Romantic Noy

Romantic Noy is a Bengali drama film based on male prostitution, Saheb Bhattacharya plays the role of a prostitute who sells his body to women.[1] The film was directed by Rajib Chowdhury and produced by Omprakash Saraogi. It was released on 18 November 2016 in the banner of Om Cine Movies.[2][3] This is Chowdhury's directorial debut in Tollywood Film Industry.[4] The music is released by Amara Muzik.


A small town boy Shekhar comes Kolkata to stay and earn money. He falls in love with Sumitra. Partha, a gay friend of Shekhar introduces him with Shilpi madam and he enters in a sex racket of Kolkata. He became a gigolo or a male prostitute and started to selling his body to women and thereafter starts journey into darkness, loses his love. Shekhar has no way out but to succumb to her (Shipli madam's) pressure and cater to the lustful demands of his clients. He begins to lead a frustrated life of drugs, alcohol and sex. With his erotic beauty he seduced girls who became his clients. At this point of time he meet a girl Medha who brings a new wave of happiness in Shekhar's life and Shekhar thinks to start his life again. But when Medha knows about the truth about Shekhar she breaks up with Shekhar, because of Shekhar is a whore. At last Shekhar return to his hometown from Kolkata to start a new life.


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