Russian basketball league system

The Russian basketball league system is a hierarchical league system for professional basketball clubs in Russia, with promotion and relegation between different levels of competition. There are currently five levels of competition: the VTB United League, the Russian Super League 1, the Russian Super League 2, the Russian Super League 3 and the Under-23 Youth League.

The tier pyramidEdit

Level League
1. VTB United League
(16 teams - 10 from Russia, 6 from other countries)

(Russian Professional Basketball League (PBL) - defunct)
(Soviet Union Premier League - defunct)

2. Russian Super League 1
(First Tier from 1992–2010)
(13 teams)
3. Russian Super League 2
(11 teams)
4. Russian Super League 3
(9 teams)
5. Under–23 Youth League
(10 teams)

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