Republican Party of Labour and Justice

The Republican Party of Labour and Justice (Belarusian: Рэспубліканская партыя працы і справядлівасьці; Russian: Республиканская партия труда и справедливости), also known by its acronym RPTS (Belarusian: РПТС) is a socialist[1] political party in Belarus founded by Ivan Antonovich in 1993.[2] The chairman is Vasil Zadnyaprany [ru]. The party is considered to be supportive of the government of president Alexander Lukashenko.[3]

Republican Party of Labour and Justice

Рэспубліканская партыя працы і справядлівасьці
Russian nameРеспубликанская партия труда и справедливости
LeaderVasil Zadnyaprany
Founded1993 (1993)
Political positionLeft-wing
Colors  Red
House of Representatives
6 / 110
Council of the Republic
0 / 64
Local seats
127 / 18,110
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Key objectives of the RPTC include the development of the Union State of Russia and Belarus and the Eurasian Economic Union.

In Minsk, on 21 September 2013, conference of political parties in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan was held. The event participants signed a memorandum of an alliance. Along with Belarus's Republican Party of Labour and Justice, Russia's A Just Russia, Kazakhstan's "Birlik", and The Socialist Party of Ukraine were included. The RPTC calls for recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The party congratulated Nicolas Maduro on his victory in the presidential election in Venezuela.

At the end of 2012, in Vitebsk, it held a charity event for the Republican Party of Labor and Justice, called "Gift of Santa Claus."

Politispolkom, of the Republican Party of Labor and Justice, unanimously declared the results of the referendum on 16 March 2014 in the Crimea legitimate and supported the will of the inhabitants of Sevastopol.[4][5] The party has also called for the president Lukashenko to accept the results of the referendum.[5]

The party was one of the first to strongly condemn the Belavezha Accords.

Electoral performanceEdit

At the Belarusian parliamentary election in 1995, the party obtained 1 out of 198 seats. At the legislative election in 2000, it gained 2 out of 110 seats in the House of Representatives.[6] The following elections in 2004 and 2008 were not successful for the party; however, in 2012, it won one seat.

As a result of elections to the local Councils of Deputies of the Republic of Belarus (2014), 36 people were elected. Two members of the party are members of the Minsk City Council of Deputies.

In the 2019 Belarusian parliamentary election, it won a total of 6 seats to Belarus' House of Representatives.


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