Rory Dodd

Rory Dodd (born Port Dover, Ontario, Canada)[2] is a Canadian rock vocalist[2][3] who has performed many songs written by Jim Steinman. He is probably best known for singing[2][4] as the duet voice (the "Turn around, bright eyes" lyrics) on Bonnie Tyler's version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart", a Number 1 hit on Billboard Hot 100.[5]

Rory Dodd
BornPort Dover, Ontario, Canada
Years active1976[1]–present
Associated actsJim Steinman, Meat Loaf, Neverland Express

Dodd performed the backing vocals for many of Meat Loaf's songs.[2] He also sang three songs on Steinman's solo album Bad for Good (although he is only credited for two of them on the sleeve notes of the LP pressing). "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through", was his [6] biggest hit as a lead singer, reaching Number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100.[7] Singer of Fire Inc.,[8] a Wagnerian rock band that released two songs for the rock and roll film Streets of Fire (1984).[9]

More recently, Dodd has done voiceover work for commercials. He provided the main voice in the Hungry Hungry Hippos commercial.[10] And provided the voices for “Tex and Rex” on the PBS children's show Shining Time Station from 1989 to 1993.

He is the younger brother of voice actor and singer Cal Dodd.

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All with asterisks indicate Jim Steinman's involvement.






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