Rowing at the 1908 Summer Olympics

At the 1908 Summer Olympics, four rowing events were contested, all for men only. Races were held at Henley-on-Thames. The competitions were held from 28 to 31 July. There was one fewer event in 1908 than 1904, after the double sculls was dropped from the programme. Hungary and Norway competed in rowing for the first time, along with six other nations.[1]

at the Games of the IV Olympiad
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Dates28–31 July 1908
Competitors81 from 8 nations
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1912 →

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze Bronze
Single sculls
  Harry Blackstaffe (GBR)   Alexander McCulloch (GBR)   Bernhard von Gaza (GER)   Károly Levitzky (HUN)
Coxless pair
  John Fenning
and Gordon Thomson (GBR)
  George Fairbairn
and Philip Verdon (GBR)
  Frederick Toms
and Norway Jackes (CAN)
  Martin Stahnke
and Willy Düskow (GER)
Coxless four
  Great Britain (GBR)
Collier Cudmore
James Angus Gillan
Duncan Mackinnon
John Somers-Smith
  Great Britain (GBR)
Philip Filleul
Harold Barker
John Fenning
Gordon Thomson
  Canada (CAN)
Gordon Balfour
Becher Gale
Charles Riddy
Geoffrey Taylor
  Netherlands (NED)
Hermannus Höfte
Albertus Wielsma
Johan Burk
Bernardus Croon
  Great Britain (GBR)
Albert Gladstone
Frederick Kelly
Banner Johnstone
Guy Nickalls
Charles Burnell
Ronald Sanderson
Raymond Etherington-Smith
Henry Bucknall
Gilchrist Maclagan
  Belgium (BEL)
Oscar Taelman
Marcel Morimont
Rémy Orban
Georges Mys
François Vergucht
Polydore Veirman
Oscar de Somville
Rodolphe Poma
Alfred Van Landeghem
  Canada (CAN)
Irvine Robertson
Joseph Wright
Julius Thomson
Walter Lewis
Gordon Balfour
Becher Gale
Charles Riddy
Geoffrey Taylor
Douglas Kertland
  Great Britain (GBR)
Frank Jerwood
Eric Powell
Oswald Carver
Edward Williams
Henry Goldsmith
Harold Kitching
John Burn
Douglas Stuart
Richard Boyle

Participating nationsEdit

81 rowers from 8 nations competed.

Medal tableEdit

1  Great Britain (GBR)4318
2  Belgium (BEL)0101
3  Canada (CAN)0033
4  Germany (GER)0022
5  Hungary (HUN)0011
  Netherlands (NED)0011
Totals (6 entries)44816


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