Repat Armenia Foundation (Armenian: «Վերադարձ Հայաստան» հիմնադրամ), is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting repatriation to Armenia and supporting the integration of individuals and families into Armenian society.[1]

Repat Armenia Foundation
«Վերադարձ Հայաստան» հիմնադրամ
TypeNGO, Nonprofit
PurposeRepatriation of Armenians
HeadquartersYerevan, Armenia
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Edele Hovnanian
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Vartan Marashlyan

Founded in August 2012, the organization operates with a full-time staff based in Yerevan, along with a global network of supporters.[1]

History edit

Repat Armenia was founded in 2012 by 12 like-minded repatriates and diasporans. The organization initially aimed to create an informational platform to provide potential repatriates with practical advice on various aspects of repatriation and integration. Over time, Repat Armenia evolved into an institution with a staff, offering individualized support to those considering repatriation.[2]

Services and programs edit

Regular networking meeting of repatriates and expats in Yerevan, April 2022

Repat Armenia provides a range of services for those considering a move to Armenia. These services include online and offline consultations introducing pre-repatriation programs and opportunities, covering repatriation and integration topics, information resources on moving, living, and working in Armenia, employment assistance, networking events, and a dedicated medical health insurance program for community members.[2]

Programs implemented edit

Imagine Armenia Forums (2012-present) edit

Repat Armenia has organized over 20 Imagine Armenia forums in key Armenian Diaspora communities around the world like Boston, Moscow, Kyiv, Toronto, Montreal, Tbilisi, Paris, Tehran and others. Armenian communities have had an opportunity to learn about the experiences of repatriates, different organizations and businesses that have succeeded in Armenia.[3] During the forums, the audience would learn more about the volunteer and professional opportunities to work and gain experience in Armenia.[4]

Siramark Business Directory (2016-2019) edit

In 2016, Repat Armenia created an Internet-based platform, which allowed users to quickly find information about the wide array of restaurants, shops and cafes owned by Syrian-Armenians in Yerevan. It also enabled Syrian business owners to broaden their clientele and to develop a better and sustainable client base. Besides basic contact and location information, the profile for each business includes a personal story about the founder and CEO, boosted with photos and/or videos about each in order to really make it a multimedia directory. More than 1000 Syrian-Armenians were engaged in this project.[5]

Repat Start Up (2019) edit

The Repat Start Up Mentorship Program assisted innovative individuals who were ready to start a new project that would directly impact the development of Armenia. Participants received one-on-one professional mentorship tailored to their needs, and the program covered the cost of rent at a coworking space for a full year. Additionally, the program provided business, legal and accounting assistance as well as marketing and PR assistance in the form of meet-and-greet events, content on the Repat Armenia website, and interviews with different media outlets, as well as introductory networking with professionals in Armenia and the Diaspora․[6]

Armenia Works 4U (2021-2022) edit

Meeting Armenia Works 4U program participant at Zvartnots International Airport, May 2022

The Repat Armenia Foundation successfully implemented a pilot program “Armenia Works 4U” at the end of 2021 for the professional repatriation of Lebanese Armenians. 80% of those repatriated under this program continued their careers in Armenia. Given the growing interest in repatriation and its exceptional importance for strengthening the Motherland, the program was expanded for Armenians living in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in spring 2022.[2] The program is currently on hold.

Free Armenian language courses (2023) edit

Repat Armenia's free-of-charge Armenian language courses are designed for recent repatriates' social and professional integration in Armenia.[7] The courses available are:

  • Elementary Armenian for Russian-speaking repatriates
  • Elementary Armenian for English-speaking repatriates
  • Intermediate Armenian
  • Western Armenian to Eastern Armenian adaptation course

Impact edit

The organization has a community of over 12,000 members, including repatriates and expatriates from various countries, as well as Diasporan Armenians. It receives approximately 1,000 requests for repatriation and integration assistance annually, with applicants spanning a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities.[2]

Repatriation guide to Armenia edit

Since 2021, Repat Armenia has published a comprehensive guide for repatriation, offering practical information and guidance on various aspects of moving to, living in, and working in Armenia. The guide covers topics such as obtaining citizenship and residency, relocating belongings, registering an address, securing a social security number, enrolling in schools, opening bank accounts, obtaining health insurance, and finding accommodation. It is available in English, Russian and French.[8]

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References edit

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