hubbard, she arrived to meet her new stepfather Jesse Hubbard. She dated Dre Woods, and became the best friend of Colby Chandler.

Natalia FowlerEdit

Rebecca FowlerEdit

Psychiatrist who becomes engrossed in the life of her patient, Jesse Hubbard, with whom she begins a romance and gives birth to their daughter, Natalia. Diagnosed with a brain tumor, she refuses treatment and falls into a coma. When she regains consciousness she agrees to consider treatment, and Angie invites Natalia and Rebecca to stay with her.

Reverend Eliot FreemanEdit

The former Josh Waleski was the drunk driver who killed Laura Cudahy. He later had a romance with Laura's mother Brooke, saved Laura Kirk English and left to preach abroad.

Danielle FryeEdit

Derek and Mimi's daughter, who dated Reggie Montgomery.

Derek FryeEdit

Local detective and later police chief, he was divorced from Mimi Reed, dated Opal Courtlandt and Krystal Carey and is the brother of Livia Frye Cudahy.

Livia FryeEdit

An attorney, she is Derek's sister, married to Tom Cudahy, mother of Terrence, and adoptive mother of Jamal.

Terrence FryeEdit

Son of Livia Frye and Lucas Barnes, stepson of Tom Cudahy and adopted brother of Jamal Cudahy.


Jenny Gardner Nelson (deceased)Edit

Daughter of Opal and Ray Gardner. Sister of Tad Martin. Married to Greg Nelson. Best friends with Jesse Hubbard and Angie Baxter. Died in a jet-ski explosion in 1984 engineered by her ex-fiance, Tony Barclay who had meant to kill Greg. She returned as a ghost in 1994 to save her brother Tad Martin, who named his youngest daughter after her.

Ray Gardner (deceased)Edit

  • Gil Rogers (1977–79, 1982, 1994 [ghost], 2001 [ghost])

Opal's husband, the maniacal father of Jenny and Tad (who was abandoned and adopted by the Martins), died in a 1982 self-triggered explosion (an attempt to rescue Jenny).

Robert "Rob" GardnerEdit

Brother of the late Ray Gardner and uncle of Tad and Tad's late sister Jenny, he held Jesse Hubbard hostage for two decades and held Angie Hubbard at gunpoint during her second wedding to Jesse. He shot Tad and Julia Santos, killing Julia.

Lola GetzEdit

  • Allene Quincy (2003)

Roy GibsonEdit

Esther GlynnEdit

  • Ann McDonough (1997–2000)

Found Maria's baby after Erica's car went off the bridge, and fell in love with Stuart Chandler.

Morgan GordanEdit

Caroline GrantEdit

  • Pat Dixon (1978)

Ex-wife of Frank Grant.

Frank GrantEdit

  • John Danelle (1978–2005)

Ex-husband of Caroline Grant.

Nancy Grant Blair FisherEdit

  • Lisa Wilkinson (1972–84, 1995)
  • Avis McCarthur (1975)

Ex-wife of Frank Grant, mother of Carl Blair, Jr. and wife of Carl Blair.

Louie GrecoEdit

  • (John Millard 1994-1995)

Julia Santos' rapist. Jailed for selling drugs to Jamal Cudahy, with Julia as a witness. Upon his release, he terrorized and kidnapped Julia and provoked Noah. Died during a struggle with Noah after Julia was rescued.

Millicent GreenleeEdit

Mother of Mary Smythe, grandmother of Greenlee and the bossy town gossip.

Woodruff GreenleeEdit

Father of Mary Smythe, grandfather of Greenlee and owner (and CEO) of Greenlee Investments.

Alf GreshamEdit

Edmund Grey (deceased)Edit

Novelist who married Maria Santos, Dimitri Marick's half-brother, he was engaged several times to Brooke and the father of Sam and Maddie. He lived at Wildwind, 3900 Glenview Road, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania 19010.[1] Bludgeoned by Jonathan Lavery and left to die in a fire in the Wildwind barn.

Maddie GreyEdit

  • Jordan Vance (1997–98)
  • Andrea and Julia Cambra (1998–2001)
  • Paulina Gerzon (2001–04)
  • Aryanna Rodriguez (2004–05)

Madeline Flora Grey, the daughter of Maria Santos and Edmund Grey, was kidnapped as a baby by Erica.

Samuel "Sam" GreyEdit

  • Alison and Meghan Tuma (1997)
  • Michael Resh (1998)
  • Michael Deutchman (2001–02)
  • Shadoe Brandt (2002–04)
  • Bobby Steggert (2005)

Biological son of Bobby Warner and Kelsey Jefferson and grandson of Tara Martin Jefferson and Cliff Warner. Adopted by Edmund and Maria. Had a romance with Lily Montgomery.

Verla GrubbsEdit

Verla Grubbs appeared in Pine Valley in search of long-lost family friend Myrtle Fargate, and her father was longtime con artist Langley Wallingford (who wanted to hide the truth from his wife, Phoebe Tyler). Verla left town, and when she returned she crashed her car into the Boutique (owned by Myrtle). When she asked Langley for permission to marry, Phoebe saw their embrace and thought they were having an affair. When Phoebe learned the truth, Verla was welcomed into the family before she left with her fiancé Rex. Verla returned in January 2005 to visit Myrtle in the hospital, and saw Bianca Kane Montgomery and her new daughter Miranda. She made her final appearance in September 2011, seeing Erica Kane at the Pine Valley Airport and swapping stories about Myrtle.

Rachel GurneyEdit


Peter HaasEdit

  • Timothy Taylor (1987)

John HabarEdit

  • Hugh Karraker (1988)

Patricia HaleEdit

Stephen HamillEdit


Leila HannonEdit

Tina HardingEdit

  • Sara Hugh (1999–2001)

Former sign-language interpreter at Pine Valley Hospital who had a brief relationship with Adrian Sword.

Nurse HarrisEdit

AKA General Harris

Sydney HarrisEdit

  • Taylor Gildersleeve (2006)

Assistant housekeeper at Chandler Mansion, niece of Winifred and friend of Colby Chandler and Sean Montgomery.

Kendall HartEdit

Daughter of Erica Kane from her rape by Richard Fields. Surrendered for adoption at birth. She came to town to find Erica, had a short marriage to Anton Lang and left town with Del Henry. Returned to town and had romances with Ryan Lavery, Michael Cambias, Ethan Cambias, Aidan Devane and Griffin Castillo. She is the widow of Zach Slater. She is the mother of Spike (with Ryan) and Ian (with Zach). She is a heart transplant patient, who received, her late brother, Josh's heart. Also has a sister Bianca Montgomery.

Lenny HayesEdit

David HaywardEdit

Villainous doctor who romances Erica Kane, Dixie Cooney, and married to Anna Devane, Greenlee Smythe and Krystal Carey. Son of Vanessa Bennett, brother of Leo du Pres, father of Babe Carey and her twin Marissa Tasker (with Krystal), Leora Hayward (with Anna) and Oliver Castillo (with Cara). After collapsing and apparently dying in September 2010 when he was poisoned, he returned when his plan to fake his murder backfired.

Leora Hayward (deceased)Edit

  • Elizabeth and Hailey (last name unknown, 2003)

The daughter of David Hayward and Anna Devane and named for David's brother, Leo du Pres. She was the half-sister of Robin Scorpio of General Hospital and ((Peter August)) of (( general hospital))", Babe Carey, Oliver Castillo, and Marissa Tasker ((Peter August)). She died during surgery by Joe Martin for phlebitis.

Pam HendersonEdit

Erica's producer on New Beginnings.

Del HenryEdit

Kendall's ex-boyfriend, half-brother of Dixie Cooney and brother of Di Henry.

Di Henry (deceased)Edit

Half-sister of Dixie and sister of Del, she pretended to be Dixie returning from the dead. She was shot and killed by Annie Lavery in November 2008.

Diana HoldenEdit

Angie Baxter HubbardEdit

A former doctor, married to Jesse and lived in Pine Valley, Corinth and Soho, she is the mother of Frankie Hubbard, adoptive mother of Cassandra Foster and stepmother of Natalia Hubbard. Believed her husband to have been dead for many years before reuniting.

Frankie HubbardEdit

Jesse and Angie's son, the paternal half-brother of Natalia, adopted brother of Cassandra Foster, father of William (with Mia) and husband of Randi.

Jesse HubbardEdit

Pine Valley police chief who had a long romance with Angie, he was shot and apparently killed in 1988. After returns in 1994, 1995 2001, and 2002 as a ghost, he returned alive on January 22, 2008. He is the father of Frankie and Natalia Fowler and the stepfather of Cassandra Foster. Was best friends with Jenny Gardner until her death.

Lucy HubbardEdit

  • Addison, Isis, Jackson, and Royal B. (2011)
  • Phoenix Nicholson (2011)

Natalia HubbardEdit

The daughter of Jesse Hubbard and Rebecca Fowler, Natalia returned to Pine Valley to speak with her father but Rebecca did not initially know her daughter's identity.

Randi HubbardEdit

Former prostitute and wife of Frankie Hubbard.

Seabone HunkleEdit

Father of Dixie Cooney Martin, Will Cortlandt, Lanie Cortlandt Rampal, Del Henry and Di Henry.

Jeremy Hunter (deceased)Edit

The son of Alex Hunter, half-brother of Tim Dillon and twin brother of Gilbert Nodstrom, he was formerly married to Natalie Marlowe (who was also married to Alex), the widower of Ceara Connor and the father of David Rampal (with Marissa Rampal). He was suffocated with quick-drying cement by Corinth serial killer Gwyneth Alden.


Mel JacobiEdit

  • Chris Wallace (1978)

Steve JacobiEdit

Had an affair with his secretary, Nina Cortlandt, and was injured in a plane crash.

Jim JeffersonEdit

  • Paul Falzone (2005)

Father of Charlie Brent and Kelsey Jefferson, husband of Tara (Martin) Jefferson and grandfather of Sam Grey.

Kelsey JeffersonEdit

  • TC Warner (1995–98)

Daughter of Jim and Tara (Martin) Jefferson, sister of Charlie Brent and granddaughter of Joe Martin. Her marriage to Bobby Warner was annulled. She is the mother of Sam Grey.

Raymond Jenkins (deceased)Edit

Had an affair with Zach's mother and was JR's nurse. Alexander Cambias Sr. pushed him off a balcony to his death.

Zora JonesEdit

  • Catrina Ganey (2001–02)

A nurse at Pine Valley Hospital, she was hired by Brooke as a long-term caregiver for Laura English after her heart transplant.

Carol JohnsonEdit

  • Katherine Wise (1987)

Evelyn JohnsonEdit

Boarding-school teacher of Celia Fitzgerald.

Tanner Jordan (deceased)Edit

  • Vince Poletto (1996–97)

Friend of Mateo's, who drugged and raped Hayley and died from a gunshot wound.


Wayne KabakEdit

Ali KahnEdit

  • Roxanna Hope Radja (2009–10)


Eric Kane (deceased)Edit

  • Albert Stratton (1989–90)

Hollywood movie director and father of Erica and Silver Kane and Mark Dalton, he left Pine Valley when Erica was young. After faking his death in a car accident and working as a circus clown, he died of cancer in Las Vegas in 2004.

Erica KaneEdit

Model turned makeup executive who was married 10 times (although only seven were valid), including Jeff Martin, Phil Brent, Mike Roy, Tom Cudahy, Dimitri Marick (twice), Adam Chandler (twice), Travis Montgomery (twice) and Jackson Montgomery. She is the mother of Kendall Hart-Slater, Bianca Montgomery and the late Joshua Madden, grandmother of Miranda Montgomery, Gabrielle Montgomery, Ian Slater and Spike Lavery, mother-in-law of Zach Slater, half-sister of Mark Dalton and Silver Kane and aunt of Julie Chandler.

Goldie KaneEdit

Mother of Silver Kane, stepmother of Erica Kane and widow of Eric Kane, she tried to kill Erica to obtain Eric's fortune.

Mona Kane Tyler (deceased)Edit

Erica Kane's kind-hearted mother, she worked as a secretary and married Charles Tyler at Pine Valley Hospital. Under the influence of sodium thiopental, she admitted that she accidentally killing Jason Maxwell. A rival of Phoebe Tyler who had lung cancer, she refused a dying Richard Fields (her daughter's rapist) his cardiac medication. She died of a heart attack in 1994.

Silver Kane (deceased)Edit

Erica's half-sister came to town as Noelle Keaton, and her romance with Jeremy Hunter triggered an obsession. She was shot and killed in self-defense by Natalie Marlowe in 1988.

Dr. Christina KarrasEdit

Once engaged to David Thornton, she was Jeff Martin's third wife.

Belinda KeeferEdit

Noah's sister and a prominent attorney in Pine Valley. She is also a good friend of Janet Greene.

Grace KeeferEdit

A counselor at the Brooke English House homeless shelter, she was the widow of Ben Keefer, mother of the late Tony Keefer, sister of Warren Keefer and aunt of the late Noah Keefer, Belinda and Ella Keefer. She kidnapped Danielle Frye after suffering a nervous breakdown when Tony was killed by Mimi Reed-Frye when he and a friend attempted to rob Holidays. She eventually made a full recovery and became Dimitri Marick's personal assistant.

Noah Keefer (deceased)Edit

Married to Julia Santos and nephew of Grace, he was ordered shot to death in 2005 by Garret Williams.

Creed KellyEdit

Nico KellyEdit

Formerly married to Cecily Davidson Brent, Julie Chandler was attracted to him.

Heather KentEdit

  • Stevie Steel (2013)

Boarding-school friend of Celia Fitzgerald.

Trey KenyonEdit

Son of Vanessa Bennett and Richard Fields and half-brother of David Hayward, Leo du Pres and Kendall Hart.

Harris KernEdit

  • Richmond Hoxie (1983)

Red KilgreenEdit

Dr. Jonathan KinderEdit

Husband of Skye Chandler (later Quartermaine) when she was known as Toni, he held Skye captive and kidnapped Bianca. Erica, Skye and Janet eventually joined forces and successfully sent him to prison.

Brandon KingsleyEdit

Modeling agency magnate and lover of Erica Kane, he was married to Sarah and the father of Pamela.

Sarah KingsleyEdit

Betsy KinnecottEdit

  • Carla Dragoni (1980–2005)

Laura Kirk EnglishEdit

A runaway from New York City, she was adopted by Brooke English, dated Scott Chandler and was married to Leo du Pres.

Officer Rick KleinEdit

  • Edgar Ribon (2009)

Police officer.

Vlad Koslov (deceased)Edit

  • Alfredo Diaz (2013)

A sex trafficker, the partner and brother of Yuri Koslov, he was murdered by Yuri.

Uri KoslovEdit

  • Martin Harvey (2013)

Sex trafficker who kidnaps Cassandra Foster, brother and partner of Vlad Koslov.

Lena KunderaEdit

Bianca's second lover (her first was Sarah, whom she met at an eating-disorders clinic), who returned to Poland.

Paulina KunderaEdit


Talia LamarrEdit

  • Taro Meyer (1985)

Hannah LampertEdit


Anton LangEdit

Long-lost son of Dimitri Marick whose mother, Corvina Lang (a Marick maid), seduced a drunken Dimitri. Briefly married to Kendall Hart and dated Julia Santos. Studied to become a doctor.

Corvina LangEdit

Mother of Anton. Returned to Hungary.

Boyd LarrabyEdit

Chemist who fell in love with Kendall, and helped cover up the Michael Cambias murder.

Marestella "Estelle" LaTourEdit

  • Kathleen Dezina (1977–82)

Friend of Maggie Flanagan. Best friend of Donna Beck. Former prostitute in love with Benny Sago but still tied up in involvements with pimp Billy Clyde Tuggle. Married Billy Clyde, who fathered her baby. However, married Benny before her daughter, Emily Ann Sago, was born. Died in the hospital due to complications from a terrible automobile accident.

Braden Lavery (deceased)Edit

The brother of Ryan, Jonathan and Erin Lavery, he was severely abused as a child. He raped Kit Fisher, and was shot to death by Jonathan.

Emma LaveryEdit

  • Lucy Merriam (2006–10)
  • Emily Alyn Lind (2010)
  • Danielle Parker (2010–11)

The daughter of Ryan and Annie Lavery and half-sister of Spike Lavery. She was kidnapped by her mother after the tornadoes struck Pine Valley.

Erin Lavery (deceased)Edit

  • Connie Fletcher (2005–06)

The sister of Braden, Jonathan and Ryan Lavery, she was the only family member not abused by their father. She was murdered by the Satin Slayer, who poisoned her wine.

Jonathan LaveryEdit

Ryan's youngest brother, who experienced the worst abuse from their father Patrick. A brain tumor made him beat his girlfriend Lorraine Rossiter, abuse his fiancée Maggie Stone, murder Braden, Edmund Grey and bodyguard Steve, kidnap Kendall, Greenlee and Lily and blow up the cave in which they were captive. Presumed dead until Ryan found him living with Erin in Nova Scotia, his marriage to Lily Montgomery was annulled.

Ryan LaveryEdit

Con man turned ad salesman turned executive, he was married to the late Gillian (who died from a gunshot wound to the head) and engaged to Kendall before leaving town after he found her with Aidan Devane. Returning, he was married to Greenlee and Annie and the father of Emma (with Annie) and Spike (with Kendall).

Annie LaveryEdit

Mother of Emma and ex-wife of Terry McDermott, Ryan Lavery, Adam Chandler and Scott Chandler, she killed her brother and kidnapped her daughter to keep her away from Greenlee Smythe. She had an affair with Adam's son, JR Chandler, while she was married to Adam and Scott and was sent to Oak Haven after trying to kill JR's ex-wife Marissa and kidnapping Emma again.

Spike LaveryEdit

  • Ava and Julia Farrar (2006–07)
  • Alexander, Benjamin and Caleb Eckstein (2007–09)
  • Christian Eckstein (2008)[11][12]
  • Jake Vaughn (2010–11)

The son of Ryan Lavery and Kendall Hart Slater, stepson of Zach Slater, younger brother of Emma Lavery and older brother of Ian Slater, he was born in May 2006.

Damon LazarreEdit



Laurie LewisEdit

J.R.'s former girlfriend.

Mei LingEdit

  • Liz Burnette (1989)

Eileen LittlejohnEdit

Sarah LivingstonEdit

Lloyd (the Pit)Edit

  • Sean B. Sullivan (1999–2001)

Fixture at the Pit bar in Pine Valley.

Harold LoomisEdit

  • Thomas Sminkey (1983)

Marje LuperEdit

Mother of Zoe Luper, a rock star formerly known as Zarf.

Zoe LuperEdit

A transgender lesbian rock star formerly known as Zarf, she was suspected of being the Satin Slayer but was cleared of the charge. Born Frederick "Freddie" Luper, she returned to London in April 2007 to continue her transition and begin work on a new album.

Trish LymanEdit

Dr. Kara LyndenEdit

  • Elena Goodman (2005)


Greg Madden (deceased)Edit

A doctor who claimed to have implanted Erica's fetus into his wife (who then gave birth to Josh), raising Josh as his and Emily's son. He allowed Dixie to think she was dying so she would surrender her and Tad's daughter Kate for adoption. He was buried alive in a park during an earthquake by Tad Martin, who confessed to Dixie Martin.

Josh Madden (deceased)Edit

The supervising producer of Erica's show, who was determined to ruin her career. Introduced as the son of Greg and Emily Madden, he was revealed to be the long-lost son of Jeff Martin and Erica Kane (the result of Erica's abortion). Dying from a gunshot wound, his heart was transplanted into his sister Kendall.

Dimitri MarickEdit

  • Michael Nader (1991–99, 2000–01, 2013)
  • Anthony Addabbo (1999–2000)

A Hungarian count who was married to Angelique, Erica Kane, Gloria Marsh and Alexandra Devane, he is the half-brother of Edmund Grey, cousin of Gillian Andrassy and father of Anton Lang. He returned to Pine Valley from Budapest in 2013.

Wilma MarloweEdit

  • Jo Henderson (1985–88)
  • Ruby Holbrook (1986–87)
  • Dena Dietrich (1994)

A busybody who moves from Canada to be near her daughter Natalie Marlowe, she is also the mother of Janet Green (whom she abused, favoring Natalie).

Lea MarquezEdit

FBI agent who comes to Pine Valley to investigate Zach Slater.

Gloria MarshEdit

  • Teresa Blake (1991–98)

A nurse and former con artist, she was romantically involved with Craig Lawson when he was married to Dixie and made a sex tape to blackmail him. After she was raped by Will Cortlandt, she became involved with Stuart Chandler, but married Adam Chandler. She attempted suicide with a drug overdose but was saved by Erica Kane, when her traumatic childhood with a radical Christian mother was disclosed. After Adam caused the premature birth and subsequent death of their infant daughter Anna Claire, she began poisoning him with arsenic. After a fling with Tad and a brief marriage to Dimitri, she left town.

Burt MarstonEdit

Bobby MartinEdit

  • Mike Bersell (1970)

Joe and Helen's son, who disappeared after going to an attic to wax his skis. Years later, Opal was locked in the attic and found a skeleton wearing a ski cap with the name "Bobby" on it. On Oct. 31, 1997, Myrtle Fargate used his skeleton as a party decoration.

Dr. Jake MartinEdit

Joseph Martin II is the son of Dr. Joseph Martin and Ruth Martin, the half-brother of Bobby, Jeff, Tara Martin and brother of the adopted Thaddeus ("Tad") Gardner Martin. Formerly married to Emily Ann Sago and Gillian Andrassy, he had a romance with Greenlee Smythe, moved to Africa and married Cara Castillo (who left him). Returning to Pine Valley, he is married to Amanda Dillon and the father of Trevor Martin.

Jamie MartinEdit

The son of Tad and Brooke, he romanced sister-in-law Babe Carey Chandler and Julia Santos Keefer.

Dr. Jeff MartinEdit

Joe and Helen's son, and the brother of Tara Martin and Tad Martin. Married to Erica Kane (later annulled), Mary Kinnecott and Christina Karras, he was Tad's doctor when he was pushed from a car by Ray Gardner as a child. Tad later lived with Jeff and Mary, who considered adopting him, and was tried for the murder of Jason Maxwell. He is the father of Josh Madden, Erica's long-lost son who was an unsuccessful abortion.

Dr. Joe MartinEdit

Local doctor and head of the Martin family.

Kate Martin (deceased)Edit

Beloved matriarch and mother of Joe and Paul Martin, she died in her sleep in October 1985 of a heart attack.

Kathy MartinEdit

  • Alexa Gerasimovich (2006–10)
  • Dannika Liddell (2010–11)

Adopted by Julia Santos; Adam Chandler is the only one who knows that she is the daughter of Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney. After Julia's death, she was raised by Maria Santos before she was returned to Tad.

Margo Flax MartinEdit

  • Eileen Letchworth (1972–76)

An aging former model and roommate of Erica, she had a facelift in 1974 to keep Paul Martin interested in her. The mother of Claudette Montgomery and ex-wife of Harry, she convinced Jason Maxwell that he was Claudette's father to obtain child support for her private education and lavish wedding to Spencer Montgomery.

Paul MartinEdit

The son of Kate and Henry Martin and brother of Joe, he was believed dead when he was a Korean prisoner of war. Married to Margo Flax and Anne Tyler, he is the father of Beth Martin.

Ruth MartinEdit

A nurse, the widow of Ted Brent, second wife of Joe Martin, adoptive mother of Phil Brent and Tad Martin, mother of Jake Martin (Joseph Martin, Jr.) and sister of Amy Tyler, she was raped by Ray Gardner.

Tad MartinEdit

Opal's son with Ray Gardner, he was adopted by Joe and Ruth Martin. Brother of the late Jenny (Gardner) Nelson, Adrian Sword and Peter Cortlandt and adopted brother of Tara, Jeff, Bobby and Jake Martin, he was married to Dottie Thornton, Hillary Wilson, Dixie Cooney, Brooke English, Krystal Carey and Cara Castillo and the father of Jamie (with Brooke), Damon (with Hillary), Kathy (with Dixie) and Jenny (with Krystal) and the stepfather of J.R. Chandler. His Pennsylvania license plate was GYV 903.[1]

Tara Martin JeffersonEdit

Joe's daughter with his first wife, Helen, she was married to Chuck Tyler, Philip Brent and Jim Jefferson, the mother of Charlie Brent and Kelsey Jefferson and a friend of Tom Cudahy.

Trevor MartinEdit

  • Aidan and Connor Sharpe (2009–10)
  • Logan and Noah Ireland (2010)
  • Dylan and Jordan Duszynski (2010–11)
  • Brody and Michael McMaklin (2011)

The son of Jake Martin and Amanda Dillon was born onscreen on June 12, 2009. Originally believed to be David Hayward's son, he was named after maternal grandfather Trevor Dillon.

Terry 'T' McDermottEdit

Bonnie McFaddenEdit

  • Francesca and Daniela Serra (1981)

The daughter of Devon Shepherd McFadden and husband Wally McFadden and granddaughter of Ellen Shepherd Dalton, she became a child actress and left Pine Valley for Hollywood. She was the first to discover the presence of Stuart Chandler, her secret friend Willy.

Devon Shepherd McFaddenEdit

The daughter of Ellen Shepherd, wife of Wally McFadden and mother of Bonnie, she had an affair with Sean Cudahy. She studied drama at Pine Valley University, considered a lesbian affair with Lynn Carson and dated Chuck Tyler.

Wally McFaddenEdit

  • Jack Magee (1978–80)
  • Nigel Reed (1980)
  • Patrick Skelton (1980–84)

The husband of Devon and father of Bonnie, he had a romance with Betsy Kinnecott.

Alec McIntyreEdit

Biological father of Jamal Cudahy. Hired by Adam Chandler, he relentlessly pursued his wife, Gloria. Romanced and married Adam's daughter Haley Vaughn to cover his embezzlement from Enchantment. Slept with her mother, Arlene, because she blackmailed him. Exposed and jailed for his crimes.

Jane McIntyreEdit

  • Heather Roop (2013)

Owner of Jane's Addiction.

Maya MercadoEdit

  • Mariah Buzolin (2011)

The Chandler family maid and friend of Colby Chandler and Asher Pike, she delivered a baby and placed it in the back of Brot's squad car; her daughter was switched with the stillborn daughter of Jessie and Angie.

Kathy MershonEdit

Kathleen "Kathy" Martin (formerly Mershon) is the daughter of Dixie Cooney and her husband Tad Martin. She was adopted by Jim and Linda Mershon because of the fact that her biological mother's doctor kidnapped her and gave to her adoptive parents.

Charles MichaelsonEdit

Andrew MillerEdit

Carol MillerEdit

  • Elaina Erika Davis (2002)

Damon MillerEdit

He came to town in search of his girlfriend, Bailey Wells, he is later revealed as the son of Tad Martin and ex-wife Hillary Wilson. The half-brother of Jamie, Kathy, and Jenny Martin, he committed a string of burglaries when he first came to town. He dated Colby Chandler before sleeping with her mother, Liza, and left town for an internship and to give Colby time to adjust to his mistake.

Paul MillerEdit

Husband of Hillary Wilson and stepfather of Damon Miller, he was neglectful and cruel to Damon when he was growing up because Damon was not his son.

Brot MonroeEdit

A member of the Pine Valley Police Department, he served in the U.S. Army during the Iraq War with Taylor Thompson and Frankie Hubbard and was injured in combat, receiving severe burns to over 40 percent of his body. The former boyfriend of Taylor Thompson, he was engaged to Natalia Hubbard.

Barbara MontgomeryEdit

Influential in business, she was the ex-wife of Tom Cudahy, widow of Travis Montgomery (married twice) and mother of Molly and Sean.

Bianca MontgomeryEdit

  • Jessica Leigh Falborn (1988–90)
  • Caroline Wilde (1990–91)
  • Lacey Chabert (1992–93)
  • Gina Gallagher (1993–97)
  • Nathalie Paulding (1997–98)
  • Eden Riegel (2000–10, 2013)
  • Christina Bennet Lind (2010–11)

The daughter of Erica Kane and Travis Montgomery, half-sister of Kendall Hart, the late Josh Madden and Molly and Sean Montgomery and niece of Jackson Montgomery, she has had Reye's Syndrome and anorexia nervosa and been raped by Michael Cambias (which produced Miranda Mona Montgomery). Admitting that she was a lesbian in 2000, she lived in Paris with Miranda and partner Maggie Stone. After moving back to Pine Valley in the fall of 2006, she returned to Paris in April 2007 with Miranda. In 2008 she had a second daughter (fathered by Zack Slater) with her partner, Reese Williams. After they married and divorced, she was in a relationship with Marissa Tasker.

Claudette Montgomery (deceased)Edit

  • Paulette Breen (1975)
  • Susan Plantt-Winston (1977–80)

The sexy, spoiled daughter of Margo Flax Martin and Harry Flax, her first husband was Spenser Montgomery. After her imprisonment for cocaine possession, she returned to Pine Valley in 1977 and was Erica's rival for Nick Davis. Erica planted drugs in her purse, Nick retrieved them and replaced them in Erica's purse, and Erica was arrested. Claudette died in a 1980 car accident after she killed Eddie Dorrance because he stole her stock in Unirest.

Gabrielle MontgomeryEdit

  • Alivia, Anthony, Brynne and Olivia (2008–09)
  • Aerowyne Jones (2010)
  • Ellah Miller (2010–11)

The daughter of Bianca Montgomery and her partner, Reese Williams, she is the maternal half-sister and paternal cousin of Miranda Montgomery and the paternal half-sister and maternal cousin of Spike Lavery and Ian Slater. Born in October 2008, her father is Zach Slater.

Jackson MontgomeryEdit

A former district attorney and a lawyer in Pine Valley, he is the brother of Travis Montgomery. Long-time love and former husband of Erica Kane (married in 2005). He was married to Laurel Banning (adopted her daughter Lily), is the father of Greenlee Smythe (the result of a summer romance with Mary Greenlee) and adopted Reggie Porter as a teenager. His address was 400 Lake Drive Apartment 3G, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania 19010.[1]

Lily MontgomeryEdit

Jackson's adopted, autistic daughter from his marriage to Laurel Banning. Adoptive brother Reggie. Her marriage to Jonathan Lavery was annulled. She left Pine Valley in 2009 to attend college.

Miranda MontgomeryEdit

Although the daughter of Bianca Montgomery and Michael Cambias was conceived by rape, because she is a Cambias she has a share of Cambias Industries. The granddaughter of Erica Kane, she is aged to a high-school student in the series' online reboot.

Reggie MontgomeryEdit

Jackson's adopted son, who was sent to basketball camp. He was protective of Bianca Montgomery, his adoptive cousin.

Sean MontgomeryEdit

The son of Travis and Barbara Montgomery, brother of Molly Montgomery, half-brother of Bianca Montgomery, uncle of Miranda Montgomery and nephew of Jackson.

Travis Montgomery (deceased)Edit

A politician, he is Jackson's brother, Erica's ex-husband and the father of Bianca, Molly and Sean. Although he died of a stroke in Seattle in 2000, he returned the following year as an angel who helped the late Gillian Andrassy into heaven and guided Bianca and Erica through troubled times.

Peggy MoodyEdit

A maid at Wildwind, Peggy offered freshly baked pastry and common sense.

Hunter MorrisonEdit

  • Daniel Covin (2013)

A high-school student and the crush of Miranda Montgomery.

Mitch MorrisonEdit

  • Bob Gaynor (2013)



The cousin of Winifred, the Chandler maid.

Enid NelsonEdit

Mother of Greg and a Pine Valley socialite, in 1996 she was responsible for the firing of the gay Michael Delaney and had a part in the accidental death of Laurel Banning.

Greg NelsonEdit

Enid Nelson's son was Liza Colby's boyfriend and the widower of Jenny. Leaving Pine Valley for Washington in 1986, he came back after Jesse's return from the dead.

Hannah Nichols (deceased)Edit

The mother of Ethan Cambias and former Cambias maid, who was impregnated by Alex Jr. (now known as Zach), died over Millers Falls in January 2008.

Sophia NorrisEdit

  • Jamie Lyn Green (2011)

Henry North (deceased)Edit

  • Kieran Campion (2009)

Pine Valley's district attorney, husband of Madison North and ex-lover of Randi Hubbard was killed by Madison with a bookend. Jesse Hubbard helped his daughter-in-law, Randi, cover up the crime she thought she committed.

Richie Novak (deceased)Edit

Ex-convict son of Walter Novak and brother of Annie Lavery, he was killed by Annie with a crowbar on a dark night in the middle of a road.

Walter NovakEdit

Father of Annie Lavery and Richie Novak and grandfather of Emma Lavery, he lost his hearing when Richie threw him out a window.

Sophia NunezEdit

  • Danica Hightower (2008)


Doug O'HaraEdit

  • Tom Todoroff (1986–87)

Harry OakesEdit

Pam OliveEdit

Jill OllingerEdit

Joseph OrsiniEdit

Nola OrsiniEdit

Believed Tad Martin was her missing son Ted. Left him her winery when she died.


Juan PabloEdit

Multimillionaire Argentine venture capitalist and playboy who dated Greenlee.

Amy Parker TylerEdit

Sister of Ruth Martin, mother of the late Phil Brent and previously married to Lincoln Tyler, she left town after the divorce.

Cindy Parker Chandler (deceased)Edit

The first wife of Stuart Chandler and mother of Scott Chandler died of HIV/AIDS-related complications in 1989. She returned as a ghost in 2000, and appeared in heaven the following year to welcome Gillian.

Karen ParkerEdit

Twin sister of Cindy and aunt of Scott Chandler, she kidnapped Dixie and Adam's baby (JR) and demanded a million-dollar ransom.

Edward PearsonEdit


Dennis PelhamEdit

Saad PertiwiEdit

Seth PhelpsEdit

Asher PikeEdit

Friend of Colby and Damon and son of Caleb Cooney, he was working for JR and on his relationship with his father. Became addicted to painkillers after an injury at the quarry, and briefly dated Colby.

Cynthia PrestonEdit

Ross Chandler's ex-wife and Andrew Preston's mother, she was a golddigger who married Palmer Cortlandt and cheated on him with Ross. Exposed as a fraud, she left town after being responsible for Andrew's imprisonment for Alex Hunter's murder.

Otis PriceEdit


Tish PridmoreEdit

Ilene PringleEdit

Ralph PurdyEdit

  • Mart Hulswit (1983)

Husband of Opal Gardner Cortlandt. Originator of Purdy-fried chicken.


David RampalEdit

Son of the late Jeremy Hunter and Marissa Rampal and nephew of Tim Dillon, he became depressed after his mother's death. After marrying Lanie Cortlandt, they left for France.

Marissa Rampal (deceased)Edit

The former lover of Jeremy Hunter and mother of David Rampal, she took cyanide but made it appear that Natalie killed her in a fight on stairs; this destroyed Jeremy and Natalie's marriage.

Mimi ReedEdit

Former police officer and Derek's ex-wife.

Carlos Reyes (deceased)Edit

  • Maximillian Alexander (2003)

Juan Pablo's brother, who died of complications from a bone fragment in his lungs.

Wade ReynoldsEdit

  • Tom Tammi (1995)

Owen RichardsonEdit

Pierce RileyEdit

A recluse who lived in a cabin outside Pine Valley, he befriended Janet Green and Laura Kirk and dated Brooke English.

Mike RoyEdit

  • Nicholas Surovy (1983–85, 1998)
  • Hugo Napier (1985)

Ghostwriter hired to help Erica write her autobiography. Raising Kane, and one of Erica's great loves. Supposedly killed while working on an undercover story with Brooke (whom Erica never forgave), his death was faked.

Loretta RutherfordEdit

  • Regins Scott (1990)


Benny SagoEdit

Limo driver and man-about-the-house for "Duchess" Phoebe Tyler Wallingford, he had romances with Brooke English, Estelle LaTour, Edna Thornton, Donna Beck Tyler and Nina Cortlandt and marriages to Edna, Estelle and Donna. The father (with Estelle; adopted by Donna) of Emily Ann Sago, he left town in 1990 but returned for Phoebe's 2005 funeral.

Emily Ann SagoEdit

The daughter of Estelle La Tour and Billy Clyde Tuggle was adopted by Benny Sago and Donna Beck. She was named in honor of Phoebe, who had just lost her daughter Anne Tyler, and was married to Jake (known as Joey) Martin.

Louisa SanchezEdit

Bryan SandersEdit

  • Curt May (1984–87)

Anita SantosEdit

Maria and Julia's sister, divorced from Bobby Warner, who had a brief romance with Aiden.

Hector Santos (deceased)Edit

Father of Maria, Julia, Mateo, Anita and Rosa who died in a car crash staged as an attempt on Julia's life.

Isabella SantosEdit

Mother of Maria, Julia, Mateo, Anita and Rosa.

Julia Santos (deceased)Edit

Maria's sister and widow of Noah Keefer, a nurse at Pine Valley Hospital who spent nine years in witness protection. Romanced by Jamie Martin. Kathy's surrogate aunt was shot to death by Rob Gardner on May 22, 2008.

Lorenzo SantosEdit

Son of Mateo Santos and Hayley Vaughan.

Dr. Maria SantosEdit

Married to Edmund Grey, mother of Maddie and Sam (adopted). Supposedly died in 1997 but was found alive in 2002. Left town in 2005, when Edmund was killed.

Mateo SantosEdit

Maria and Julia's brother, married to Hayley Vaughan and father to Lorenzo. Also father of Max with ex-wife, Raquel Dion.

Rosa SantosEdit

Maria, Julia, Anita and Mateo's sister.

Mia SaundersEdit

Liza Colby's long-lost sister and the mother of William (who was surrendered for adoption).

Kevin SheffieldEdit

Gay ex-waiter at Holiday's.

Barry ShireEdit

Adam Chandler's attorney.

Riley SinclairEdit

Although she helps Annie Lavery after her breakdown and has a past with Annie's brother, she wants her to go to jail.

Ian SlaterEdit

  • Doll (2007)
  • Adrianna Fernicola (?)
  • Scott Peck (?)
  • Blake and Caden Pandormo (?)
  • Cole and Luke Amante (2009–10)
  • Britton Reeder (2010–11)

The son of Kendall Hart-Slater and her husband Zach was born prematurely on July 26, 2007. He is the younger half-brother of Spike Lavery and Ethan Cambias.

Zach SlaterEdit

Formerly known as Alexander Cambias, Jr., he is a casino owner who began an affair with Maria, and was later married to Kendall Hart. He is the father of Ethan Cambias with Hannah, a Cambias maid, Ian Slater with Kendall and a sperm donor to Bianca Montgomery for her second daughter, Gabrielle. Supposedly killed in a plane crash, his body was not found and he was reported alive in August 2011.

Jasper SloaneEdit

  • Ronald Drake (1982–92)

Palmer's butler who married Myra Murdoch, Palmer's housekeeper. Had a recurrent back problem.

Liz SloanEdit

No relation to Jasper or Myra. Waitress at McKay's who was hired by Adam Chandler to seduce Edmund Grey and tank his congressional campaign. After he lost, made amends by helping Edmund and Brooke investigate Congressman Calloway. Had a daughter, Allison.

Myra Murdock Sloane (deceased)Edit

Mother of Daisy. Was Palmer's long-time housekeeper who stayed at Cortlandt Manor to raise her granddaughter, Nina. Was always unafraid to stand up to Palmer.

Greenlee SmytheEdit

Greenlee (her mother's maiden name) is a wealthy debutante from one of Pine Valley's most prominent families. The founder and co-owner of Fusion Cosmetics is the widow of Leo du Pres, the ex-wife of Ryan Lavery and Aidan Devane, the daughter of Jackson Montgomery and Mary Smythe, the adopted sister of Lily and Reginald Montgomery and the granddaughter of Woodruff Greenlee and Millicent Greenlee. She was presumed dead in a motorcycle accident before her remarriage to Ryan, and was nursed back to health by David Hayward before marrying him.

Mary SmytheEdit

Greenlee's sculptor mother, the socialite daughter of Woodruff and Milicent Greenlee who traveled the world with her parents' money. The ex-wife of Roger Smythe revealed after Roger's death that Jackson Montgomery was Greenelee's father. She was briefly involved with Adam Chandler, and dated Palmer Cortlandt.

Roger Smythe (deceased)Edit

Greenlee's father, who spent years neglecting her while he traveled around the world with Mary, returned to town when the marriage ended. Roger died at Greenlee's wedding to Leo DuPres, when he was struck by a bullet meant for Leo. He briefly dated Erica and revealed a past with Leo's mother, Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt (who Roger did not know was his boss, Proteus).

Joni StaffordEdit

Former nanny of Maddie Grey, who dated Jamie Martin and kissed Reggie Porter.

Marilyn StaffordEdit

Chris Stamp (deceased)Edit

A Federal agent who began an affair with Erica and was shot dead by a mobster, he was erroneously identified as Ryan Lavery's father.

Kit SterlingEdit

Lila StevensonEdit

Frankie Stone (deceased)Edit

Maggie's twin sister, shot dead by one of her Aunt Vanessa's henchmen, was Bianca's ex-girlfriend, cousin of David Hayward and Leo du Pres and niece of Vanessa Cortlandt.

Maggie StoneEdit

  • Elizabeth Hendrickson (2002–05, 2007)

Frankie's twin sister, the partner of Frankie's ex-girlfriend Bianca, came to Pine Valley to determine who killed her sister and why. Cousin of David Hayward and Leo du Pres and niece of Vanessa Cortlandt, she lived in Paris with Bianca and daughter Miranda (who considered Maggie a second mother). Returning to Pine Valley in the fall of 2006, she went back to Paris at Bianca's request in February 2007.

John SummerhillEdit

District attorney.

Tandy SuffernEdit

Olga SwensonEdit

NY modeling agent and close friend of Erica Kane. Also agent to Jenny Gardner and Tony Barclay.

Adrian SwordEdit

Opal's son with Frank Dawson, he was raised by Frank and Alice Dawson and is the half-brother of Tad Martin, Jenny Gardner, and Peter Cortlandt.


Seth TannerEdit

Marissa Tasker (deceased)Edit

The daughter of Krystal Carey and David Hayward was an assistant to Liza Colby. After a flirtation with Scott Chandler, she married JR Chandler. In Krystal's dream, Marissa was the late Babe Carey's fraternal twin sister. The adoptive mother of JR and Babe's son AJ who began a relationship with Bianca Montgomery, she was said to be dead on May 2, 2013.

Luther TateEdit

Jim Thomasen (deceased)Edit

Photographer who was murdered by Brooke for taking pornographic pictures of her underage daughter.

Caleb ThompsonEdit

Taylor ThompsonEdit

An Iraq War veteran with PTSD who briefly dated Jake Martin before discovering that her fiancé, Brot Monroe, was alive.

Sybil Thorne (deceased)Edit

A nurse who had an affair with Cliff Warner and became pregnant with his child before Cliff married Nina Cortlandt. Her baby Bobby Warner, was adopted by Nina after Sybil was murdered by Sean Cudahy.

David ThorntonEdit


Dottie ThorntonEdit

Briefly married to Tad Martin and the mother of his child. When she miscarried before the wedding she did not tell him, and the truth ended the marriage.

Ricky Torres (deceased)Edit

The minister who officiated at Zach Slater's funeral was later revealed to be working for Zach's casino partners and responsible for his death. He became obsessed with Zach's wife Kendall, claiming to be her fiancé and killing those in the way. Caught and sent to jail by Kendall and Griffin Castillo, he was killed in a prison attack.

Simone Torres (deceased)Edit

The Fusion Cosmetics executive had a romance with Tad Martin and was engaged to Ethan Cambias at the time of his death. She was murdered by the Satin Slayer, who poisoned her wine.

Billy Clyde TuggleEdit

Billy Clyde Tuggle (also known as John Henry Rockefeller) was a pimp for Donna Beck and Estelle. Thought the daughter of Donna Beck and Benny Sago, Emily Ann Sago was the daughter of Billy Clyde and Estelle. Billy Clyde was jailed for raping and burying Estelle alive in 1980. After romancing Dixie Cooney, he held her in a cabin for several days. Presumed dead when he went over a bridge after a struggle with Tad Martin, he returned to Pine Valley in 2013. In a 2019 episode of General Hospital it is mentioned that criminal charges against Billy Clyde Tuggle are going through the courts.

Anne Tyler Davis Martin (deceased)Edit

The daughter of Charles Tyler and Phoebe Tyler was formerly married to Nick Davis and married to Paul Martin at her death. Mother of Elizabeth Martin, she died in a car-bomb explosion meant for Paul.

Dr. Charles Tyler (deceased)Edit

The husband to Phoebe and Mona, father of Lincoln and Anne, grandfather of Chuck and former Pine Valley Hospital chief of staff was more down-to-earth than his first wife, Phoebe, was. He died in his sleep in August 1986.

Dr. Chuck TylerEdit

The grandson of Charles and Phoebe Tyler was the former husband of Tara Martin and Donna Beck.

Lincoln TylerEdit

A successful attorney and the son of Charles Tyler and Phoebe Tyler. He was formerly married to Amy Parker and Kitty Shea and is married to Kelly Cole. He returned to Pine Valley in 1995 for the show's 25th anniversary and in 2005 for his mother's funeral.

Phoebe Tyler Wallingford (deceased)Edit

A pillar of Pine Valley, her family (the Englishes) were early settlers in the region. The community's leading socialite, Phoebe prided herself on her family's ancestry and was a member of the Daughters of Fine Lineage. The sister of Ed English, aunt of Brooke English, mother of Lincoln Tyler and Ann Tyler Martin, grandmother of Chuck Tyler and great-aunt of Jamie Martin, she was the ex-wife of the late Charles Tyler, Wade Matthews (50 years her junior) and was married twice to the late Langley Wallingford. Wrote an advice column.

Kelly Cole TylerEdit

The long-lost, folksinging twin sister of Kitty Shea married her late sister's husband, Lincoln Tyler. She and Lincoln moved away in 1980, returning in 1981 for his sister Ann's funeral, in 1983 for Christmas, in 1986 for Charles' funeral and in 2005 for Phoebe's funeral. Kelly returned on December 19, 2008 for the memorial service for her surrogate mother, Myrtle Fargate.

Kitty Shea Davis Tyler (deceased)Edit

A dance teacher from Hollywood who came to Pine Valley for information on her mother, she is the ex-wife of Hal Shea (also known as Hal Short) and Nick Davis, the late wife of Lincoln Tyler and twin sister of Kelly. She died of a brain tumor.

Becca TyreeEdit

J.R.'s former babysitter, who dated Scott Chandler and Leo du Pres.


Stan "Mr. U" UlatowskiEdit

  • Eugene J. Anthony (1988–91)

Worked for Palmer Cortlandt.

Slade UptonEdit

  • R. Ward Duffy (1989)


Sarah ValentineEdit

  • Alyce Webb (1984)

Housekeeper to the Wallingfords. Grandmother of Sharla Valentine.

Sharla ValentineEdit

Granddaughter of Sarah Valentine and friend of Emily Ann Sago.

Anthony Van FeltEdit

  • Mark H. Dold (2001–07)

Vera VanderbiltEdit

Alfred VanderpoolEdit

A high-school friend of Liza Colby, Greg Nelson, Amanda Cousins, Jenny Gardner and Tad Gardner Martin, he had a sister named Abigail and became a banker.

Christina VargasEdit

Juan Pablo Renato Ruiz de VasquezEdit

Arlene VaughanEdit

Hayley's alcoholic mother married Harry Vaughn while pregnant with Hayley. Sister of Trevor Dillon. Briefly married to Adam Chandler years later.

Hayley Vaughan SantosEdit

The daughter of Adam Chandler and Arlene Vaughan and niece of Trevor "Uncle Porkchop" Dillon had brief marriages to Will Cortlandt and Alec McIntyre. Married to Mateo Santos and a recovering alcoholic, she is the mother of Lorenzo Hector Santos and moved to Los Angeles to host a talk show.

David VickersEdit

Crossover appearance from One Life to Live.

Allen VoightEdit

  • John Canary (1985–86)

Doctor and husband of Lucy.

Lucy VoightEdit

Wife of Allen Voight.

Eugenia von VoynavitchEdit

Angelique Voynitzheva MarickEdit

Was married to Hungarian count Dimitri Marick. Sister of Helga.

Helga VoynitzhevaEdit

Sister of Angelique. Former sister-in-law of Hungarian count Dimitri Marick.


Gayle WalkerEdit

  • Anna Koonin (2009–10)


Langley Wallingford (deceased)Edit

He came to Pine Valley as con man Lenny Vlasik (posing as Professor Wallingford), but Myrtle Fargate knew him from her carnival days. He was married to Phoebe Tyler Wallingford until his death, and was the father of Hillary Wilson and Verla Grubbs (Carol Burnett).

Bobby WarnerEdit

The son of Cliff Warner and Sybil Thorne, he was adopted by Cliff's wife Nina after Sybil's death. He married Kelsey Jefferson after she gave birth to his son; the marriage was annulled, and the child was given to Edmund and Maria Grey to adopt.

Cliff WarnerEdit

Doctor and husband of Nina and father of Bobby and Michael.

Linda WarnerEdit

Lyle WedgewoodEdit

Olive WhelanEdit

Rain WilkinsEdit

Garret Williams (deceased)Edit

A crime lord known as the Dragon, he was shot dead by Julia Santos Keefer on October 11, 2005.

Reese WilliamsEdit

An architect and Bianca Montgomery's ex-wife, she lives in Paris.

Horace WilloughbyEdit

Hillary WilsonEdit

  • Carmen Thomas (1984–88)

The daughter of Langley Wallingford and Betty Wilson, she married Tad Martin after her marriage to Bob Georgia and after Tad left Dottie Thornton when she lost their baby. She was a rival of Skye Chandler for Mitch Beck. In 2010 Tad learned that she was married to Paul Miller and had a son, Damon (later revealed as Tad's son).


  • Cheryl Hulteen (1991–2007, 2011, 2013)

Adam Chandler's maid and the aunt of Sydney Harris.

Taffy WinslowEdit

Seamus WongEdit

Dre WoodsEdit

  • Sterling Sulieman (2007–08)

Melvin WoodsEdit

Father of Samuel Woods.

Samuel WoodsEdit

Son of Melvin Woods.


John YoungbloodEdit


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