Poove Unakkaga (TV series)

Poove Unakkaga (For you, my dear flower) is an 2020 Indian Tamil-language drama airing on Sun TV. It premiered on 10th August 2020. The show stars Raadhika Preethi, Srinish Aravind and Mohammad Azeem.

Poove Unakkaga
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Poove Unakkaga
Created byMindset Media Private Limited
Written byMindset Media
Directed by
  • Rajeev K Prasad (Episode 1-47)
  • K.J Thangapandiyan (Episode 49-Present)
Raadhika Preethi
Srinish Aravind
Mohammad Azeem
Theme music composerP.A Vijay
Opening themePoove Unnakaga
Priya Himesh
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes256
Executive producerMindset Media Production
Murugan Veladhithan
CinematographyRam Singh
EditorsS.G Giri Raganathan
P.Panner Selvam
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeapprox. 25–27 minutes
Production companiesSun Entertainment
Mindset Media
Original networkSun TV
Original release10 August 2020 (2020-08-10) –
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Keerthi (Jovita Livingston Jones) and Poovarasi (Raadhika Preethi) are best friends, they always share everything. Keerthi and Poovarasi both fall in love with Kadhir (Arun / Mohammed Azeem). Kadhir is in love with Keerthi. When Keerthi learns that Poovarasi also loves Kadhir she sacrifices her love for her friend. Poovarasi does not know about this and she marries Kadhir. The next day of her wedding night she learns that her friend Keerthi and Kadhir were lovers and Keerthi sacrificed her love for Poovarasi. After knowing that, Poovarasi wants to unite Kadhir with Keerthi hence she tries to apply for divorce. The advocate asks them to remain united for a year. Meanwhile Keerthi forgets her past life because of an accident. Poovarasi takes care of her and wants to unite Keerthi and Kadhir when she regains her memory. Whether Kadhir and Keerthi will unite or Kadhir and Poovarasi will fall for each other forms the crux of the story.

Unexpectedly one day Keerthi character kills herself by walking deep into the ocean. Then it is revealed that Keerthi faked her death and is still alive and she mentions "I will come back when Kathir and Poovarasi have a baby". After Keerthi's supposed death Poovarasi and Kathir begin to fall in love and Poovarasi becomes pregnant, but Kathir suspects Poovarasi and claims he is not the father of the baby. Poovarasi humiliates him by removing her nuptial chain and throwing it in Kathir's face. He starts to hate Poovarasi and her family. He and his mom make plans to destroy Poovarasi's family, but one day Rathinvalli (Poovarasi's mother) overhears this, so Kathir and his mother killed Rathinavalli (Aamani) along with Maheswari (Devipriya).



  • Srinish Aravind new entry
  • Raadhika Preethi as Poovarasi - Keerthi's best friend; Kathir's wife, Rathnavalli and Senthamizhselvan's daughter. Main Protagonist (2020 – present)
  • Arun (Episodes 1–252) as Kathir - Keerthi's ex-lover and Poovarasi's husband. First main antagonist.
    • Mohammed Azeem[1] replaced Arun
  • Jovita Livingston Jones[2][3] as Keerthi - Poovarasi's close friend, Kadhir's ex-lover, Selvam's former love interest. Former Main Protagonist (2020–Mar. 2021)


  • Arun Kumar Rajan as Selvam - Poovarasi's step cousin; Sakthivel and Thangam's son; Keerthi's fake husband
  • Aamani as Rathinavalli - Poovarasi's mother (Died in serial. Killed by Rajalakshmi,Kathir and Maheshwari)
  • Rajkumar as Senthamizhselvan − Poovarasi's father
  • Vignesh as Sakthivel − Poovarasi's maternal step-uncle; Selvam's father
  • Devipriya as Maheshwari − Maaridurai's elder sister. Second Main antagonist
  • Sudha Ramanujam (Episodes 1–222) as Rajalakshmi − Kathir's mother, Third Main Antoganist
    • Kiruba replaced Sudha
  • Rekha Nair as Thangam − Poovarasi's aunt; Sakthivel's wife; Selvam's mother
  • B. Jayalakshmi as Jayanthi − Poovarasi's 2nd younger maternal aunt; Rathnavalli's 2nd younger sister
  • Subathra as Padmavathi − Poovarasi's 1st younger maternal aunt; Rathnavalli's 1st younger sister
  • Rajkanth as Nagaraj − Poovarasi's 2nd younger maternal uncle; Jayanthi's husband
  • Dhashwanth as Gunashekar − Poovarasi's 1st younger maternal uncle; Padmavathi's husband
  • Arun Raja as Maaridurai − Maheshwari's younger brother (Antagonist)
  • Shyam as Muthuvel − Poovarasi's 3rd younger maternal uncle; Dhanalakshmi's husband
  • Sridevi Ashok as Dhanalakshmi − Poovarasi's 3rd younger maternal aunt; Rathinavalli's 3rd younger sister
  • Suraj PS Naidu as Keshavan, Kathir friend
  • Ajay Rathnam as Shivanarayanan − Kathir's father
  • G. M. Kumar as Shankaralingam − Poovarasi's maternal grandfather
  • Usha Elizabeth Suraj as Karpagam − Keerthi's mother (died in serial due to an accident)
  • Srilekha Rajendran as Maariamma − Selvam's maternal grandmother

Cameo appearancesEdit

  • Sibbu Suryan as Arjun Prathap (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Priyanka Nalkari as Roja Arjun / Anu - Keerthi's friend (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Shamily Sukumar as Priya (Fake Anu) (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Gayathri Shastri as Kalpana (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Vadivukkarasi as Annapoorani (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Kavyavarshini Arun as Yoshoda (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Dr. Sharmila as Senbagum / Saraswathi: Rathnavalli and Sakthivel's best friend (everyone thinks she is dead, but only Sakithevel knows she alive and no one believes him)
  • Shiva as Prathap (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Dev Annand as Balu (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Rajesh as Tiger Manickam (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Venkat Renganathan as Ashwin (Mahasangamam with Roja)
  • Smriti Kashyap as Pooja Ashwin (Mahasangamam with Roja)

Special and crossover episodesEdit

  • It had a one-hour episode which is special of Kathir and Poovarasi marriage which aired on Saturday and Sunday (26-27 September 2020)[citation needed]
  • It had a crossover with Roja which was a Mahasangam which aired from 12-18 October 2020.[citation needed]
  • From 16-29 November 2020, Poove Unakkaga aired one-hour special episodes each day of the week.[citation needed]
  • It had a crossover with Vanathai Pola which was a Mahasangam which aired from 1-7 February 2021[citation needed]


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