Rudolf Steiner Archive

The Rudolf Steiner Archive is an organization based in Fremont, Michigan in the United States. It is a part of The e.Lib, Inc.,[1] a registered 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation. The Archive offers summaries of Rudolf Steiner's books, translated from the original German to English, a catalogue of Steiner's holdings, a chronological listing of Steiner's lectures (over 6,000), most of his books, in German, English and other languages, and thousands of his lectures, articles and essays.


The initiative was started in 1980 by James Stewart the e.Librarian,[2] as a project to catalog the works of Rudolf Steiner in a computer database so that reference and research could be more easily done. In 1992, the project came to the Internet with five lectures and one book. Additional material is added at the rate of about 50 books or lecture series' per year. Many volunteers donate their time and material to add to the Archive's contents.


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