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Ringkirche (Ring Church) is a Protestant church in Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse, Germany. The romanesque revival church was built between 1892 and 1894, designed by Johannes Otzen. The historic monument also serves as a concert venue.


Interior, sketch by architect Johannes Otzen

The Ringkirche was the first Protestant church in Germany to follow the Wiesbadener Programm, which focused on a free view from every seat to the combined place of altar, pulpit, organ and choir.[1] It was built between 1892 and 1894, designed by Johannes Otzen, one of the authors of the Wiesbadener Programm.[2] The hall is a Zentralbau [de] of a type which became a model for Protestant church buildings until the end of World War I. [1]It was consecrated in 1894, seating 1100 people. Its organ was built by Walcker, with a Romantic disposition,[3] of which 75% is again intact today.[2] The organ was modified to a neo-Baroque disposition in 1949, but restored to its original disposition by major restoration from 2015, leaving not one of the c. 1,800 pipes untouched. Around a quarter of them was replaced, the others were repaired.[4]

The romanesque revival church is located at Ringstraße between the central districts of Westend and Rheingauviertel.[2] Its twin towers dominate the Rheinstraße [de].[2]

A building of the Gründerzeit, the church was declared a German Nationaldenkmal (national monument) in 2002, demonstrating a uniform style, reminiscent of the period between Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and not altered by destruction in a war or later remodeling.[2] The building was extnsively restored beginning in 2003.[1]


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