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Ron Kampeas is the Washington, D.C. bureau chief of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), "responsible for coordinating coverage in the U.S. capital and analyzing political developments that affect the Jewish world."[1]

Ron Kampeas
United States


In 1992 Kampeas joined The Associated Press in Jerusalem.[2] For over ten years, he worked at AP "in its bureaus in Jerusalem, New York, London and, most recently, Washington."[1] He also worked for The Jerusalem Post in Israel, which still publishes his work originating with the JTA, and for "several Jewish organizations."[citation needed]

He served as the Human Rights Coordinator for the News Media Guild.[3] In Washington, he wrote articles about "discrimination in the U.S. government and military, and he "was also a shop steward for two years": "'I've always had a keen interest in diversity issues, and believe they are a crucial part of the Guild's mandate,'" he was quoted as stating in August 2003.[2] Other places from which he has reported include Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and West Africa.[1]

He was made Washington bureau chief of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in the summer of 2003.[2]

Kampeas covers news pertaining to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the peace process relating to it, and he has spoken publicly about this subject in educational programs sponsored jointly by organizations like The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development, at The Palestine Center.[4]

Personal historyEdit

Kampeas was born and raised in Montreal.[2]


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