Rund um Köln

The Rund um Köln is a classic cycling race around the German city of Cologne. Since 2005 it is part of the UCI Europe Tour, being organised as 1.1 race (in 2007 the race was categorised as 1.HC). It is one of the oldest cycling races still running in Germany – where media-driven hostility towards professional cycling in the wake of repeated doping scandals has severely weakened the economic structure and viability of the sport. The Rund um Köln is the second-oldest race in Germany, just after Rund um die Hainleite, which was first held in 1908. Between the 1930s and late 1980s Rund um Köln was held as an amateur race. The race was contested every year on Easter Monday from 2000 to 2014. As of 2015 it is contested on the second Sunday in June.

Rund um Köln
Race details
DateEaster Monday (?)
June (2015)
RegionCologne, Germany
English nameTour of Cologne
Local name(s)Rund um Köln (in German)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
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First edition1908 (1908)
Editions103 (as of 2019)
First winner Fritz Tacke (GER)
Most wins Wilfried Trott (GER) (3 wins)
Most recent Baptiste Planckaert (BEL)

The centenary edition of the Rund um Köln, set for March 24, 2008, was cancelled due to snow. The 2009 edition was contested by a weakened, sub-par field, as top professional teams did not send their stars, and the riders raced for their country instead.


Year Country Rider Team
1908   Germany Fritz Tacke
1909   Germany Otto Wincziers
1910   Germany Karl Wittig
1910   Germany Jean Rosellen
1911   Germany Adolf Huschke
1912   Germany Jean Steingass
1913   Germany Ernst Franz
1914   Germany Ernst Franz
No race
1920   Germany Adam Sachs
1921   Germany Adolf Huschke
1922   Germany Paul Koch
1923   Germany Fritz Fischer
1924   Germany Paul Kohl
1925   Germany Paul Kohl
1926    Switzerland Heiri Suter
1927   Italy Gaetano Belloni
1928   Italy Alfredo Binda
1929   Germany Franz Schmitz
1930   Germany Otto Kratz
1931   Germany H. Rüdiger
1932   Luxembourg Josy Kraus
1933   Germany Erich Bautz
1934   Germany Kurt Stöpel Phänomen
1935   Germany Emil Kijewski individual
1936   Germany Erich Bautz Diamant
1937   Germany Emil Kijewski Wanderer
1938   Germany Franz Bronold
1939   Germany Willi Meurer
1940   Germany Jakob Kropp
1941   Germany Hans Preiskeit
1942   Germany Heiner Schwarzer
1943   Germany Karl Kittsteiner
1944 No race
1945 No race
1946   Germany Friedel Nowakowski
1947   Germany Werner Holthöfer
1948   Germany Heiner Schwarzer Bismarck
1949   Germany Heinrich Schultenjohann Patria W.K.C.
1950   West Germany Horst Holzmann
1951   West Germany Heiner Schwarzer Adria Renstall
1952   West Germany R. Popp
1953   West Germany Günther Otto
1954   West Germany Willi Irrgang
1955   West Germany Hans Preiskeit
1956   West Germany Edi Ziegler
1957   West Germany W. Grabo
1958   West Germany Wolf-Jürgen Edler
1959   West Germany Heiner Hofmann
1960   West Germany Matthias Löder
1961   Belgium Albert Smits
1962   West Germany Siegfried Koch
1963   West Germany Wilfried Bölke
1964   West Germany Horst Oldenburg
1965   West Germany Horst Oldenburg
1966   West Germany Piet Glemser Torpedo
1967   Belgium Noël Foré Goldor-Gerka
1968   West Germany Burkhard Ebert
1969   West Germany Jürgen Tschan
1970   West Germany Andreas Streckies
1971   Luxembourg Roger Gilson
1972   West Germany Wilfried Trott
1973   West Germany Hermann Jungbluth
1974   West Germany Dietrich Thurau
1975   West Germany Jan Smyrak
1976   West Germany Wilfried Trott
1977   Netherlands Bert Scheunemann
1978   Netherlands Arie Hassink
1979   West Germany Wilfried Trott
1980   West Germany Achim Stadler
1981   West Germany Michael Mohr
1982   West Germany Jörg Echtermann
1983   West Germany Wolf-Dieter Wolfshohl
1984   West Germany Stanislaw Mikolajczuk
1984   Netherlands Jan Vaanhold
1986   West Germany Remig Stumpf
1987   West Germany Werner Wüller
1988   West Germany Lutz Losch
1990   Belgium Noël Segers Buckler
1991   Belgium Jerry Cooman S.E.F.B.-Saxon
1992   Netherlands Louis de Koning Panasonic-Sportlife
1993   Belgium Willem Van Eynde La William-Duvel
1994   Germany Udo Bölts Telekom
1995   Netherlands Erik Dekker Novell
1996   Germany Erik Zabel Telekom
1997   Belgium Frank Vandenbroucke Mapei-GB
1998 No race
1999   Germany Jens Heppner Telekom
2000   Germany Steffen Wesemann Telekom
2001   Italy Gian Matteo Fagnini Telekom
2002   Austria Peter Wrolich Gerolsteiner
2003   Germany Jan Ullrich Team Coast
2004   Germany Erik Zabel T-Mobile Team
2005   Germany David Kopp Wiesenhof
2006   Germany Christian Knees Team Milram
2007   Argentina Juan José Haedo Team CSC
2008 No race
2009   Denmark Martin Pedersen Denmark (national team)
2010   Argentina Juan José Haedo Team Saxo Bank
2011   Australia Michael Matthews Rabobank
2012   Czech Republic Jan Bárta Team NetApp
2013   Belgium Sébastien Delfosse Crelan–Euphony
2014   Ireland Sam Bennett NetApp–Endura
2015   Belgium Tom Boonen Etixx–Quick-Step
2016   Netherlands Dylan Groenewegen LottoNL–Jumbo
2017   Austria Gregor Mühlberger Bora–Hansgrohe
2018   Ireland Sam Bennett Bora–Hansgrohe
2019   Belgium Baptiste Planckaert Wallonie Bruxelles

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