Roja (Tamil TV series)

Roja (transl. Rose (the flower)) is an Indian Tamil-language soap opera starring Priyanka Nalkari, Sibbusuryan and Shamily Sukumar.[1] The series premiered on 9 April 2018 on Sun TV and is produced by Saregama.[2]

Roja (TV series).jpg
GenreSoap opera
Written by Story
Selvam Subbhaiya
Guru Sampath Kumar
Screenplay by
  • S. Sekkizhar (1–410)
  • V. Padmavathy (411–719)
  • Rajarshi N Roy (720-present)
  • Guru Sampath Kumar (720-present)
Directed by
  • Dhanush (Episodes 1–48)
  • V. Sadhasivam (Episodes 49-present)
Creative directorPrince Immanuels
StarringPriyanka Nalkari
Sibbu Suryan
Shamily Sukumar
Music byRavi Raghav
Opening theme"Kavithai Pole Vandhale Roja"
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes753
CinematographyR. V. Parthiba Krishnan
EditorK. Shankar
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20–25 minutes
40-45 minutes
Production companySaregama
Original networkSun TV
Original release9 April 2018 (2018-04-09) –
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The series follows an optimistic girl who was raised in an orphanage. In a turn of events she meets her biological father, but they both are unaware of each other's identities.


The serial revolves around a couple, Roja and Arjun, who, from initially being in a 'contractual marriage' that lasts one year, fall in love. Arjun's family is extremely rich, while Roja was brought up in an orphanage and, while not rich herself, has a sweet and kind disposition that wins everyone over. Arjun, who is humble in spite of his vast wealth, proves himself to be a very supportive husband.
The couple overcome several hurdles primarily stemming from the dislike that some of Arjun's family members have towards Roja. Trouble also presents itself in the form of Priya who represents herself as Anu- claiming falsely that she is the daughter of Arjun's uncle- Tiger Manickam, and his wife Shenbagam, who is missing and presumed dead. Working under a criminal mastermind, Priya's goal is to marry Arjun's brother and thus enjoy the family wealth. She is very cunning, and both Arjun's grandmother and uncle fall prey to her charms. She aims to discredit Roja, who is the true daughter of Shenbagam, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to oust her from the house.
Whether the couple will be successful in bringing the truth about Priya to light, and whether their union will remain strong in spite of all these hurdles, forms the serial's plot.



  • Priyanka Nalkari as Roja Arjun / Real "Anu Arjun": Prathap and Kalpana's elder daughter-in-law, Manickam and Shenbagam's biological daughter. She is the real "Anu". (2018–present)
  • Sibbusuryan as Arjun Prathap: A renowned lawyer, Roja's husband; Prathap and Kalpana's elder son and Ashwin and Deepa's elder brother, Annapoorani's eldest grandson. (2018–present)
  • Shamily Sukumar as Priya / Fake "Anu": She wishes to marry Arjun's brother, and yearns to oust Roja from the house. (2018–present)


  • Vadivukkarasi as Annapoorani Vijayakumar: de facto head of the house, Prathaap, Shenbagam and Yashodha's mother. Kalpana, Manickam and Baalu's mother-in-law. Vijayakumar's wife, Arjun, Roja, Ashwin, Deepa, Malar and Koushik's grandmother. A good-hearted but stubborn lady. She dislikes Roja and champions Anu.
  • Gayathri Sastry as Kalpana Prathap: Arjun, Ashwin and Deepa's mother. Prathap's wife, Annapoorani's daughter-in-law; Roja and Pooja's mother-in-law. Shenbagam and Yasodha's sister-in-law. She is an innocent lady, who loves Roja like her own daughter.
  • Rajesh[3] as Tiger Manickam: A famous criminal lawyer, Roja's biological father and Shenbagam's husband, Annapoorani's first son-in-law and Arjun's father-in-law, a rich person.
  • Dr. Sharmila as Senbagam Manickam / Saraswathi: Roja's biological mother and Manickam's wife, Annapoorani's elder daughter, also Prathap's younger sister and Yasodha's elder sister; Kalpana's sister-in-law and Arjun's paternal aunt and mother-in-law. She lost her memory due to an accident and lives with the name of Saraswathi.
  • K. Natraj as Shanthamurthy: Roja's foster father, an orphanage caretaker and a very caring, good person.
  • Sowmya Sharada (Episode 1-464) as Saakshi Marudhanayagam: Priya's best friend and Arjun's enemy.
    • Sunitha (Replaced Sowmya Sharada) (Episode 465–present) as Saakshi Marudhanayagam
  • Shiva as Prathap: Arjun, Ashwin and Deepa's father. Annapoorani's son; Kalpana's husband, Roja and Pooja's father-in-law. Shenbagam and Yasodha's elder brother. Purushotthaman's best friend.
  • Dev Anand Sharma as Balachandran (a.k.a. Baalu): Yashodha's husband; Malar and Koushik's father. Annapoorani's second son-in-law. "Fake" Anu (Priya)'s helper.
  • Ramya Ramakrishna (Episode 66 -601) as Yashodha Balachandran: Annapoorani's second daughter, Prathap and Shenbagam's younger sister; Baalu's wife, Arjun, Roja, Ashwin and Deepa's paternal aunt. Malar and Koushik's mother. She also hates Roja and likes "Fake" Anu (Priya) and her helper.
    • Kavya Varshini Arun (Replaced Ramya Ramakrishna)(Episode 602–present) as Yashodha Balachandran.
  • Sumathi Shree as Sumathi: Annapoorani's housekeeper and she is a very good cook is very caring. She also supports Arjun and Roja.
  • Hussain A. K. as Navaneetha Krishnan: Arjun's assistant, a comedian.
  • Venkat Renganathan as Ashwin Prathap: Prathap and Kalpana's younger son, Arjun's younger brother, Pooja's husband, Annapoorni's 2nd grandson.
  • Smriti Kashyap as Pooja Ashwin: Purushotthaman and Prema's daughter, Buji's elder sister; Ashwin's wife, Arjun’s junior lawyer.
  • Akila Krishnan as Divya: Sakshi's friend.
  • Karthika Bose as Keerthi: Manicham's junior lawyer.
  • Latha Sabapathi as Canada Kamakshi: Annapoorani's Sister.
  • P. R. Varalakshmi as Arulvakhu Amuthanayaki.
  • Kavithalaya Krishnan as Purushotthaman: Pooja and Buji's father.
  • Shanthi Anandraj as Prema Purushotthaman: Pooja and Buji's mother.
  • Vivethan Ravi as Buji: Purushotthaman and Prema's son, Pooja's younger brother.
  • Dubbing Janaki as Baalu's mother, Yasodha's mother-in-law.
  • S. V. S. Kumar as Baalu's father, Yasodha's father-in-law.
  • Rani as Assistant Commissioner Chandrakantha: Arjun's friend, a police official.
  • Meenakshi as Meena: Chandrakantha's mother.
  • Sowmiya Ravindran as Shwetha: Roja's best friend and Priya's enemy.
  • Sangeetha Balan as Chintamani: Saraswathi / Shenbagam's co-worker.
  • Girish as "Tiger" Sethu: Manickam's younger brother.
  • Shoba Rani (Episode 2-75) / Rekha Suresh (Episode 381–present) as Theivanai Sethu: Sethu's wife.
  • S. D. Ganesh as Ranjith/Vivek: Sethu's son.
  • Sasindhar Pushpalingam as "Bhaiya" Ganesh (Dead). He is eventually killed by Saakshi and Priya.
  • Nishanth as Santosh: Roja's best friend also ex-lover (deceased).
  • Manoharan Krishnan as Marudhanayagam: Saakshi's father.
  • Akhila Ramanamoorthy as Deepa Prathap: Prathap and Kalpana's daughter, Arjun and Ashwin's younger sister also Annapoorani's granddaughter.
  • Pari as Malar: Baalu and Yashodha's daughter, Annapoorani's granddaughter.
  • Sri Varshan as Koushik: Baalu and Yashodha's son, Annapoorani's grandson.
  • Anand as Sathasivam: Santosh's father.
  • Vimal Raj as Driver Velu: He attempted murder to Tiger Manickam, Senbagham and the real Anu (Roja) in a car accident.
  • Surjith Ansary as Rajesh.
  • Sathish Kumar as Shiva.
  • Shwetha as Lakshmi.
  • Vanitha Hariharan as Ponni.
  • Monika as Mallika.
  • Saif as Chinnathambi.
  • Karthika Bose as Keerthi: Tiger Manickam's junior lawyer.

Guests stars

  • Rani as Indrasena (Episodes 167 and 168).
  • Anuradha Krishnamoorthy as Judge Sivagami (Episodes 167 and 168).
  • Ujjayinee Roy as Chamundeshwari (Episodes 167 and 168).
  • Anbalaya Prabhakaran as Vijayakumar: Annapoorani's husband and Mahalingam's best friend (dead).
  • Murali Mohan as Mahalingam: Annapoorani's brother (Episode 325 to 331)
  • Nadhiya as herself (Episodes 278 to 286).[4]
  • Giri Dwarakish as Pichai Muthu / Dharmadurai: Priya's fake father (Episodes 568 to 600).
  • Vinodhini as Patchai Killi / Thangapavanu: Priya's fake mother (Episodes 568 to 600).
  • Sesu as TV Serial Director (Episode 568).
  • Yaashika Aanand as herself (Episode 598 and 599).
  • Y. G. Mahendran as Suresh Chakravarti: Arjun's senior lawyer [5] (Episode 610 to 631).
  • Anuradha Krishnamoorthy as Sangeetha: Suresh Chakravarti's wife (Episode 610 to 631)
  • Reenah as Manju Suresh Chakravarti: Chakravarti's daughter (Episode 610 to 631)
  • Trivikram as Ashok Selvan: Renuka Devi's son and Nisha's elder brother, loved Roja Episode 610 to 630) (dead).
  • Neha Gowda as Nisha: Renuka Devi's daughter, loved Arjun [6] (Episode 610 to 630).
  • Vinaya Prasad as Renuka Devi: Ashok Selvan and Nisha's mother[7] (Episode 610 to 630).
  • Ravi Bhat as Parasuraman: Renuka Devi's elder brother (Episode 610 to 630).
  • Shwetha Bandekar as Chandra Sanjay: From Chandralekha serial, Sanjay's wife (Episode 651 to 653).
  • Nagasri as Lekha Sabarinathan: from Chandralekha serial, Sabari's wife (Episode 651 to 653).
  • Munna as Sanjay: From Chandralekha serial, Chandra's husband (Episode 651 to 653).
  • Arun Kumar Rajan as Sabarinathan (Sabari): From Chandralekha serial, Lekha's husband (Episode 651 to 653).
  • Veena Sundar as Prema Parasuraman: Parasuraman's wife (Episode 610 to 630).
  • Prashant Seshadri as Pandi Parasuraman: Parasuraman's son (Episode 610 to 630).
  • Keerthana as Arulvakhu Vedhavalli, an astrologer (Episode 657 to 663).
  • VJ Azhar as himself (Episode 684 and 685).

Versions in other languages

The series is the original version and has been remade in other languages.

Language Title Network(s)

Airing history

No. of. Episode(s) Reference
Kannada Sevanthi


Udaya TV 25 February 2019 – Present Ongoing [8]
Telugu Roja


Gemini TV 11 March 2019 – 27 March 2020 299 [9]

(బృందావనం) (Dubbed Version of Tamil Serial Roja)

22 June 2020 – 7 November 2020 107

Crossover episodes and special episodes

  • From 13 May 2019 to 18 May 2019 in Episodes 325 to 331, Roja had a crossover with Lakshmi Stores.[10]


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