Rimah Governorate

Rimah Governorate (sometimes pronounced as Rumah or Romah) is one of the governorates of Riyadh Province. It is located about 120 kilometers north-east of Riyadh City, and bounded on the north-east by Eastern Province, on the South by Riyadh, and on the West by Majma'ah, Thadig, and Huraimila.

A Map of Rimah Governorate, Saudi Arabia


The area of Rimah Governorate is about 15900 km2.


The population of Rimah is about 30000. And characterized by conservative areas spring, including:

  1. Rawdhat Khuraim.
  2. Rawdhat Altneah.

Villages of RimahEdit

The following 23 administrative centers (villages) are under the governorate of Rimah:

  1. Asamlh Center
  2. Almajaflah Center
  3. Aljamalin Center
  4. Faraj Center
  5. Alozma Center
  6. Al Ghurair Center
  7. Shelash Center
  8. Albledan Center
  9. Ar Rumahiyah Center
  10. Afaihanah Center
  11. Hafr Alach Center
  12. Shuih Center
  13. Almazira Center
  14. Agheilana Center
  15. Alaatalah Center
  16. Omani Centre
  17. Saad Center
  18. Center handful
  19. Al Ali Center
  20. Aujan Center
  21. Beni Amer Center
  22. Center Albany
  23. Ela Center

Government Departments in RimahEdit

  • Police station
  • Municipality
  • Court
  • Notaries
  • Delegation of girls' education
  • Office of educational supervision for girls
  • Saudi Post
  • Civil Status
  • Office guidance for Boys
  • Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Saudi Arabia)
  • Division passports and follow-up entrants
  • Electricity Company
  • Veterinary unit
  • General hospital
  • Health center
  • Civil defense center
  • Saudi Telecom Company
  • Birr Charity Society
  • Association Koran
  • Public market
  • College of Science and Humanities
  • Private School (Arabic)
  • Panda, Othaim
  • Forsan Private School (Arabic)