Rothschildia orizaba

Rothschildia orizaba, the Orizaba silkmoth, is a moth in the family Saturniidae. The species was first described by John O. Westwood in 1854. It is found in Mexico,[2] Central and South America.[3]

Rothschildia orizaba
Rothschildia orizaba.JPG
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Saturniidae
Genus: Rothschildia
R. orizaba
Binomial name
Rothschildia orizaba
(Westwood, 1854)[1]
  • Attacus orizaba Westwood, 1853
  • Rothschildia ochracea Draudt, 1929
  • Rothschildia prionidia Draudt, 1929
  • Rothschildia paradoxa Hoffmann, 1942


  • Rothschildia orizaba orizaba (Mexico to Panama)
  • Rothschildia orizaba peruviana Rothschild, 1907 (Ecuador, Peru)
  • Rothschildia orizaba equatorialis Rothschild, 1907 (Ecuador)
  • Rothschildia orizaba cauca Rothschild, 1907 (Colombia)
  • Rothschildia orizaba bogotana Rothschild, 1907 (Colombia)
  • Rothschildia orizaba meridana Rothschild, 1907 (Venezuela)
  • Rothschildia orizaba triloba Rothschild, 1907 (Costa Rica)
  • Rothschildia orizaba uruapana (C. C. Hoffman, 1942) (Mexico)


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