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Ros na Rún is a long-running Irish soap opera produced for the Irish-language television channel, TG4. It was originally broadcast on RTÉ One in the early 1990s before the existence of TG4. It now broadcasts for 35 weeks of the year, airing 2 episodes each week from September to June. The programme is set in a fictional village called Ros Na Rún, located outside Galway, and near An Spidéal, and centres on the domestic and professional lives of its residents. It is modelled on an average village in the West of Ireland but with its own distinct personality – diverse population that share secrets, romances, friendships etc. While the core community has remained the same, the look and feel of Ros Na Rún has changed and evolved over the years to incorporate the changing face of rural Ireland. It has established a place not only in the hearts and minds of the Irish speaking public, but also the wider Irish audience.

Ros na Rún
Ros na Run.png
GenreSoap opera
Directed byNiall Fallon
Louise Ní Fhiannachta
Eamonn Norris
StarringPresent Cast
Country of originIreland
Original language(s)Irish(English subtitles)
No. of seasons23
No. of episodes1,522 (as of 21 December 2017)
Executive producer(s)Patricia Carroll
Siobhán Ní Ghadra
Producer(s)Deirdre Ní Fhlatharta
Production location(s)An Spidéal, County Galway
Running time25 minutes approx.
Production company(s)Tyrone Productions
EO Teilifís
Original networkTG4
Picture format16:9 (SDTV)
Original release3 November 1996 – present
(22 years, 77 days)
Related showsNa Rúin
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Ros na Rún has been praised for its tackling of realistic and socially challenging storylines, which got it dubbed ‘The Wild West‘. It has dealt with many different storylines, including domestic violence, infidelity, theft, arson, abortion, homosexuality, adoption, murder, rape, drugs, teen pregnancy and paedophilia. The show began its twenty-third season in September 2018. Ros na Rún airs in Ireland and the United States and formerly in Scotland.[1]


Show historyEdit

Ros na Rún was originally transmitted on RTÉ One and later transferred to the Irish-language station TG4, when it opened in October 1996. Ros na Rún first aired on the night of 3 November 1996. The episode filmed scenes in Galway, Dublin and London. The title (pronounced [ɾˠɔsˠ nˠə ˈɾˠuːnˠ]) plays on the double meaning of the Irish word rún, which has a basic meaning of 'secret' but also has a long history as a term of endearment, similar to "honey", "sweetheart", or "darling". Ros can mean either "a wood or wooded headland" or "a headland or promontory", so the title can mean either "Wood/Headland of the Secrets" or "Wood/Headland of the Sweethearts".

Ros na Rún is also shown on WYBE public television in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and was shown on UK terrestrial Freeview Scottish Gaelic channel TeleG with Scottish Gaelic subtitling until the channel closed in 2011.

One of the show's greatest strengths is that while it has a frank approach to tough subject matters, it also features a strong comedic element. Ros na Rún celebrates the lighter side of village life with scenes of domestic squabbles, practical jokes and competitive one-upmanship between siblings, friends and lovers providing plenty of comic relief. The show balances humour with a sensitive approach to serious themes, making it a hit with viewers.

Season 1Edit

Jack Pádraic dies without leaving a will. His relatives become locked in a battle to take control of his house, his nephew Jack Hayes from London arrives first followed by his niece Rita O'Connor and her family (her husband Paddy and their children Eimear and Jason). Rita returns to Ros Na Rún from Dublin. Londoner Jack is first generation Irish from an Irish speaking background. On the death of their close uncle they both decide to move into the house once promised to them each. Rita and her family are forced to move into the local B&B, she is ready for a fight to push Jack back to London. In an effort to embrace Jack, Rita sets up camp across the road. Jack left his partner Tom in London, while the O'Connor's returned their keys to the corporation. Tom joins Jack later in the series. The O'Connor's find it difficult settling with Jason running home to Dublin. A search soon begins around Ros Na Rún.

The Chocolate Factory (Mil Rí) is under pressure and unable to sell their products. Mr. (Chris) Barrett has all but disappeared leaving the factory manager (Seán) under the impressions that the company is about to close. Chris's plan does not work out stop the closer of the factory. Mícheál leaves his job in the factory to return to fishing with Mil Rí receptionist Síle wants to join him on the sea, however he gives the job to Séamus. Mil Rí is soon to close.

Liam Ó Conghaile sets his sights on becoming an Actor as film production increase in Ireland. Only to be left cleaning the set. Liam's Grandmother Sarah looks for a job in Tigh Thaidhg (the local pub), robbing her daughter's (Máire) fresh brown bread to impress her new employer. Freddy Victor is a new English film producer in the area, who local radio report Caitríona is looking to interview. Liam's father (Peadar) wishes to return home from an illegal state in New York without a job. Sarah intercepts the calls from her son-in-law and does not let him speak with Máire.

Colin Ó Catháin returns from Leeds to his brother Séamus. Colin plays the role of an old Irish ex-pat who realises that he isn't "very happy" in England, while his brother Séamus plays the part of an older retired bachelor in rural Ireland.

Season 11Edit

Intending to use Rico’s Pizzeria as a front for his operations, drug lord Jim O’Dowd manipulates Daniel McLoughlin’s wife Anne Marie into acquiring the lease. After she attempts to flee with her paramour Conall, O’Dowd strangles her and frames Daniel for the murder to keep him under his control. With the body at risk of discovery by land developers, Daniel blackmails Caitríona with photos of her affair with her stepson Donnacha in order to convince her husband Vince not to sell the property. O’Dowd starts a relationship with Ríona, troubling Donnacha who is suspicious of O’Dowd’s activities.

With help from O’Dowd’s lawyer, Micheál is released from prison for his role in Pauline’s assisted death. Though scandalous with locals, David leaves the priesthood to pursue a relationship with Berni and ends up proposing to her. After her adopted father is killed in a car wreck, Mo discovers that Sergeant Úna is her biological mother. Conceived through an affair with her brother-in-law Fergal, Úna gave Mo up for adoption to protect her sister Éilis.

Now estranged from Éilis over his infidelity, Fergal grows closer to Úna who eventually admits that she still has strong feelings for him. Having overheard the conversation, John Joe subsequently ends his relationship with Úna. Uneasy over Daniel’s unpredictability, O’Dowd forces Daniel to leave Ros na Rún. Before he departs, Daniel passes on the incriminating photos of Caitríona and Donnacha to O’Dowd.

Season 17Edit

In its 17th year, Ros na Rún's storylines continue with local wrangling, gossip, love-stories that blossom and some that fade as well as all the wit and banter that is the daily stuff of social activity in shops, clubs and cafés throughout the country. This season's dramatic storylines continue with themes of love, lust, family troubles, murder, lies, secrets and affairs

This season will feature rape, murder and family reunions as well as new love between old friends, sexy newcomers and affairs of the heart are among a host of real life issues. A previously unknown twin sister whom arrives out of the blue to cause havoc and a stalker who returns to haunt a man on the eve of his wedding. Publican Tadhg and his son try to cover up a murder and Tina does her best to get Dara back from Caitríona. Ros na Rún continually raises the bar for innovative and realistic storylines.

Series Producer Déirdre Ní Fhlatharta believes "This is the most exciting series yet. There is such a great diversity of storylines and a real development of the characters. There is an amazing team working on the series, and their dedication to the show reflects this. This season will be a mixture of character driven stories."

Season 21Edit

After becoming an unwitting accomplice to Tadhg who disposes of an unconscious Andy Ó Neachtain into the river, Vince struggles to keep the incident a secret. Bobbi-Lee recovers from her attack from Andy, but the damage to her throat puts her singing career at risk. Peadar suddenly passes away, leaving a widowed Máire in grief. Amongst an ailing relationship with Jason, Katy learns that she is pregnant...possibly resulting from a night of infidelity with Mack. The secret of their affair and the parentage of Katy's child causes problems within the Daly family, threatening Mack and Dee's wedding plans.

While the duo of Tadhg and Muireann attempt to evict Ros na Rún's Teaghlach with their own agendas in mind, troublemaker Pól is manipulated into burning down the Teaghlach. David eventually loses his job over a controversy involving a minor and alcohol, forcing him to deal with a life of unemployment and keeping it a secret from Gráinne. Fia is in a relationship with Adam, but Adam finds himself increasingly uncomfortable in Pádraig's company. Initially confused over Adam's hostility towards him, Pádraig realizes that Adam might actually be gay himself - a fact that Adam is not easily willing to accept.

After Réailtín reunites with her half-brother Mikey, Micheál is forced to reveal the truth behind her mother Pauline’s assisted death. Tadhg is shocked as Maggie - his first love - has returned to Ros na Rún after many years. After clearing his name, Colm is encountered by deranged ex-inmate Anto over a matter of money. In Colm's attempt to entrap Anto, David and Gráinne are inadvertently pulled into the encounter, leaving David inflicted with a gunshot wound.

Season 22Edit

David recovers from his gunshot wound but is informed by the doctor that he cannot father any more children, a problem as Gráinne had suffered a miscarriage during the incident with Anto. The couple eventually accept the nature of their circumstance and continue to wed. Mo learns she has cancer and struggles with insurance, but her medical treatments are paid by a mysterious benefactor. Berni starts a relationship with her son Evan's friend Briain, but the age gap causes them to keep their relationship hush to avoid scandal. Pádraig attempts to rekindle a relationship with his estranged son, something his former wife Sonia is not keen on. Sensing financial potential, John Joe purchases the local quarry with Tadhg as a silent partner.

After giving up an opportunity in London, a despondent Fia begins shirking her parental responsibilities and starts an unhealthy relationship with Pól, causing friction with Máire. Furthermore, it's discovered that Niall is the biological father of Liam Óg. With the affair revealed to have been initiated by Fia, this dramatically affects her relationship with her mother Vanessa. Tadhg leaves Francis after succumbing to his feelings for Maggie; the separation causes numerous problems from the ownership of Tigh Thaidhg to dealing with their daughter Ainé. Tadhg is eventually forced to end his relationship with Maggie after Father Éammon reveals a dark secret involving their blood connection as siblings. Heartbroken and in ailing health, Maggie passes away without learning the truth.

Jason and Katy separate after a DNA test reveals that Jason has no biological connection to Jay, leaving Mack as the only possibility of being the father. After viewing the DNA test by accident and realizing her husband possibly fathered a child with her sister, Dee is left distraught and decides to abduct Jay. Parked on a lone dock along the ocean, Dee stares ominously at the child while berating Mack and Katy and promises retribution for their betrayal. Dee steps out of the vehicle and begins to walk over to the passenger door, leaving Jay's fate ambiguous.

Characters and settingsEdit

'Ros na Rún' retains many of the characters from the show's inception. The inhabitants of the village are usually best known by their first names.

The Irish languageEdit

All conversations and scenes in the soap take place in the Irish language. Most of the actors/actresses in the show are native Irish speakers. The dialect used in the show is mostly Connacht Irish, although there are characters from County Donegal (where Ulster Irish is spoken) played by Gavin Ó Fearraigh and Niall Mac Eamharcaigh. Munster Irish is spoken by An tAthair David (Father David). The series producer is Déirdre Ní Fhlatharta.


Na RúinEdit

On 13 September 2011 TG4 launched a new 10 part online series titled, Na Rúin (The Secrets). The mini-series took on the theme of mystery, when 16-year-old Ciara goes missing from The Teaghlach (a halfway house for troubled teenagers in Ros Na Rún) all hell breaks loose. Soon would be rap star Lorcán finds himself in the frame for her murder, despite his protests of his innocence. The viewer had to read Rachel's, her roommate, and Lorcán's blogs as well as watch video diaries detailing the thoughts of each character about the disappearance to solve the mystery. Many of the regular cast members of Ros na Rún appeared in the internet mini-series.[2]

Viewing figures and criticsEdit

Ros na Rún is TG4's flagship Irish-language drama.

In a short piece on British actor's Stephen Fry's cameo appearance in Ros na Rún, Michael O'Doherty in The Evening Herald gave a glimpse of his antipathy towards the drama. Commenting on Fry's appearance, O'Doherty stated, "His part was a brief one, but garnered more column inches for the soap than any other episode".[3]

Show factsEdit

  • It is the only soap in the world which is produced in the Irish language (with optional subtitles available in English or Irish)
  • The show is filmed in An Spidéal, western County Galway, near the city of Galway.
  • The show runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 20:30 on TG4, with an Ollchlár (Omnibus) at 19:00 on Sunday nights.
  • Ros na Rún is the single largest independent production commissioned in the history of Irish broadcasting.
  • In 2008, legendary soap actor Mick Lally, best known for his role as Miley Byrne in Glenroe, joined the cast as self-made millionaire, Éamon de Faoite.
  • Ros na Rún celebrated its 1000th episode on 31 December 2009.[4]
  • On 3 March 2011, Stephen Fry featured in Ros na Rún in a cameo role. Fry plays a British tourist who ends up in Tigh Thaidhg. Some of his lines include ‘níl ocras orm’ and ‘slán go fóill’.


In 2005, John Finn, Kathryn Morris and Jeremy Ratchford from Cold Case appeared in a satirical promo for both Cold Case and Ros na Rún for TG4. The commercial won a Gold Medal in the "Best Drama Promos" category of the 2007 Sharks International Advertising Awards Festival of Ireland (Sharks Awards).[5] The promotion features both John Finn and Kathryn Morris in character interrogating a murder suspect from TG4 soap Ros na Rún played by Peadar Cox who refuses to speak in English, both detectives then begin talking in Irish much to the surprise of Jeremy Ratchford's character, the promo tied in with a murder investigation in Ros na Rún.[6] TG4 also ran a similar promo for Nip/Tuck, where Séamus is seen cycling through the country side supporting a brand new pair of breasts.

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