Rosa Brítez

Rosa Brítez (April 9, 1941 – December 20, 2017) was a Paraguayan potter and ceramist. One of Paraguay's best known potters,[1] Brítez developed a unique style of pottery by using black clay to craft pieces and ceramic figurines. Her work has been recognized in Paraguay and other countries, including the United States.[1] She became known as the "La Ceremista de América," which translates as "Potter or Ceramists of the Americas."[1][2][3]

Rosa Brítez with examples of her work in 2008.

Rosa Brítez was born in 1941 in Itá in Central Department.[1][2] She remained in Itá throughout her career.[3] Her home and studio were located along Route 1.[3]

Brítez held exhibitions worldwide, including Spain, the United States, France, Mexico and Chile.[1][2] She received "Potter of the Americas" award in the United States in 1989.[2] In 2014, the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay honored Brítez with the National Order for Merit "Comuneros" for her lifetime of work.[1][3]

Rosa Brítez died on December 20, 2017, from complications of lung disease at Hospital Nacional de Itauguá in Itauguá, Paraguay, at the age of 76.[1] She had been hospitalized in intensive care for the previous 52 days.[1] Brítez was survived by thirteen children and twenty-six grandchildren.[2]


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