Romanus of Subiaco

Saint Romanus of Subiaco (died ca. 550 AD) was a hermit in the area around Subiaco, Italy.

Saint Romanus of Subiaco
Storie di s. benedetto, 04 sodoma - Come Romano monaco da lo abito eremitico a Benedetto 05.JPG
Life of St Benedict, Scene 4: The Monk Romanus Dresses Benedict
Diedca. 550 AD
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church[1]
FeastMay 22

He is remembered as having assisted and influenced Saint Benedict of Nursia, when the latter had just begun his life as a hermit. Romanus provided Benedict with clothing (a religious habit), food, and housing (in the form of a cave above the river Anio, which Benedict lived in for 3 years[2]

Romanus is said to have gone to Gaul, where he founded a small monastery at Dryes-Fontrouge (Druyes-les-Belles-Fontaines) near Auxerre. He died there about 550 and was venerated as a saint. He is sometimes identified with the Romanus of Auxerre who was venerated as Bishop of Auxerre on 8[3] or 6[4] October.


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