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Robin Ramsay in 2007

Robin Ramsay (born 1948, Edinburgh, Scotland) is a Scottish author, and co-founder and editor of the magazine, Lobster. Ramsay writes about politics and conspiracy theories. His books have been published by HarperCollins and Pocket Essentials. His writings have resulted in him receiving death threats from the fascist group Combat 18.[1]Robin Ramsay the eldest child of a food chemist, was born in Edinburgh in 1948.

Ramsay studied at Stirling University but left after a term and moved to London. He later took a degree at Hull University. While there, he became interested in the John F. Kennedy assassination.

While investigating the case Ramsay met fellow Kennedy assassination enthusiast Stephen Dorril and together they started a magazine about parapolitics. Lobster first appeared in September 1983 as a 24-page A5 magazine. He also draws on his research and writes a regular monthly column in the Fortean Times.


Conspiracy theoriesEdit

Although Ramsay's magazine Lobster includes articles on conspiracy theories, and he has written a book on the subject, Gareth Mclean writing The Scotsman newspaper, says that Ramsay "hates conspiracy theories", quoting him as saying "The term 'conspiracy theory' is used by various intellectual establishments to dismiss people like me. It's irritating but there's nothing you can do about it."[2]


Ramsay is the eldest child of a food chemist father and housewife mother.[3]

Guardian journalist Robert McCrum describes Ramsay as "an extrovert, fast-talking Scot with jack-of-all-trades experience in alternative journalism, jazz music and the theatre".[4]

In July 1988, Ramsay made an extended appearance on the Channel 4 discussion programme After Dark, alongside Merlyn Rees, H. Montgomery Hyde and others.

Published booksEdit

  • Smear: Wilson and the Secret State (1992) HarperCollins, ISBN 0-586-21713-4 (co-authored with Stephen Dorril)
  • Prawn Cocktail Party: The Hidden Power of New Labour (1998) Vision Paperbacks, ISBN 1-901250-20-2
  • New Labour (2002) Pocket Essentials, ISBN 1-903047-83-8
  • Conspiracy Theories (2006) Pocket Essentials, ISBN 1-904048-65-X
  • Politics and Paranoia (2008) Picnic Publishing ISBN 0-9556105-4-0
  • Who Shot JFK? (2nd ed. 2009) Pocket Essentials, ISBN 1-84243-232-X


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